The well-known Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Max Planck stated:

Dear Gentlemen, as a physicist who has devoted all his life hard-headedly to science and the investigation of matter, I am certainly free from the suspicion of being considered an enthusiastic spirit.

And so I say this after the investigation of the Atom: there is no matter out of itself.

All matter resolves and exists only through one power, which brings the atom particles in vibration and holds them together as the tiniest solar system of the universe. As there exists in the whole universe neither an intelligent power nor an eternal power – humanity has not succeeded in inventing the desired Perpetuum mobile – so we have to assume that behind this power there lies an conscious and intelligent spirit. This spirit is the prime cause of matter. Not the visible but the transitory matter is the real, the true, the absolute – because matter would not exist at all without the spirit – but rather the unseen, immortal spirit is the truth! Since spirit can also not exist out of itself but has to belong to an entity, we are forced to suppose there are spiritual creatures. But as spiritual creatures cannot exist out of themselves but have to be created, so I do not hesitate to name this mysterious creator like all civilised people on earth of past millennia have done: God!