The Way through the astral Realms

If one rises above the body consciousness, one initially is situated in And – the Third Grand Division –, surrounded by matter. Afterwards one has to rise into the Brahmand, the region of the Universal Mind. There one feels much better, but still one is not immune from endangerment or vitiation. The first region or safe haven is Sach Khand, or the Domain of Truth, which is inaccessible for Maha Kal or the Grand Dissolution.

Thus Guru Nanak says:

In the body itself there is everything: the Spiritual Region, the heavenly plateaux and the material planes. In the body dwells the Lord Supreme Who nourishes all. In the body lives the Formless, the Inconceivable, beyond the human ken. Those who have material eyes only, seek Him in vain, in outward things. In the body there are the Priceless Jewels of Divinity. In the body there are all the material realms and planes. In the body is the treasure of the Holy Naam, reached only through meditation on the Word of the Master. In the body are all the gods: the Brahma, the Vishnu and the Shiva1, and the whole creation itself.

Rag Suhi M3

 Another Saint says:

Brahmand is in man on a miniature scale, and whoever seeks it, will find it. Oh Pipa, the highest truth may be realised only through Master.

Dhanasri Pipa

This very truth is also enunciated by the Muslim Saints Who state:

Macrocosm is in the microcosm and thus you get to God.

In the Human body, we trace the three divisions referred to above on a miniature scale.

The mystic path of Love has its starting point in human consciousness when the aspirant has fixed his attention on the centre of the third eye between and behind the two eyebrows. The third eye possesses its own brightness, which is vitalised by the soul’s own Light, and it’s therefore independent from outer Light, contrary to our eyes of flesh and bone.

If your two eyes become single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

St Matthew 6:22
St Luke 11:34

Saint Augustine tells us of the manifestation in Him of the Light in this way:

I entered even into my inward self. Thou being my Guide and able as I was: for Thou were become my helper. And I entered and beheld with the eye of my soul (such as it was), above the same eye of my soul above my mind, the Light Unchangeable. Not this ordinary light which all flesh may look upon, nor as it were a greater of the same kind, as though the brightness of this should be manifold brighter, and with its greatness take up all space. Not such was the Light but other, yea, far other from all these […] He that knows the Truth, knows what that Light is and he that knows It, knows Eternity.

Loose translation from:
Confessiones – Book VII, X.,
by St Augustine

By the Mercy of an Adept of Mysticism the aspirant was given a simple method to rise above body consciousness and thereby enters into the Inner Regions. First he closes his outer eyes and sees with his Inner Third Eye. He also closes his outer ears and hears with his Inner Spiritual Ear.

If these things have been achieved, the stream of consciousness which is diffused in the whole body will withdraw and concentrate in the centre of the Third Eye. The body itself is getting insensitive thus increasing the aspirant’s consciousness of his soul, his Real Self.

This is the initial stage of that which the Adepts of Mysticism call Turiya Pad, i.e. the fourth stage of existence, the stage of transcendental consciousness or super-consciousness. 

Be strictly on guard when doing practices. Pranas or breathing is not involved in any way. You should also have no consciousness of the body whatsoever. Master-Power is over your head and will be extending all feasible help. When you hear a mingling of many sounds within, please try to discriminate which Sound is coming from the right side. The Sound will come nearer and ultimately will come from above and you will hear It much clearer.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

At the beginning the disciple of the Adept of Mysticism was given a Simran – a repetition exercise or loving remembrance of the Charged Names of the Lord – of five words in order to rise into the Spiritual Realms. He collects the whole stream of consciousness – mind and soul – in the centre of the Third Eye, and the mental repetition of the five Holy Words will help him to achieve the desired aim and he notices that his consciousness withdraws from the physical world.

[…] Simran helps in the withdrawal of spirit-currents from the body. In Simran lies the seed that helps in the development of the soul.

