None should have faith in this scripture, without having a gleam of the Inner Light, a first experience of the Inner Sound – without being witness of the own awakening of conciousness. From the first gentle refulgence behind, between the two eyebrows, gentle Sounds from the right side until the golden Light and enshrouding rolling thunder lies the prove of these facts only in the own, ocular experience.

Full of thankfulness I look back to the special, Inner Contacts with Kirpal. Only this way I could realise, that here no fictive speculation is involved, but it is our very own existence – the entire existence of our soul.

So it happened, that I partaked an Inner Vision in the night of the 8th to the 9th March 2006, wherein the composer of this book showed me, in front of Kirpal, Who was also present and Who gazed benevolently, a book of extraordinary size …

Thus, the value of this scripture lies not in its outer, but in its Inner Greatness, from which even the following verses I wrote can only give a poor reflection.

Ronald H.