The Sant Mat today

The following content is free from any influence by groups of interest and institutional formations as well as old and new “spiritual organisations” which use the names of all Saints of the past and the name of Kirpal Singh – in doing so more than a few misuse these names for their own interest.

With the following pages, it is, in no case, intended to criticise or even to hurt people in their sincere effort in working for the one matter, namely the uplift of the whole mankind and the realisation of the True Unity.

Everyone can rejoice in the Guru’s Love and Mercy. I do not want to disconcert anybody. Under instructions of Guru Nanak I will see that the True Name (Sat Naam) will be repeated in the whole world.

Teg Bahadur

It merely should be pointed out that even today it is possible to receive the Holy Initiation directly, by what it is possible for the soul in man to rise above the iron curtain – the human body – and to cross the Inner Realms with the help and indispensable support of the True Master – Naam or Word – to finally reach her origin, the Eternal Home, Sach Khand.

Guru Gobind Singh has put it this way:

He who is one and the same in the beginning and the end is the manifested Power of God, the Shabd, and that is the Real Master.

The Night is a Jungle,
XI. Guru Bhakti – A Lesson in Love,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974