Kirpal Singh

The Mastership continues

During Hazur’s (Baba Sawan Singh’s) lifetime and in strict conformity with His wishes, in November 1947, a proposal for Spiritual Satsang was laid before Him, the main objects of which were solely the ethical and Spiritual Benefit of mankind in general, irrespective of caste, colour or creed – which was heartily appreciated by Hazur saying: 

I am wholly and solely at one with you in this endeavour,

and directed me to give practical shape to the scheme. It is therefore due to His blessings alone that Ruhani Satsang today is working successfully in and outside Delhi.

… Old followers (those initiated by Hazur) as well as the new ones are deriving benefit from this science and everyday Inner Experiences of both of them plainly show that Hazur Maharaj Sahib is helping them with His hidden hand far more forcefully than ever.

The remedy for our lacerated hearts lies only with that compassionate and sympathetic Messiah. … 

That Master of Eternal Domain (Hazur) is keeping His doors open all the time and is calling aloud:

Bring into actual experience the great principle of ‘withdrawal before death.’ I am impatiently waiting for you to come up to me. I am nearer to you than the nearest. For those of you initiated by me it is a sacrilege and a mark of disgrace on both Love and devotion if you look upon anybody else as a Guru or Master-guide. You may, however, derive benefit from the company of some awakened personality who pays a visit to me every day. He will not misguide you, but on the contrary, will unite you with me, will instil my Love in you, and will strengthen the Divine Link that binds and ties you to me. Moreover, in the capacity of Gurubhai, or Spiritual Brother, he shall be helpful to serve you.


Ages ago, nature provided for us materially and spiritually. Today the same unchangeable Law is operating and will continue to do so in the future. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. Nature’s inexorable and Eternal Law of demand and supply always works.

It is only through a Living Master that we can contact the Almighty God within us. … 

Masters have come in all ages to offer this Natural Science to man. Only those who are discontented with this world rush to Them. Others, to whom worldly attractions, pleasures and luxuries are dear, turn their backs. Those in whose hearts all noble sentiments are dead not only put all possible obstacles in the way of the Saints, but also subject Them to various kinds of tortures, as a study of the lives of Jesus, Guru Nanak, Kabir, and others will show. Masters have come in the past, are existing today, and will continue to come in the future for the Spiritual Benefit of man. 

To suppose and accept that Spirituality has become the sole prerogative of any religion after the passing of the Master on Whose teachings it is based, and that Sacred Books are the only guide, shows the thoughtlessness of man.

Guru precedes God. Such a person was Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, Who remained with His disciples for a great number of years and now, even after He has left the body, still watches over His loved ones and also those who contacted Him once with Love and sincerity in their hearts. Love knows no law, and He is still appearing in His Radiant Form, even on lower Spiritual Planes, for their sake. … On the physical plane, He is still showering His blessings through His medium at Ruhani Satsang, Sawan Ashram, who now in turn guides men in all Spiritual Matters. 

One bulb is fused and is replaced by another. The same Power works and the same Light shines from a new bulb. … 

Excerpts from:
Man, know thyself –
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


As with the lighted candle, whose privilege lies not in its being an individual candle but in its being the seat of the unindividual flame that is neither of this candle nor of that but of the very essence of all fire, so too with the True Master. He is a Master not by virtue of His being an individual master like anyone else, but He is a Master carrying in Him the Universal Light of God. Again, just as only a candle that is still burning can light other candles – not one that is already burnt out – so only a Living Master can give the quickening touch that is needed, not one who has already departed from this world. Those that are gone were great indeed and worthy of all respect, but They were pre-eminently for Their own time, and the task They accomplished for those around Them must, for us, be performed by One Who lives and moves in our midst. Their memory is a Sacred Treasure, a perennial source of inspiration, but the one thing Their remembrance teaches is to seek for ourselves in the world of the living that which They themselves were. …            

The Crown of Life – Part II, Chapter I:
The Master
by  Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


Jesus says that no man knows the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son reveals Him. That Son is the Light of God which exists forever. The Sonship continues. … 

There were few such Personalities in the past, and even now there are few; but the world is not without them, … . The same God-Power and Christ-Power has worked ever since the world began and continues for those children who are hungry and seek the Truth. When that hunger and thirst arises in anyone, God, Who resides in every heart, makes arrangements to bring him to wherever he can be duly contacted with his own Self. … 

God-Power, Christ-Power, Guru-Power –
Talk given on 25 December 1963, Houston Texas,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


There is always food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. A babe that was born five hundred years ago was provided by Dame Nature with milk from the mother’s breast; and so was the case with one who came into the world a thousand years back. Those who are in the present age are also being provided with similar means of sustenance.

