God Himself is the Greatest
Wonder in Universe

It is in the nature of the cause that ignorance is widely spread and some circles cannot help mocking and jeering at the Real Experience of the seekers after Truth or sometimes they even denounce it in public to veil their own incapability in this important and sublime field, Sant Mat.

Kirpal Singh spoke furthermore:

Truth is always created and disseminated in a complicated way by those who don’t have any Inner Experience any more. They tell the seekers after Truth: ‘You will only get a contact with Naam after fulfilling this or that.’ Thereby they screw the intellectual demands and veils higher and higher. But Truth is so simple! If you could see how simple it is, you would cry.

It is thus advisable and it is advised to go away in silence after the initiation, to kindly serve one’s fellow-beings without uttering anything on the personal experience neither in public nor in so-called small, confident groups. It is better to fulfil one’s daily meditation, to attend Satsang as often as possible and to cling to the rules, which were established in the beginning of time. The success will arise immediately.

A True Adept of mysticism needs no relics, worldly concessions and acknowledgement of others, he is independent here and there. Often some time passes until the Power appears outside again, this has often been like that in the past and will be in future like that, too. The world is never without these Conscious Co-Workers on the Divine Plan, the adepts of mysticism. Miracles and the like are not shown as they were not shown in former days and challenges and provocation intended to show them are met with indifference.

For the greatest miracle in universe is God Himself. The highest necessity of man is to recognise Him and His highest desire is to reveal Himself to mankind. Many groups and organisations crowned themselves at all times of history as the non plus ultra, but on closer examination their self-appointed claim for holiness does not bear up against an exact analysis. If the organisations were led in the True Unity they proclaim so fervently and under God’s Real Fatherhood, they would utter no duality, exclusion, criticism, judgements and defamations.

Altogether they would enjoy the Great Overflowing Mercy of the Almighty on earth for His weak children who cry out for help and manage the great exercise together, that is the uplift of the entire human race.

Kirpal Singh says:

Why are there so many religious groups and religions? Because they don’t see; if they would see, they all would say the same.

The succession of Kirpal Singh has been discussed for many years. It has been abused intellectually and by selfish endeavours and actions.

Yet He would like to see each one of us as ambassadors of Truth, everyone according to his own honest capacity. The work of everyone is the burdened life, which was destined by God. The Unity of Man is a necessary goal for everyone, to realise that we all are One, no matter if West, East, North or South, we are already One.

Creating two-ness by proclamations as: 

Not you, only us,

is not the way on which we were set as a whole by the Almighty.