Small Contribution by Amrit M.

I would like to express my gratitude because I have the facility in this life to hear Shabd and also being allowed to live on vegetarian food. The following hymn, which was composed by Swami Ji, is my favourite hymn. It states from Shabd, that resounds in all of us. Shabd – the Word – is allways with us, it is a lamp unto the feet and the Water of Life. Since early childhood I listen to Shabd. Like supplying my body regulary with food, likewise is Shabd foot for my soul.

I can only wish it to all, but it is destined. Man himself should put effort in it, not to loose his human birth because of physical attachments.

He, who listens to the Shabd, has no enemy.

Christ said:

Love your enemy.

Who says, that he loves God, but hates his neighbours, is telling the untruth. Because God is in everyone of us, also in our neighbours and in the animals.

Amrit M.