Universal Charter of Religions

We, the representatives of all religions assembled in this conference of the World Fellowship of Religions, hereby solemnly affirm and declare that:

  1. It is our sacred duty to try to promote peace, right human relations and Universal Understanding in this world through non-violent means on the basis of equality, friendliness, compassion and Love.

  2. It is our sacred duty to assist all individuals regardless of race, creed or nationality in their attempts to develop themselves spiritually.

  3. It is our sacred duty to strengthen the forces of religion and its application to life.

  4. It is our duty to assist through appropriate means, the educational, economic, cultural and moral development of all human beings.

  5. It is our sacred duty to enhance the dignity of man.

  6. It is our sacred duty to render selfless service to all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, colour and nationality for this is the basis of law of righteousness and Love.

  7. It is our sacred duty to attempt to decrease the tension existing between various religious or social organised groups within and among nations.

  8. It is our sacred duty to try to bring men of all faiths mutually nearer, partly through the elimination of friction producing thoughts, and thus establish the brotherhood of man and Unity of humanity recognising the desirability of religious pluralism to meet historic and personal needs.

  9. It is our sacred duty to upgrade the physical environment by assisting in the purification of polluted water, air, land and food, and to observe as far as possible a reverence for life.

  10. It is our sacred duty to encourage people to seek a higher standard of living by encouraging them in better use of more appropriate houses and dwellings.

  11. It is our sacred duty to try to solve the problems of overpopulation and curb future problems by helping people understand the need for population control.

  12. It is our sacred duty as followers of various religions to make a combined united and organised effort – individually and collectively – to eliminate all outdated practices, superstitions and prejudices by making full use of our moral and spiritual strength and wisdom.

  13. It is our sacred duty to strive to keep religion free from political influence.

  14. It is our sacred duty to take immediate action and go to work in bringing all of the foregoing goals into realisation while also utilising all available scientific means.


Source: Sat Sandesh / April 1970