Chapter III

Questions and Answers

Frage: May I interrupt you and ask a few questions?

Kirpal Singh: Yes, most welcome, to the best I know, yes!

Question about Light-experience.

Kirpal Singh: That’s on the way, when you rise above different planes as I told you – Light is there – the lamp is burning, that has some coverings over that. Then, when all coverings are there, there appears to be no light. When you shake off one, you have little light; then take off two, more light, three – more, like that it goes on the way. You attend your meditation hour, did you see Light? No? Others they saw!

Disciple: Yes!

Kirpal Singh: So many – only I think, two or four did not see, all others out of three hundred people over there (did see). So it is a very regular way as two and two make four. Only want somebody who knows the practical way. Moreover some outer requirements are there: to be on strict vegetarian diet, no intoxicants, they can get quicker results. So there are only a few who did not (see), all others had it (an experience).

Disciple: The different Lights – do You remember, Master, You said this morning that some people brought more with them from the past lives.

Kirpal Singh: Background – those who have got background. They have something to start with … not all, but some. But they do not know how to proceed further. I have seen suchlike men who saw Light. They began to treat their eyes in the eye-clinic. They heard the Sound and began to treat their ears by the doctors. Some people do have background, they come up, but they want further guidance, where to go further.

Disciple: Master, You mentioned also that one should stay in his own religion because Christ taught this same method of reaching God.

Kirpal Singh: Masters don’t touch outer labels, as I told you. It is only made that many people can derive benefit. As long as there are practical people, all people derive the benefit. For want of practical people, you see, – how many are there who can give you a boost like that, a demonstration of that, so you may see yourself? So there should be something, some capital to start with. And to proceed further with proper guidance and help, you can reach the goal, Ultimate Goal from where the Light and Sound proceeds, and that is the Absolute God, Wordless State.

Question: May I ask a question?

Kirpal Singh: No reservation, you see! I am also a student of life, you see. Still I continue as a student. Man learns and unlearns all through life. I have been student like you. You people have to take my place – our places – you are the budding hopes of the coming generations!

Question: If Christ taught the same thing, is there any mention of Christ speaking about reincarnation or previous lives?

Kirpal Singh: Christ has given some reference, too. As I join others. We don’t know full history, you see. He gave references here and there. But those who met a Master, why they should think of reincarnation? They won’t come back again to the world. Who sees, who can take a man home, why should they return and have reincarnation again? This is only for those who such Master – Word made flesh – have not met. Such ones, when they go back Home, they have not to return. They come only, are sent only to guide the child humanity, they do not come as prisoners, you see.

Question that is not understandable.

Kirpal Singh: Yes, yes, there is Light within – so it is in each man, even the children see It. There should be some boost given, that’s all. Where the world philosophies end, there the religion starts, truly speaking. Physical bodies or outer labels do not form religions, these are social bodies, those are schools of thought. It shows we have joined this particular school of thought to know oneself and to know God.

Basic teachings have been the same almost and all Masters – only we have forgotten, that’s the pity, for want of practical people. Masters again come from time to time to revive that forgotten lesson, I would say.

Question that is not understandable.

Kirpal Singh: You see, I tell you, God indeed (works) through Master. He is Word. When Word is made flesh, we respect Him. Word made flesh, we respect Him. Word is the Guru manifest – He resides in every heart. Where it is manifest, we respect. Teacher of man is a man, man could be a teacher, not voice which comes from the heaven. All Masters, you see, Jesus also appeared in the man form, all others, Prophet Mohammed, and others. So teacher of a man is a man who is according to your own level, he passed through the life and had that experience, and can also communicate the same thing, you testify to it. So all Masters Who came, They were all in the human form.

That school is better which turns out many successful students, is it not? All these schools of thoughts are schools and we have joined to know God. And if they turned out men like that to know God, I think, all credit goes to them, you see. For want of practical people, we have, I think, forgotten that lesson and Masters come from time to time to give them again. They have again that very thing which we have forgotten.

Thank to God and you specially who has managed (this talk) over here!

Kirpal Singh
Chicago – 19 November 1972


Note: The Holy Path of the Masters provides the opportunity of a direct contact with the Divinity within, after rising above body consciousness. This Highest, Basic Principle distinguishes the Holy Path from any other school of thought.

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