Possibilities to come in Contact with Naam

Bani – Word or Sound Principle – is the Guru, and Guru is the Bani personified, and the Elixir of Life gushes out of the Bani.1

Whoever accepts what the Gurbani says, he can be freed through the Grace of the Living Master.

Excerpt from the book ‘Godman’: Chapter VI

The Need of a Master

The Formless God pervades the Universe in the form of Shabd or Word; but we cannot feel blessed unless we are enabled to contact It within.

The entire atmosphere is charged with electricity but one cannot derive any benefit from it so long as one cannot reach out to an electric switch that controls the energy coming from the power-house.

Once this contact is established, it gives us light, hot or cold breezes as we may need, and helps us in innumerable ways in sweeping the house, cooking our food and the like. It carries huge industrial loads like the proverbial demon and does work that a thousand persons put together cannot do.

In exactly the same way, if one could but reach out to some Human Pole where God’s energy in the form of Shabd is manifest, one can become truly blessed and reap a rich Spiritual Harvest beyond all measure. Saints, Prophets, Seers, and Master-Souls are such manifested Poles that radiate God’s Light, Life and Love.


As it has appeared worldwide since 1974 after Kirpal Singh’s physical departure, until today there are two possibilities for the sincere seeker after Truth, according to the individual receptivity, to get in contact with Naam.

Many people are allowed since 1974 through God’s ever-flowing Mercy to meet independently this Power inside in the form of Kirpal Singh. These dear ones often do not know to integrate the experience of this Power.

Yet after being led by God’s leading hand to the respective place of His action, the dear ones joyfully recognise this experienced Power, for instance on photographs. Kirpal Singh emphatically pointed out that photographs should not be used for the purpose of meditation by memorising them, for these images are unable to speak to the soul inside, they should be used merely and solely for sweet remembrance.

The dear ones already being indirectly in contact with this Power, receive then, through the Conscious Co-Workers of the Divine Plan, the still needfully Holy Initiation and the Holy Initiation experience, the necessary first-hand experience – i.e. the conscious contact with the Light of God and the Voice of God – to fulfil the practical part of Spirituality, namely the Holy Meditation in their lives.

Also people who did not encounter this Power before the Holy Initiation consciously, are always after Holy Initiation permitted – as described since the beginning of time by all Competent Masters – to hear the Holy Sound Current which comes from the right side and to see the Holy Light. They either then remember themselves after initiation that they encountered this Power before or they meet Kirpal Singh after initiation within, respective their individual receptivity.

It is quite common that the Master of the Conscious Co-Workers of the Divine Plan working now, appears to the seekers after Truth, for they always have the wish that everyone who receives Naam may see their Master within. This was the reason that Hazur Baba Sawan Singh often appeared together with Kirpal Singh to the disciples during initiation given by Him (Kirpal Singh).

Therefore Kirpal Singh appears still today to the seekers after Truth who through His overflowing Grace, receive the Holy Contact with the God-into-expression-Power, that is Naam, Shabd, Kalma, Akash Bani or the Word – which the human soul can experience as the Divine Light and the Divine Sound Principle.

Dogmas or Isms are taking place in the hearts of the seekers after Truth which met the Perfect Master, whensoever He leaves the physical plane or if the dear ones do not want to behave according to the Master’s commandments.

This happens by reasons of bondage, ego, lust, greed or by reason of name and fame. It is not uncommon that organisations are established after the departure of the Master-Saints to keep Their teachings alive. Instead of being beneficial for this purpose, these structures emerge over and over again, at all times, as rigid and dogmatic, not really acting in the interest of the seekers after Truth; even if the intention may have been noble in the beginning to be helpful for those who till then have not had the great fortune to meet the Living Master or His Gurumukhs and Khalsas.

A place is only holy by the presence of a Saint. If the One leaves the place again, the place itself becomes worthless, for it is only the life-Impulse of these Personalities Who animate the places. The same is the case for organisations and structures. These institutional structures without the guidance of a True Saint rather hold up the seeker after Truth than to supportingly escort him to the place where he can come into contact with the saving Naam, the Holy Word.

Even souls with a good fortune becoming inappreciably led astray, even if they met the Master within and came in contact with Naam, the Holy Word at places which are predestined.

With all kinds of tricks and demagogic knacks selfish men – not only those who were not put on the Path of Sant Mat through God’s Grace – regrettably mislead the unprepared and insecure souls on purpose in the name of Sant Mat and the ‘Unity of Man’ running thus a business of soul catching; supported by recitation and explanation of the scriptures of Kirpal Singh and of other Great Saints of the past according to their own interpretation, spiced with gestures and worldly goods – including beautiful buildings, estates, wealth, reliquaries of deceased Saints, photographs, where you can see them together with the Saints etc.

