The wasted Treasure

When we are deprived of our worldly goods by trickery and go bankrupt, we are sometimes able to recover and to gain these things back by work. In Spirituality this is not possible. Once we have pawned our souls to religious communities and spiritual or non-spiritual organisations, the harvest of human birth is lost forever. The downfall is very deep.

Communities serve on principle only as roof for like-minded. As long as there is someone practical, well and good, we have to receive and to achieve this state, if not it is better to be on our own.

Please do not commit the sin to build up a wall consciously or unconsciously between the disciple and the Master-Power. No one is supposed to stand between the Master and the disciple.

Disciples initiated by the Living Master of their time should not believe that they were left alone after His physical decease and change the Master to be initiated again.

Accordingly, Kirpal Singh says:

This comes up to an adulteress who is used to seeing different men at night.

The same is true for those who have come into contact with the coming-into-expression God-Power, Guru-Power or Christ-Power at any place of this world through God’s Grace and have received Holy Initiation.

A temporary disbelief caused by sways of the mind or misleading by other communities of interest make the dear ones often believe that they would get more elsewhere, but the opposite is true.

They spoil what they received, sometimes still hearing the Sound Current and seeing the Light of God for a longer term. Yet day by day it gets inevitably less and at first leads to the unconscious extinction of the Light within, followed by the disbelief mentioned above. The same happens to God’s Voice and provokes the silencing of the Inner Music.

It is like a huge barrel of water. It won’t be refilled any more but drinking water will be taken out daily, someday it will be empty.

If we wish to ask someone else than our Master Who enlightened us about any matter, it means that to the same degree we do not wholly trust in our Master, otherwise we would consult our Master, wouldn’t we?

Kirpal Singh

People who expect others to consult and question them before they make an independent decision in worldly or even spiritual questions and those who give the motivation to do so, succumb to a big optical delusion caused by a fundamental lack of meditation and the lack of independent communication with the Master-Power. In fact these people demand of us to humiliate our Master.

Kirpal Singh says:

We have to do honest self-practice to see how far we have come on the Inner Path and have gained dominance over mind and senses. We can use the mystical experiences of past Masters and the teaching of Their practical lives to see if we have really uplifted ourselves to these extraordinary heights. If this is not so, we can come humbly near to one who has done so and accept his help.

To all those who were initiated by Kirpal Singh and His representatives until 1974 one has to say:

Please sit down between 2 and 5 o’clock in the morning for Holy Meditation. Get in contact with all-pervading Naam as it was shown and assigned to you at the time of initiation. Practise what the Living Master has given you. Keep it and multiply it. Practise Bhajan and Simran with full concentration at the centre of the eyes.

The Sound coming from the right side is good and noble but only the Sound coming from above gives you a lift up but it is only perceptible if your concentration is wholly and fully joined at the eye-centre.

According to this, Kirpal Singh says:

Be strictly on guard when doing practices. Pranas or breathing is not involved in any way. You should also have no consciousness of the body whatsoever. Master-Power is over your head and will be extending all feasible help.

When you hear a mingling of many sounds within, please try to discriminate which Sound is coming from the right side. The Sound will come nearer and ultimately will come from above and you will hear It much clearer.

Spiritual Elixir – Part II,
II. Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Listen perpetually to the right Sound, try to focus your attention as Kirpal Singh told you personally. Practise Light and Sound meditation separately, so as not to split your awareness.

Bhai Jamal

Those who do so for two weeks by fulfilling all the rules will certainly receive an experience of higher regions. Yet consider, there is no shortcut on the Way to Spirituality.

Christ says: 

Take heed that the Light which is in thee be not darkness. 

Even souls who were initiated after the physical departure of Kirpal Singh by this Almighty Power met Him and consciously went to the Eternal Home during their life span. It is all a question of receptivity.