The law of supply and demand is an immutable one in nature. In exactly the same way this law works inexorably in Spiritual Matters also.

For the aspirants before the time of Guru Nanak, or in this age, or hereafter, Nature cannot but provide the means of satisfying their aspirations.

To delimit a particular period of one or two centuries as the period of Gurus and to say that there were no Master-Souls before or after that particular time, is against the fundamental law of supply and demand, and hence incorrect.

The teachings of the Masters are for all times and not for any particular period. They utter Eternal Truths which hold good for Eternity, and are the common heritage of mankind in general. Their seed-dictum for instance is that God is One and is the Gift of a Godman. It is an axiomatic truth, self-evident, and hardly needs any comment.

Godman – Part IV, Chapter III:
Before and after Guru Nanak
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


Hafiz Sahib has said that the words uttered by the Saints are for those who are ready to receive them. … Though Truth is in each being, yet it must be rekindled by the Guru through the eyes, for the charging involved in the process cannot be done through form and formularies. This charging is an intoxication never forgotten by the person throughout his whole life. There are those who think that the Guru’s succession can be accomplished on legal papers; but how is that possible or even feasible.

Satsang – To gain His Pleasure,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974,


Lord Krishna said, 

I will give you Divine Light and you will see my Glory within.

Buddha said the same thing: 

Every man possesses the bright mirror of illumination.

This, all the Buddhas realised. Buddha further proclaimed that, 

The way of illumined ones is the growth of snowdrops behind the eyes; 

and then Christ came, and it was as if a few crocuses opened their hearts to the winter sky. But now the time has come when we can have a rebirth; this is what Christ spoke of when He said that 

the poor in spirit shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

So Springtime is upon us now; there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now, Who will come up and give us through the Grace of God, a contact with the God-into-Expression-Power. And this is the revolution, the Spiritual Revolution, which is coming up – an awakening all around. … 

The coming Spiritual Revolution –
Talk given in December 1972, South-Florida,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


Disciple: Many have seen the Master becoming like Guru Nanak and some have seen the Master becoming as our grandfather Hazur.

Kirpal Singh: That very Power comes through the different Human Poles. When Guru Nanak left the body, He blossomed. 

When they wept, He simply said, 

Look here, if a friend of yours goes away today, he comes in another robe another day. What difference does it makes?

Clothes may be changed but that won’t. These are very delicate points. … 

You are Dealing in Diamonds –
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974,


Question: How is Christ-Power transferred from one Master to another?

Kirpal Singh: It is transferred through the eyes. As a matter of fact, the chosen Human Pole on Whom the Master-Power is to work for the liberation and guidance of humanity is determined much earlier. There are living testimonies in this behalf, that the dear ones who have never heard about Sant Mat and were living in far-flung countries had visions of the Master much before He took the role of the Living Master. It is the Divine Form which works for the guidance of humanity. They are chosen by God-Power or Christ-Power and not voted by the public, or transferred through written documents.

Spiritual Elixir – Part I, Chapter III:
Guru: His Need and Functions,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974


Question: I once read that your Master Sawan Singh had in a previous incarnation been Kabir and I wonder if this is correct?

Kirpal Singh: They all had the same power working through them, Kabir and everybody else. They are Word made flesh. So Word is sometimes manifest as Kabir, sometimes this, sometimes that. The Word never changes. When your friend comes today in a white suit, tomorrow in yellow clothes, third day in brown clothes, would you not recognise Him? I hope you recognise and do not discard Him (chuckles). That’s all I can say. … 

I am within you … come –
Talk given on 14 August 1974, Sawan Ashram
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974