The Consequences of Carelessness

As long as the Soul remains in the body, oh brother, practise the Path of Shabd. Just as the brave one remains in the battlefield – if he runs, he is defamed. The precious Shabd of the Master is the battlefield, and Kal gets those who waver from it. The Soul who goes away from the Master never survives. Falling in the firepit, he will be burned.

Oh brother, he gets many sufferings. Birth after birth he goes into hell. He gets millions of births as a snake, and in bearing the fire of poison, he loses each birth. He is born in the dirt in the body of the worm, and for many births he remains in hell. How much should I say about the pains which such Souls get?

Accept the Shabd of the Gurumukh and be firm in It. If the Master is gracious, Sat Purush is also gracious. Kal cannot even touch those who remain firm in the Master. For the sake of the Souls I say, 'Those who are the devotees of the Guru – they don’t lose!'

Even if the Jiva performs millions of yogas, without the Satguru she will lose. The Satguru shows the Path to the Unreachable – Whose secret not even the Vedas reveal. The Vedas describe him who has created them – they do not know the secret of Sat Purush.

Any Soul who is discriminating accepts the True Shabd. Out of millions, rare are the discriminating Saints Who accept my Word.

All others are trapped in Niranjan’s snare, and those unfortunate ones do not invert and recognise the Real Home.



Millions of births: Taking Naam from a Living Master is the gateway to liberation, which is the whole purpose of human birth. Any human who knowingly, deliberately, definitely and finally rejects the opportunity for liberation also rejects the human birth, and goes back into the 'Wheel of Eighty-Four.' (See also the illustration 'Eighty-four lakhs of species' in the subchapter 'Adhya orders her three Sons to create the Universe.') And most forms of life are quite closer to snakes and worms than to humans. 'Hell' actually is every state in which we are separated from the Absolute God, including the hell we know from Christianity or other religions.

This state is not permanent in any case.

Out of millions: Compare the 'Introduction to the Anurag Sagar.'

Those unfortunate ones do not invert: Those, who have the hand of Kal on their head* do not invert to regard the True Way, from where they come. Instead, they go deeper and deeper into creation.

* In this connection, see the section 'Gyani meets Brahma' in the subchapter 'Dharam Rai tries to deceive Gyani – later Kabir – and gets a Part of the secret Knowledge' and the illustration 'So he changed Brahma’s intellect' in the same subchapter.