In this exceptional time in which our attention is confronted with a countless number of various confusing, so-called spiritual teachings, it may be the most difficult, but certainly the most important task to recognise the One, the natural Way given by God from the outset. This natural way in fact is capable to lead the human soul back to its original source of Divine Home, the only place where it can experience the longed for pure Love and Eternal Bliss.

The Holy Masters of all times and the religions put emphasis on the fact, that each single man, regardless of his origin, his personal characteristics or his religion has the right to ask for the chance to walk on this sublimest of all ways, thus fullfilling the soul-embedded sense of creation. And yet, there are only few of us being in the privileged situation of out of thousands presented doors choosing the one right door and confidently knocking at it.

Seek and ye shall find – knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

St Luke 11:9

This scripture is something rare and outstanding, because it indicates the way to that one door. Thus it does not make sense to compare the content and value of these texts with the statements of various other scriptures and teachings as they were spread by the self nominated upholders of different religions and beliefs after the physical departure of the respective torch bearer.

Now, where exactly lies the difference? To find that out for oneself may be the sense and purpose of the following textual collection. For who wants to understand will see the quintessence of Sant Mat, the Holy Path of the Masters, propounded as Kirpal Singh unfolded it to us.

It begins with the Wedding Hymn of Guru Ram Das, which describes the transformation of the disciple from the beginning of initiation. Contemporary hymns of a disciple who can bear a lively witness of his experiences to the interested seeker follow.

Many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and didn’t see them; and to hear the things which ye hear, and have not heard them.

St Matthew 13:16-17

Then, the soul’s journey begins.

As a thankful author of this foreword I do solemnly confirm, that the concious, experienceable  contact with the Almighty Power of God – initiation – is amazingly granted everyone, who sincerely asks for it.

Entirely in this spirit I wish the reader of the now following scripture, that he may be able, to take the open and sincere Inner Attitude when reading this book, which alone makes it possible, to draw the essential conclusion out of the given information, to receive the communion with the Divine Word within and then through the loving Grace of the merciful Master-Power to undergo the most possible Spiritual Experience and Guidance indeed.

Thomas G.