VIII / (i)

Without a Godman, the Mystery of Soul is never revealed

With all that has been said here, or may be said, the mystery of the soul remains a sealed book. No expression can reveal the Truth at the back of the creation. The ascent of the soul to the higher regions is impossible unless one is ushered into those planes. Of course, one may be able to withdraw the spirit currents into the eyes from the body, through Simran or see some Light at times, but there is nothing in there to take or guide him upward. Many were held in these elementary stages for ages and ages, and no help came to guide them up. Some have called this stage the be-all and end-all, but they still linger at the outskirts of grosser matter and in the stronghold of the finer matter. It is here that the help of some competent body is needed to extricate the devotees from the iron-grip of subtle matter.

That somebody should be the man who has gone through the different stages of spiritual development and has made a pilgrimage to the region of Pure Spirit, Sat Naam, far beyond the hold of matter.

The Master says:

He who has known the Sat Purush, is the True Master, in His company alone a Sikh (devotee) is emancipated, oh Nanak! He will see the Lord and sing praises of the Almighty.

Guru Arjan, Gauri Sukhmani M5