[…] Simran makes man introspective and concentrative. Extraordinary powers inevitably follow as a result of the concentration of mind in the Inner Planes.

[…] Simran is a weapon against all dangers. It acts as a password to all Spiritual Planes. It gives strength and sustenance to the body and mind during trouble and affliction, and brings the soul near the Master.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

According to the individual case his first view at the astral realm can differ …

The manifestation of the eye within which is two or three times the size of the normal eye is auspicious, as it is that of the Master. It should be penetrated lovingly while fixing your Inner Gaze intently in its middle and repeating the Sacred Charged Names mentally, when it will burst to give you further way up, in due course with His Grace. It is possible that you may be blessed with the full size charming Radiant Form of the Master, which usually follows this manifestation. Please repeat the Sacred Names to test its genuineness as sometimes the negative forces interfere and the Charged Names are the sure criterion for testing the genuineness of the Inner Form.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The lowest astral level is a location of unbridled desires, a true hell, into which the spoilt and brutish people will get after death. In these dark and horrible surroundings evil beings will harvest the fruit of their evil deeds on earth. This is not the eternal hell of the books, but a venue of punishment and final liberation.

The devotee may cross the lower astral regions by the loving mercy and protection of the Adept of Mysticism, though they might be shown to him as a reward sometimes.

At this lower astral region there are further steps on which the environment is steadily improving. Some are full of the best amenities with a wonderful scenery and places of rest for common people who are waiting for reincarnation onto earth.

On the natural way everyone will first see Light. This will first be stationary, then brighter and will burst to give way for one to pass through it and up. One may see scenes, figures, colours etc., but to stay long with them will only delay Spiritual Progress. One usually has to cross sun, moon or stars, but they give way in similar manner to allow one to pass onwards.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

After the aspirant has passed these lower regions quickly, he will travel through a genuinely astral region, which is studded with bright suns and stars.

He can hear the Sound Current as a never ending melody and during his ascent to the star-spangled sky he passes a sun and a moon which seem to dissolve or burst when he travels through them.


Question by R. Redeen:

What’s the explanation of the different colours of Lights that are seen in meditation? 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

No book will give you, I tell you. But there is a reason for it, there’s reason for it. That depends on the Inner Development, backgrounds, some dominating attributes in his life, you see. That’s the cause of all the different colours. So, yellow, golden Light is spiritual; pure white Light is also …, this is spiritual; red Light, you will find, where at least there’s some pushing attitude. These are different stages, different colours, different sounds also. 

Question by R. Redeen:

Are they different Lights for different people or are they the same progression of Lights for everybody?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

Those who have got background, they go up – further. Those who have to start, there’s a regular way. They will see the sky; they’ll see stars, the big star, then transcend it; then moon comes, then transcend it. Those who have got the background, they start all at once from there – that’s it. 

Question by R. Redeen:

Yes, I’m just thinking, every morning in here, when we meet, everybody seems, sees various Lights and ah, we seem to be about on the same level, many of us. 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

(Not clear: […] there are samples). Some they know. There is one who sees two Masters, Master Sawan Singh … 

(Interruption from the interviewer: That, of course, is beyond most of us). 

Not beyond. I get letters [saying Master appears within]. Of those who are regular, they have it. They talk too. 

Question by R. Redeen:

Blue Light, the blue Light, You didn’t touch on that. Everybody seems to see the blue Light. What’s that? 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

That’s the first – a loving attitude. You see. The picture of Lord Krishna, blue, you see, yellow, blue, that’s light, I mean golden light, these are three. Outer form you see. His face is blue, robes are yellow. That’s showing the combination of different developments. 

Question by R. Redeen:

So, so really when you start to meditate, you should try to get at that golden Light as rapidly as possible? 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

You cannot visualise, you see. That comes of itself. When you reach that plane, naturally that point comes, but that is (as I told you), that is where Master’s form manifests. 

Question by R. Redeen:

And, and these Lights just seem to stay for a short time. Will that increase as time goes by? 

