The Narration of Mandodari

– Hearing that, Queen Mandodari became restless to have Darshan. Bringing her attendant with her, she came with gold and diamonds. She bowed her head to His feet – then Maninder gave her the blessings.

Mandodari said,

"This is an auspicious day for me. Folding my hands, I am begging from You. I have never seen a hermit like You. Your body is pure and Your clothes are also pure. In whatever way my work can be done, tell me. Forgetting about my caste and family, oh Omnipotent One, make me as a woman whose husband is alive. Support me with Your hand and save me from drowning in the world. Now You are very dear to me. You are gracious and my illusions have run away."

Maninder said to Mandodari:

"Listen, dear wife of Ravana, by the Glory of Naam the chains of Yama are cut. You see with the sight of your knowledge; I am explaining to you about the true and the false. Sat Purush is immeasurable and immortal, and He is the Unique One in the three worlds. One who remembers that Lord becomes free from coming and going."

Hearing my words, her illusion disappeared; and accepting my words, Love manifested in her mind:

"Oh Lord, take me in Your refuge and finish my births and deaths."

I gave her the initiation, connected her with the rope of Sat Purush, and gave her His signs. She was very pleased to get the rope that led to her home – as pleased as the pauper who gains much wealth. The queen bowed to my feet, and I went into the palace.

The Story of Vichitra Bhat’s Wife

Vichitra explained to his wife and told her to take refuge and liberate herself. Vichitra’s wife accepted his advice, and taking initiation, became free from illusion.

Maninder goes to Ravana’s Palace

Then I went to Ravana’s palace and spoke to the gatekeeper.

I said to him,

"Bring the King to me."

The gatekeeper politely answered,

"King Ravana is very powerful. Because of the power of Shiva, he fears no one, and doesn’t believe in anyone’s words. He is arrogant and his anger is limitless. If I go and tell him this, he will kill me in a moment."

Maninder said to the gatekeeper:

"Obey my words and go this time, and you will escape unscathed. Believe my words are true! Go bring Ravana immediately."

Immediately the gatekeeper went. 

Folding his hands he stood before the King and said,

"One Siddha has come to me and told me to call the King."

Maninder meets King Ravana

Hearing that, the King became angry and said,

"Oh Gatekeeper, you are a foolish man. Who has taken your common sense so that you have come to call me? Not even the sons of Shiva can have my darshan, and you say that a beggar is calling me? – Gatekeeper, listen to me: describe the form of the Siddha. Describe what clothes he is wearing. Tell me so that I will feel I have seen him with my own eyes."

The gatekeeper said:

"Oh Ravana, His form is white. He has a white necklace, and His tilak is beautiful. His beauty is as the moon! His clothes are white and everything He has is white."

Mandodari, the Queen, said,

"Oh King Ravana, such is the beauty of Sat Purush. If you go soon and get connected to Him, your kingdom can become firm. Oh King, give up your name and fame. Touch His feet and bow down to Him."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing that, Ravana became angry – he sounded like ghee that had been put in the fire.

He got up with a sword in his hand and said,

"I’ll go and cut off his head immediately! I will kill him! His head will fall off! We’ll see what that beggar can do to me!"

King Ravana came to Maninder and seventy times he attacked him with the sword he had brought. Maninder held a piece of straw as a shield, and mighty Ravana was striking against that.

Because the King was very proud, Maninder used the straw for a shield. He did this so that Ravana might feel shame.

Mandodari said,

"Listen, oh King, give up the ego and be humble. Bow down to Sat Purush and hold His feet so that your kingdom may remain forever."

Ravana said:

"I will serve Shiva who has given me this firm kingdom. I will touch only his feet and bow down to him alone."

– Hearing these words Maninder said,

"Oh Ravana, you are very proud, you haven’t realised my secret, but I will give you one sign: Ram Chandra will come and kill you, and not even dogs will eat your flesh!"

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

I insulted Ravana and then I started for Avadh Nagar.


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