The Purpose of Life

The Master sets before us the goal, which is to attain complete oneness with the Lord – the One Being. We can reunite with the Source from which we once emanated, and regain our permanent abode in the Home of our Father, where joy and peace reign supreme beyond the reach of annihilation and ignorance, beyond all miseries of the troubled ocean life.

The Master exhorts us to realise Him in our souls, to rise in Him, losing all sense of the little ego "I", in the living temples of our bodies. The Kingdom of God is within us. We have to recognise the Inner Man as the image of God, the physical body as the temple of God, the tabernacle of the Holy Ghost, in which the Lord makes His appearance.

In these living temples we have to attune our souls with God and live in closer communion with Him.

The temple of God is this body, in which the crest jewel of all knowledge makes its appearance. The ignorant never dream of this possibility. To them man cannot be the living temple of God.

Guru Amar Das, Parbhati M3

This living temple (body) God Himself made and He Himself dwells therein. Through the instruction of the Guru, He is found (therein) after all attachments and delusions are burnt away.

Guru Nanak, Shalok M1

According to Guru Nanak, the whole of creation is to be recognised as the great temple of the Lord, which He permeates through and through. We have to become the flute for the breath of the Lord.

This universe is the temple of God, but without the Guru (God-man), darkness reigns supreme; and those that think otherwise, they are the most ignorant of people.

Guru Amar Das, Parbhati M3

This universe is the abode of the True One; and the True One verily dwells in it.

Guru Angad, Asadiwar M2

With these words, the reader is now invited to study carefully the Jap Ji, with fervent beseechings to the Lord that He may grant us all the favour of communion with the Shabd so that we may rise unto Him.

Kirpal Singh