All this is presented as an evidence to the insecure and unknowing souls in order to give justice to the wangled claim of holiness.

Not rarely people and places linked with the Saints’ names yield to slowly creeping delusion. Guru Nanak describes this in ‘Jap Ji’ as follows:

Whenever one asserts the little ego, ‘I’, as doing things, one assumes the unending role of an ever-active agent responsible for his actions and is caught in the intricate net of transmigration.

… which unavoidably leads the Saints to leave these places. – This might mean that They either move physically to other places or leave the body early with permission of the Almighty.

These sacrileges caused by the disciples themselves lead to a slow and imperceptible closure of the Inner Eye concerning all those who support this development by which the daily impressions transmitted by the human senses unconsciously become bigger and bigger, install themselves in Chit – the lake of impressions – and lead to geometrical multiplication of the wave-like vibration making the mind project these patterns into the outside world, akin a fabric or carpet being woven in an unending diversity of patterns and of extension.

All this happens every time the staff of the Saints consciously or unconsciously start oppressing other people.

(Like: ‘I am the boss in the langar (camp of the free kitchen). I am the boss of the propagation of the writings. I am the secretary. I am the president of the organisation XY. I met the Master earlier than you did …, so you have to yield to my commandments. Or: You won’t get the Holy Initiation as long as you won’t break up with this or that person.’)

They run, as Kirpal Singh puts it, the business of man hunting. They do not recoil from making a fellow-being who generously distributes the blessings of Naam out to be a Kurahia. This behaviour automatically leads to stagnation and restriction of the One Truth, thus in course of time it will no longer be allowed to be distributed at such places.

Naam can only flow and be caught up in a golden cup wherefrom it is bestowed as mother nature’s free gift through the Grace of the ever-working Almighty Power.

Nanak says:

There is no greater crime and sin than to lead someone who is on the Right Path astray.

Kabir Sahib says:

The poor sheep eats only grass and still gets eaten. Whatever happens to those who eat the sheep!

The Karma of eating grass is high! More than in this case Mother Nature never lets anyone escape who leads souls astray due to selfish motives.

Everything that does not lead to God is imbued with egoism. Everything that does not draw us nearer to God is sin as well.

There is no place in creation where you can come in contact with Naam, the Light and Sound Principle, unless it is a place being definitely one of Truth. Only there where God wants to, the Shabda, the Light and Sound Principle, is distributed to all those who come in devotion and approach the Master-Power in Love. No matter if the Co-Worker on the Divine Plan has eight hunches – like for instance Rishi Ashtavakra –, be he old or young, tall or small, no matter which country he is from or to which outside region he belongs, he still bestows this treasure generously on behalf or with permission of the Almighty.

Propaganda, bad talks, spreading of lies and defamation are always the habits of those who are not much or not at all in contact with the Inner Master.

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh once wrote:

If these people do not want to give up their bad habits, why should we give up our good habits?

The typical arguments like:

We are the majority, so we are right, 

do not count, the least in the case of Spiritual Development.

The Almighty says:

There is the gun, run! We all are in a race, everyone has to be the first.

God has neither mother nor father, neither brother nor sister. He has always been and will be forever, nothing can be added to Him nor can He be deprived of anything. Nobody can make His actions pleasant to Him nor can you do Him any harm. What God wants the soul to do is that the soul comes to Him alone without body, mind, intellect, bondage and family, alone and for His sake. As soon as the soul has fulfilled that, it is the end of the journey. The Perfect Masters, their Gurumukhs and Khalsas serve only this high goal.

The common fallacy of spiritual organisations is:

Together we are strong

– if one person tastes a pudding it would be for the benefit of everyone. But how can someone standing in a chain holding each other’s hands get anything of the pudding, taste his sweetness, smell his scent, if the first one in the chain takes a spoonful? What about the second in the chain and the third etc.? Everyone for himself is on his Way Home, only the soul alone. Please understand this! Please do not deprive yourselves of the only possibility.


Explanation: 1) There is a vast difference between Gurbani and Bani. The former refers to the sayings of the Gurus as recorded in the Holy Scriptures – especially the Granth Sahib –, whereas the latter refers to the Eternal Sound Current, sometimes called Gur-ki-Bani, reverberating in all creation. It emanates from God Himself and He alone can manifest It. Moreover, this Bani – Naam or Word – is sounding throughout the four Yugas, ages, and gives its message of Truth.