Epilogue to this book by Markus Z.

Dear Reader

With this book you received something extraordinary: a compacted theoretical insight into the real structure of creation and the Final Goal of human existence, underpinned by the accounts of experiences of several people. What you’ve read might be an incentive for wanting an experience of all this for yourself as well.

I still remember how it was when I had read ‘The Soul’s Journey’ for the first time. At that time I practised yoga, I lived with Yoga Vidya1 in a seminar house, working there as a yoga teacher. Previously I had already concerned myself with esotericism and various corresponding practices. All this was not really satisfying in the length of time.

After reading the present article, I was shocked and knew: I would find no rest until I will get to the bottom of the matter, until I find out if the written text is really true.

So I came in contact with disciples of Kirpal through the website www.santmat-thetruth.de. I read the book ‘The Crown of Life’ by Kirpal Singh, and was allowed to understand that everything I had practised so far, was not the one original Truth and therefore could not lead to the Final Goal.

And, by the Grace of the Almighty, without any own merit, it happened, that I actually came in contact with Shabd, the God-into-Expression Power, as It is described in this book. And I realised: Nothing of what I thought to know, nothing of what I had practised and experienced so far, is even remotely comparable with the gift of Naam.

With gratitude I remember experiences already granted to me: So I experienced, while listening to Kirpal’s voice, this and the Sound Current as one2. Or – surprisingly risen above body-consciousness at a place appearing to me unusual – I understood that there are no inappropriate circumstances for the Master-Power. Even if the body is at rest, Kirpal can rise us; I have experienced this too. It is really all a gift that is given to us by Him to the extent that we are receptive.

For this is indeed the outstanding of our time: that it is now possible by the Grace of the Almighty Power to obtain initiation and Kirpal’s Inner Guidance immediately without someone in the outside taking the formal role of the Master.

So many humans toil themselves since incarnations in the wrong way, wanting to follow someone else, which is tricky, because: It is a law that if you have a certain idea of how a master has to be, someone has to appear who fulfils all these criteria, which can be completely wrong. In that way many souls are already gone astray.

This is the reason why the Almighty Himself comes at the end of a cycle to give us the opportunity to be connected directly to Him. The blessing is pouring out now directly from above, and when initiates live in the right way and are sufficiently receptive, the spark of Spirituality can skip through them. But the disciples, through whom that happens, never would claim, that they are involved in that.

It is like once with Guru Gobind Singh, Who first did not want to incarnate Himself; then He came only because He was sent.

Casting off the duality, I had become One with the Lord. Never did I like to come down again into the world, but it was at His bidding that I had to yield, and I came to fulfil His purpose.

The Almighty said (analogously) to Him:

Many who I have sent proclaimed themselves. Go thou and proclaim me!

Then Guru Gobind Singh said:

I only came to witness the play of God. Who calls me God goes to hell!

So thanks to the Mercy of Kirpal many people have already received the connection at Satsang in this way, and many have been allowed to meet Him inside. And even the Great Last Goal of the journey described in this book souls have achieved consciously during life in our time. All this, however, happens only by His Grace. And we who we experience such a miracle wondering, can add nothing, just humbly acknowledge His Greatness.

May the Almighty bless you!

Markus Z.


Explanation: 1) A yoga school oriented to exercise yoga practices and rituals, whose founder and leader appeals to Swami Sivananda, who lived for a long time in Rishikesh, but whose teachings were also spread in the West by his students. Kirpal Himself reported of a meeting with Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh during a visit and noted in this connection: “In Rishikesh, I met everyone. They were all intellectual wrestler, debating clubs, all practised this elementary step: how to recite prayers, how to perform certain rites and rituals. And most of practised hatha yoga. Out of respect, of course, it is said that it keeps the body fit, that’s okay.” Only one old yogi called Raguvacharya and who was a later disciple of Kirpal was able to rise above body-consciousness and to reach the first Inner Plane, Sahasdal Kanwal. 2) This happened to me while listening to a tape recording of a Satsang held by Kirpal. Later, I was reminded of this incident in connection with the following statement: “The Word comes from the mouth of God.” Supplement: Kirpal once said on this subject analogously: “If I had the voice of my Master on a tape, I would sacrifice the three worlds for that.” The summary is: We are very fortunate today that we have recordings of His voice!