Kabir speaks in this field as follows:

My friend. Lay your hope on Him as long as you live, realise as long as you live, understand as long as you live, for life is the place of redemption. If your bonds are not torn in this life, which hope death will convey? It is nothing but an empty dream that the soul will unify with Him because she left her body. If He can be found now, He will be found then as well. If not we only would go to live in the town of death. If you are One with Him now, you will be it in future. Dive down into Truth, know realise the True Master, have confidence in the True Name. Kabir says: It is the spirit of seeking who will help; I am the slave of this spirit of seeking.

For those who did not come into contact physically with Kirpal Singh in this life, one can say:

Please do not worry, this power is always here. Many people still meet this Power within today and are led to His disciples to receive Holy Initiation. Competent people always lay stress on ‘now’ and not on ‘tomorrow’.

No washerman will say, ‘I’m not going to wash your laundry, it is too dirty.’ He will wash it kindly until it is clean, this is the criteria for a good washerman.

The competent Co-Workers on the Divine Plan act in the same way, they will not say tomorrow, or after tomorrow, but they will grant a contact with the coming-into-expression Power here, now and today, that is Naam, Kalma, Akash Bani or the Holy Word which is revealed by the Light and the Voice of God, the Sound Current.

Why are outside places so important for many people?

Because their Third Eye is not opened. Would it be opened, they would realise that the body is the temple of God, that the whole creation is the temple of God.

It is said:

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.

Kirpal Singh speaks:

It has often been the praxis of the ancient Masters to give experience of the Holy Initiation and competent instructions to a selected circle of disciples who first were confronted with inconceivable hassles as an assay for their earnestness and their faith in the Guru. But in the present age, the Kali Yuga, man is very weak and the Master is all the more affectionate. He generously gives to all, who are thirsty for a gleam of the liberating Truth. 

Thus it is said today:

In the alteration from Kali Yug to Sat Yug don’t call me Master, there is only Shabd. My Father is the One. Har Rai the Guru of the ages, Kabir, is my brother! That’s how Kirpal showed it. Light and Sound are bestowed freely. The worldly nit-pickers disdain this Grace. Their I-ness is rooted in selfishness. The arrow of Love hid me from Heaven in the middle of my dishonourable heart. Without my doing forever I bleed. Hail Thee, the Only One! Now this pain of Love is distributed, as per the One gives allowance to me. Listen you brothers and sisters, let Him enter! He’s waiting since the beginning on your doorstep. Let the Real Amrit of sorrow, Naam, in your drouthy heart. This sorrow will irrigate your heart like the water from this world brings the Rose of Jericho to it’s blossom. Admire only the One, the First, retrieve this water of sorrow, Shabd! Hail Thee, Kirpal! The One, the transformer of the ages.

Bhai Jamal

The dear seekers after Truth should understand that the disciples who follow these exercises do it in His name alone. All worldwide discussions on who is acting and who is the disciple in the making (Like: ‘He or she is standing there. He or she has reached this or that stage etc.’) are nonsense and do not lead to a helpful result for the suffering human race. On the contrary, it is an irrevocable loss of time for the respective seekers after Truth.

He who sees the Truth knows that there is only One doer. In community with these kind of personalities seekers after Truth will automatically come in contact with the Light and Sound Principle. God cannot help but taking influence. When we sit next to an oven, we will feel the warmth. Otherwise it is impossible to receive these two aspects of God.

Kirpal Singh says:

When the astral body of a man is completely clean and pure as it is the case of one in some millions, all other fellow-beings in his surroundings feel good and relieved from the burdens of this world while sitting next to this man. This is but natural. Having the rare privilege of meeting such a man whose causal body is clean and pure as it is the case of one in numbers of millions, we will get to hear the Holy Sound Current in his presence.

This is an immutable and unlimitedly working law since the beginning.

The Holy Initiation is a free gift of nature; the adepts of mystic only bestow what They Themselves received by and through Their Master.

Kirpal Singh says furthermore:

The testing criterion is to have a first-hand Inner Experience of the Divine Light of God and the audible Life-Stream at the time of initiation. These are the two astral forms of the Master-Power and if one gets to Them by personal experience of rising above body consciousness, there can be no doubt about its validity and efficacy.

Spiritual Elixir – Part I,
VII. Initiation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974