Thief of your Life’s Breath


If one becomes lazy, then laziness will induce sleep. If your meditation is not fruitful, how will you know what is inside? Even when at initiation, through the Mercy of the Master, something is seen within, yet a man will start thinking it is all imagination. This is how the mind hoodwinks us, with the result that the soul recedes into the enjoyments and scatters its attention. Though imperishable and unchangeable, it is under the mind’s influence; through connection with the mind it came into creation, and has suffered the cycle of birth and death ever since. Imprisoned in the illusion, its attention dispersed in the world, it falls prey to passions, anger, etc., becoming more and more diffused. Through passion, the soul can fall very low. The seat of the soul is high, between the eyebrows. And the seat of passion? Well, everyone knows where that is.

Where there is passion, Naam is not there; where there is Naam there is True Desire. Both cannot stay together; the sun and the night are each in its own place.

Naam is the same as the ever-existent God, which is in each being and controls every soul in every form, but the link with Naam is made above the senses, behind and between the eyes, to where the soul withdraws at the time of death when it leaves the scene of life. This is termed the seat of the soul. If a soul is drenched in the Naam’s colour, how can desires affect him? But when the attention is in the body, he becomes tormented by passions. Without the stabilising force of Naam, the soul remains diffused in the world, subject to the constant agitation of the mind. Passion and anger have the same results. If an obstacle comes between us and our desire, whether apparent or concealed, then anger arises, followed by envy, criticism, backbiting, enmity, petty squabbling and other things – we drift from one bad habit to another. And all this is due to lack of substantial meditation.

Even if a little was done with deep sincerity, some intoxication would be enjoyed.

When this Nectar comes, other wine seems tasteless.

Having tasted the Real Nectar of Life, one will leave a thousand tasks to sit and enjoy it. Every free minute will be put to use; one will readjust one’s life to make more and more time for meditation. When people are asked why they do not meditate, their excuse is that there is never any time for this precious work, although the True Disciple is always ready and willing to attend to the worldly pursuits. We are not faithful to our Bhajan because we have not had enough Inner Experience of Naam.

Those in passion and anger’s torment are drowned to death in a river of greed.

Daily this greed increases: he who has a hundred dollars desires a thousand, and when he gets that he wants more. Added to this, people want praise without doing any good – they spend their lives in lies, cheating and cunningness – the life-span drifts away without an ounce of self-control.

Seeing this condition, the Master says, 

Stop where you are! Look at your condition!

It is all through the lack of meditation, and the only cure is to join the soul back to the Lord. Even a little intoxication derived from steady daily practice will start to erase the taste for outer pleasures. These outer attractions are making it extremely difficult for the mind to withdraw and go inward. If we start to enjoy Inner Sweetness …

When that sweetness comes, this other flavour is not to the liking.

Naturally the sweeter taste will render others insipid.

The Master’s work is to connect the soul with the perpetual Sound. He gives a connection with the Lord’s very reflection – free, without charge. Having received this priceless gift of Nature, one should devote enough time to increase it, by daily practice. Then when one starts to really enjoy the Nectar, outer things will recede automatically without any effort. To gain control of one’s being, to bring one’s whole life under that perfect control, to help oneself to cut away from outer attractions, requires self-introspection. Start by consciously controlling a small fraction of your life. You will be able to succeed if you are also enjoying a little Inner Intoxication of Naam. All Masters say there is no success without meditation.

Now that Kal (negativeness) has come, quickly sow the seeds of Naam; forget not yourself in illusion, now is the sowing season.