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

By regular practice, regular practice and that time is increased only, the longer you can stay in whatever you see, continuously without break. The more progress will also be there.

Interview by R. Redeen with Kirpal Singh


These star bodies are not like the physical stars, planets and satellites we are familiar with from our physical universe but they are much brighter and more radiant than our celestial bodies.

I am glad for your Holy meditations wherein you are blessed with the celestial manifestations of sun and moon within, and hear the Holy Sound Current of bells and drums almost at all times with the Grace of the Master.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Now the aspirant can hear the melody of a heavenly bell and becomes absorbed by its harmonious sound2.

[…] The Holy Sound Current or the jingling of bells as coming from the right is correct and should be listened to with rapt attention. It will draw closer, grow stronger and ultimately come from above.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Then, the aspirant will hear the melodies of a conch and will be completely penetrated by its music.

[…] Conch Sound resembles that one coming out as a result of blowing in the form of a long, continuous sweet mellow sound.

[…] You should not follow Sound to the place from where It comes but stick to your place at the back of the eyes and listen to the Sound coming from the right side. In this way, the Sound will draw closer, grow stronger and ultimately come from above.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
Chapter II: Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

When the disciple advances further and higher, the longing soul will get more and more aware of the Sound Current – Holy Word – or the audible Stream of Life, the incomparable and inscrutable Word that preserves the entire creation from the realm of pure spirit down to the material realm.

This God-into-expression-Power exists as the Stream of Life, changing its form and tone from realm to realm and yet being always the same in its original nature.

As Guru Nanak states, the practice of connecting oneself with this unpronounceable Word – Light and Sound – is a prerequisite for the ascent on the mystical Path of Love:

By practice of the Word, one speeds on to the higher Spiritual Planes unhindered; by practice of the Word, one gets into the Spiritual Plane openly and honourably; by practice of the Word, one escapes the by-paths of Yama, the King of Death; by practice of the Word, one gets in close touch with the Truth. Oh, great is the Power of the Word, but few there be that know it.

Jap Ji, Stanza 14

When the aspirant further proceeds in the astral realm he is confronted with three ways:


The way on his left-hand side is a dark, disgusting region, where strange rishis, yogis and adepts of a lower order are in the majority. This left-side way is the dwelling place of Kal, the Negative Power, the master of the realms of mind and matter. In some of the Eastern teachings Kal is also known as Brahma, and he dominates the fourth division as well as the lower regions of the third division of creation. Though the lower realms of creation are ruled by Kal, he still has to obey the Divine Laws of the Supreme Lord.

Modern theosophy and other current mystic movements assure that there is an Inner Government of the world. And it is its main task to control the stream of power which causes the development of all races and nations and to contribute to improvement of the world at the same time. This concealed government lies within the sphere of Kal’s competence.

The term of Kal means time, hence Kal comprises in its existence past, present and future as they are understood by people in general. However, it is impossible to fix a cosmic point of time for Kal’s origin or to predict its end. Beginning and ending are unreal terms, created by man’s outgoing faculties that detect an apparent beginning and an apparent ending in everything which happens in his surroundings. From the point of view of a higher consciousness we have to see that a thing which can be considered the beginning of an event in the physical world has happened unseen as a thought in the mental-astral realm, and above these realm there are regions which surpass time – or Kal – itself. But nevertheless, it can be said that the duration of Kal ranges from one big cycle to another whereas the universe composed of mind and material remains in its revealed form until it finally disintegrates.

The main task of Kal as the Negative – binding – Power in the creation is to bind mankind to the wheel of births and deaths; and the long-lasting upward struggle against the Negative Power is governed by the Supreme Master in order to liberate us from our sins and impurities and to prepare us for our Journey to our True Home, the Homestead of all Love and Blissfulness.

