Kirpal Singh

The principal Way towards the Achivement of Love

The principal way towards the achievement of Love is the Satsang and company of a Perfect Master, and through His Grace.

Guru Arjan says:

Only those who have the Grace of the Lord on them are attracted to Spiritual Practice. But Love for the Lord is produced in them by the company of Saints and by listening to Their Satsang. It is only by the teachings of Saints that Love for a Perfect Master is produced in us and our Love is fixed at His Lotus Feet. Without a Master, love cannot be produced and the dirt of egotism is not destroyed. He puts us on the Path of Shabd. When we listen to It we know ourselves and attain Sohang.

And further:

It was through the pure Grace of the Perfect Master that my Love was fixed at His Lotus Feet.

Adi Granth

Kabir says:

I need only the necessities of live; that is wheat flour, a pinch of salt, a little pulse – as much as will keep me alive.

Then I also need a bed, a pillow, a mattress and a blanket to protect me against the wind and cold. I do not want anything else except the privilege of being devoted to Thee with all humility. I have no other desires except Thy Name.

And the Adi Granth says:

Devotion is not possible without a Master. Love for Naam is also not possible. Oh Nanak! I can practise Naam only by the Grace of my Master’s Love.

Swami Ji also says:

If a person tries to follow the practice of listening to Shabd Dhun (Sound Current) without devotion to the Master, he is ignorant, becouse Shabd will be heard only by the Grace of the Master, and it is the Master alone Who will pull the soul upwards.