How Indra Mati, after reaching Sach Khand,
finds Karunamai and Sat Purush as the same Form

When the Queen saw the marvellous beauty of the Sat Purush, and the wine of Nectar, she became overwhelmed, and clung to His feet, as her Soul was wise and full of good attributes. He put both His hands on her Soul, and she became happy as the lotus blooms in the sunlight.

The Queen said,

"Blessed are You, oh Karunamai, Who brought me here after finishing my illusion."

Then Sat Purush told the Queen,

"Go and call Karunamai."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

She came to me, and looking at my form, she, my servant, was astonished.

The Queen said,

"This is surprising! I can’t see any difference. Whatever qualities I saw in the Sat Purush, in Karunamai also I see every single one!"

Running, she – the wise Soul – touched the feet and said,

"Oh Lord, now I know all Your character. You are the Sat Purush and You called Yourself the servant. Where did you hide this Glory? In my mind I know this for sure: that You are the Sat Purush and nobody else is. I have seen this after coming here. I hail You, oh Competent One, Who woke me up.


Oh Abode of Mercy, You are the blessed One. Your wise Naam is the remover of worries. You are indescribable, unmoveable, immortal, steady, pure, glorious and endless. You are without doubts, selfless, the support of the world, nameless, firm and indestructible. Oh Lord, You are the beginning of everything, and maker of all the creatures.

– You showered Grace on me and woke me up, understanding me as Your own. You cut the snare of Yama and You brought me to the Ocean of Happiness."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Then the Lotus closed, and the Souls all went to their abodes.

Gyani told the Queen,

"Tell me, oh Soul, about yourself. Now your pain and complications have finished, and your beauty has become like sixteen suns. Such a Grace Sat Purush showered on you! – He has finished your doubt and pain."



You are the Sat Purush: That means God-Knowledge – which the Soul cannot achieve before she has not reached Sach Khand; in contrast to self-knowledge – I and my Father are One – which the Soul gets in Bhanwar Gupha or Sohang.