If the development of man has been accomplished by the wheel of rebirth his task in the physical world should be completed, but man’s soul gets captured by the unending scenery of the down draging Negative Power.

Kal is the creator of the laws of nature which are to be obeyed by all as long as they live in the physical body.

In the lotus seventh hath Kal his seat, there shall thou Jot Niranjan meet.

Swami Ji

As the creator of the lower worlds, in most of the religious communities he is known as God. The hierarchical representatives of the lower, astral and physical plains of existence serve him loyally.

Only the Adepts of Mysticism and Their disciples know of a higher God than Kal, and yet the Negative Power is worshipped by millions of people as the Supreme Lord of creation.3

In comparison with the perfection of the True Supreme Lord of Love – known as Sat Purush in the Eastern terminology – Kal is only an assisting power in the hierarchy of the cosmic universe, and hence he is not completely free of imperfections. However, in comparison with the majority of men, Kal is a sublime being, an incarnation of light, wisdom and power.

Kal’s hierarchic representatives, known as Brahma’s Incarnations in the East, are the Avatars and Prophets, whose mission are to incarnate themselves at any times in order to abolish injustice and evil, to protect the good ones and to punish the evildoers, and to establish righteousness throughout the world.

These Incarnations bring the promise of salvation to the righteous people; but this salvation is still bound to the time scale of the lower realms and is therefore not eternal.

The stream of Kal or time is endless to mankind in its course, but with the guidance of a Master of the Highest Order, souls can transcend time and space and ascend into the timeless kingdom of the Supreme Lord of Love.

Such an Adept of Mysticism does not belong to Kal’s internal government, although He respects all those who play their roles in bringing order to the creation. But the Adept of Mysticism is an envoy of the Supreme Lord and has got the task to rescue souls and to accompany them into their True Home.

Thus out of the three ways the aspirant sees during his journey upwards through the astral realm, the Inner Region of Kal’s rule is the path on the left-hand side.  In this region you can find thousands and thousands of Holy Men absorbed in deep meditation, enchanted by the intrigues and flattering of the Negative Power. Incarnations of lower spiritual powers, known as riddhis and siddhis4 – supra-natural powers – in Eastern terminology, are the guardians of these regions situated at the left side.

These incarnations are real and visible and equipped with an extended consciousness. Pitiless, and on guard they offer the aspirant great knowledge and physical power to prevent any further ascent of his soul, but they cannot withstand the Simran of the five Holy Names – the essence of which is the name of the Almighty – given by the Adept of Mysticism and they vanish when these names are uttered.

Man who stepped into the astral realm without the guidance of a Competent Adept of Mysticism are misled by these supra-natural powers, and many of the occult circles which grew like mushrooms from the soil in the 19th and 20th centuries get their inspiration from those riddhis and siddhis.

There are also millions of Prophets of higher or lower rank as well as incarnations of small deities and spiritual hermits who are stranded in these regions. Unless they are liberated from Kal’s shackles through an Adept of Mysticism of the Highest Order, they cannot advance to the realm of pure Spirituality. No soul that has gone this way without the guidance of an Adept of Mysticism has ever reached the Spiritual Realm of pure Love which is high above the materio-spiritual ones. For the aspirant, however, who was initiated by a Competent Adept of Mysticism, the ascent is free of all hindrances.


The way which the aspirant can see at his right-hand side grants access to far higher universes which, however, end up in a blind alley.


The True Main Road of the Adept of Mysticism is the road in the middle, an immensely brilliant Path which finally leads to the Kingdom of the Supreme Lord.

The aspirant proceeds on this shining way until he reaches the region of Bunk-Naal, which appears just before the mental and causal regions.

At the high plain of Sahasdal Kanwal, in the upper districts of the astral realm, the aspirant sees the Bright Spiritual Form of the Adept of Mysticism i.e. Guru Dev; and this is his first Inner Revelation concerning the True Nature of his Spiritual Leader Whom he only has seen in the shell of a physical body by now.

