III – The Question

I saw a light – the flame of the universe. A voice rumbling strong and loud like endless thunders. This voice without a visage asked insistent and definitive as it asked everyone who approaches it.

Who is your Master?

Unterrified but thoughtful what I should answer, the following possibilities streamed through me because nothing wrong I wanted to do nor losing this vision.

Should I answer Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj? or just Kirpal Singh?

But my soul out of itself shouted out only the name Kirpal with all power and passion. 

In the same moment the light manifolded itself many thousand times and the same voice asked again:

Who is your Master?

Yet, the power of the voice had manifolded itself infinite in its forcefulness and profoundness like millions of thunders on earth.

Every individual part of my being was then steeped in by this question – there was no way back, no hiding, no just for-once.

Intrepid and strengthen by the first reaction I repeated


I screamed it out of me with all power and creed. Knowing that Kirpal is my protector in the here and there.

Now, all Light that exists opened in front of me and I saw the Light of Lights itself, no more obstacle, no more barrier, no more hindrances. Only Life, Light and Love. 

I was free.

Thank You Kirpal for this blessing. The blessing to have escaped the ruler of the creation.

You, Kirpal, are alone and I in my imperfection are Your humble servant.



To cross the mental world is not so easy as it may seem to the untrained in the mysteries of the beyond. It is the most delusive world where even the mahatmas and the rishis with all their learning and tapas, fail to hold on to their own ground. What is there in that vast universe which Brahman would not like to offer to those earnest souls who try to escape through his domains and reach the True Home of their Father? At every step, be it in the physical world, the astral or the mental, he tries to block the way of the aspiring souls. The great Prophets and Messiahs and all others have given their experiences of the fierce encounters that they had with Satan, Mara, Ahirman; the evil spirits, – Asuras, Demons and their agents in countless ways. Fair or foul, whereby they try to obstruct the way, to win over the seekers after Truth by assurances of worldly kingdoms and principalities; and if they do not succumb to these temptations, then by threats of violence by fire, thunder, earthquakes, heaven-splitting, cloud-bursts, lightening and what have you.

The Mystery of Death – Chapter V:
What after Death?,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974