Kirpal Singh

The Spiritual Revolution explained

Sat Sandesh, April 1973, p. 27

He loved all, even atheists. Once when He was posted at Murree Hills, an atheist who was suffering from tuberculosis and was advised to sojourn in the hills by his doctors, came to Murree Hills. He knocked at every door for accommodation, but found them all closed; nobody was willing to take him in. First, because of the highly infectious disease he was suffering from, and also because he did not believe in God. He came to the residence of Hazur Maharaj Ji, Who was away on duty at the time. He asked the housekeeper for accommodation, and was refused. It so happened that Hazur Maharaj Ji was just then returning home and saw the man being turned away from his house. He asked the housekeeper about it, and was told that it was a tuberculosis patient asking for accommodation whom nobody was willing to take in.

And what did you say?

asked Hazur.

I also refused him, for he was an atheist,

said the housekeeper.

Hazur Maharaj told him,

Look here, this man may not know that God resides in him, but we know it, don’t we? Please give him accommodation.