Tulsi Sahib, a highest order Adept of Mysticism, stated that in the Inner Realms there sparkles a bright Light from the toe-nails of the Master and enlightens the soul of the devotee.

Maulana Rumi spoke about the experience of seeing the Radiating Form of the Guru Dev as follows:

When the Light of the Master dawns in the soul, you experience the secrets of both worlds.

Guru Arjan asserts:

The Sacred Form of the Master is in my forehead. Whenever I tap inside I see Him there.

And Khawaja Mueen-du-Din Chishti poetically spoke about this Internal Relationship with the Adept of Mysticism as follows:

Oh Master! The sun cannot withstand the splendour of Your countenance. Even the moon has covered its face to escape from Your Bright Light. In the person of Nabi (the Prophet) Himself, God has chosen a material form, just like the sunlight in the body of the moon.

Even the Christian writings have described the experience of the vision of the Radiating Form of the Adept of Mysticism very precisely:

And I did turn to see the voice that did speak with me, and having turned, I saw seven golden lamp-stands, and in the midst of the seven lamp-stands, (one) like to a son of man, clothed to the foot, and girt round at the breast with a golden girdle, and His head and hairs white, as if white wool as snow, and His eyes as a flame of fire; and His feet like to fine brass, as in a furnace having been fired, and His voice as a sound of many waters … 


Revelation 1:12-15

Now, the Shining Shape of the Adept of Mysticism reveals the highest regions of the astral realm to the vision of the aspirant; and in companionship with the Adept of Mysticism he proceeds into the region of Sahasdal Kanwal, the thousand-petalled lotus of cosmic energy. In this power station all matters of the physical universe and of the astral planes are controlled.

By the mystics these petals are mentioned as the one thousand eyes and ears of God.

One thousand eyes hast Thou, and one thousand faces; still art Thou One.

Guru Nanak

When the spirit within did flame resplendent spring, then face to face with God Niranjan did it bring.

Guru Ram Das

Sahasdal Kanwal is a radiating, pulsating cosmos, and this bright region is illuminated by a central flame which possesses the most intense illuminating power of all astral realms. Numerous melodies and harmonies of enchanting beauty originate from this immense splendour, and those who are in this region believe in fact that they are in the ultimate heaven.

And yet, they only stand at the first step of the grand, ascending main road of the Adept of Mysticism, of the Holy Shabd – the Sound Current coming from the right side –, for only at this region, the real journey, guided by the Adept of Mysticism, begins.

When the human mind comes to the regions of Sahasdal Kanwal, it becomes clear that it has really slept over periods of innumerable incarnations and that it has been now awakened for the higher realms of the Inner Cosmos.

Even for the most advanced yogis, Sahasdal Kanwal is the last and ultimate level, as the streams of life – called pranas by Eastern Mystics and necessary in the Yoga practice – do not go beyond it.

This high astral level is incredibly vast and awe-inspiring, and the Holy Men who live here cannot understand that there are countless more beautiful and far higher Spiritual Realms beyond Sahasdal Kanwal.

But the disciple of an Adept of Mysticism has to ascend far higher in order to achieve Real Spiritual Liberation.


Indication of Source: This chapter is based on the text ‘The Path Through the Astral Realms,’ by Dr George Arnsby Jones, published in Sat Sandesh / June 1975. Further quotations and insertions were made by the publisher.

Explanation: 1) Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva correspond to the archangels Michael, Israel and Gabriel. 2) It is reported that, after the Prophet Mohammed was practising the connection with „Awaz-i-mustqim“– the Sound Current – for 15 years in the cave of Hira, originating in the reverberation of bells the archangel Gabriel gradually assumed sound, shape and form. Thus the Koran was dictated to Him. 3) For an explanation on this, see the Anurag Sagar by Kabir on the website, Button / Anurag Sagar. 4) Supernatural powers, physical and mental, achieved by yoga practices.