Important Explanations to the Inner Sounds

In that book it is often spoken of Shabd or the Sound Current. For a better understanding of the effect and meaning of the Inner Sounds some explaining words are needed.

The Sound Current – Naam or Word, Shabd – as It is described in this scripture is first basically audible always from the right side. In further state when some Spiritual Progress has been made, you can listen to It as coming from above.

Out of a good fortune some people are allowed to listen to the Sound from the right side – you can experience the Sound often even more intensly at night. Unfortunately, mostly they do not know what this experience of the Soul means and probably even believe they were ill.

Kirpal said correspondingly:

Some people hear something and out of ignorance they go to an otologist.

If those people really accepted the Sound coming from the right and listened to It, they would realise, after some time, that It is getting louder and clearer and has a raising effect. Nevertheless, eventually also these people need – if they want to progress – the Holy Initiation because without It no Inner Progress can be achieved. Only through initiation one can progress starting at the point which one had reached during his past life.

But there are also sounds coming from the left side. These are always negative.

Especially persons who take drugs, who are in psychiatry or follow criminal addictions often report that they can not only hear the sound from the left side but they even listen to it consciously. Those who practise yoga as well as people who perform religious or occult rites and practices can report of it, too.

Sounds that come from the left side, when listened to they lead to the result that lower addictions in man get stronger. Sawan Singh tells that in the moment when a man ceases to listen to the Sound Current coming from the right or from above consciously, he automatically ends in the mind.

A more detailed illustration of this important theme you can find in the following text.