Kabir or Kirpal

In entrancement and remembrance1 of Har Rai, the Guru of the ages, Kabir Sahib, a disciple of Kirpal Singh, says:

Before Him, Who has meditated since the beginning of time, before a Saint such as Kabir2 I bow forever. How am I able to describe the grandeur of Karunamae3, Who reminded Draupadi of the Way to my Lord?

Munindar prayed to Kabir, to let shower down blessings upon blessings.

Kabir said:

He, Who will be the Merciful One4, He will bless the world with the Ocean of Grace5.

Dr Harbhajan Singh

The brother in Kirpal (Gurubhai) answers him:

Oh Harbhajan, before Kirpal I bow, too long was I worried about His son, my brother.

Kabir knows, Who our Father is. My Father taught me the One. He is the beginning and the end, there is no one else besides Him.

Bhai Jamal


Footnotes: 1) In a former life, Dr Harbhajan Singh was a disciple of Kabir. 2) See Gyan in the ‘Anurag Sagar.’ 3) Name of Kabir in the Dwapar Yuga – Copper Age. 4) The Merciful One, Kirpal. 5) The True Kirpal Sagar – Ocean of Grace.