Further Persons mentioned in the Illustrations and other Texts

Ajaib Singh Imperfect so-called master. Proclaimed himself successor of K. S. Some of the initiates of K. S. mistakenly accepted his false claim.
Alexander VI
Pope at the time of Renaissance. Civil name: Rodrigo Borgia. During his papacy, they held most immoral festivals at the Vatican.
A. S. Arran S., was initiated by K. S. After His conscious leaving of the body he wrongly proclaimed Ajaib Singh as the alleged successor of K. S.
Baljit Singh Imperfect so-called master, successor of Thakar Singh.
Benedict XVI
Pope; civil name: Joseph Ratzinger.
Bhajan, Yogi
Indian so-called spiritual teacher, had taught a form of Kundalini Yoga. Civil name: Harbhajan Singh Puri. Not to be confused with Dr Harbhajan Singh, a disciple of Kirpal Singh.
B. B.
Bob B., reported that he was lead to Ajaib Singh by Frank McL. There however he did not receive Light nor Sound.
Darshan Singh Imperfect so-called master. Initiate of Sawan Singh. Physical son of K. S. Against better judgement he was proclaimed to be the successor of K. S. by dint of a falsified testament. According to this, every claim of succession basing on Darshan Singh is also untrue.
Darwin Gross So-called spiritual teacher. Successor of Paul Twitchell as leader of Eckankar.
E. E. Ernst E., Austrian elderly gentleman who had received an invalid 'initiation' by Rajinder S.
E. W. Eva W., an initiate, member of the organisation UoM. She tried to justify her consciously made false statements to Kirpal.
F. McL. Frank McL., initiate of K. He misdirected Souls, for example by leading them to Ajaib Singh.
H. F. Hannes F., initiate of K. S. Husband of Parminder F.
Hanuman Follower and companion of the avtara Rama. He had riddhis and siddhis, built a bridge from India to Sri Lanka. In the West this bridge is called 'Adam’s Bridge, in India 'Rama’s Bridge.'
Harold Klemp So-called spiritual teacher. Present leader of Eckankar, successor of Darwin Gross.
Hiranyakashipu Demon king known from the Indian mythology.
James Rennell
British Major and geographer, changed the Name of the bridge from India to Sri Lanka that was built in Treta Yuga by order of Rama from Rama’s Bridge into Adam’s Bridge.
J. M.
John MacIntosh, member of the Board of Directors of the organisation Ruhani Satsang USA.
June Campbell Scottish philosopher of religion, according to her depiction she had been forced to have a sexual relationship with a high Tibetan Lama in her time as Tibetan Buddhist nun.
Lhamo Dhondrub Eastern 'dignitary' also well-known in the West. Regularly he holds execrative tantric rituals and bears the title Dalai Lama.
Li Hongzhi So-called Master. In 1992 he founded the qigong movement 'Falun Gong' – also called 'Falun Dafa' – in China.
Mahesh Prasad Varma Indian so-called spiritual teacher, called himself Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
M. P.
Manfred P., at first follower of Thakar Singh; then he was validly initiated by the Grace of Kirpal. But he left the True Sangat and had to be saved from drowning when he had swum through the ocean of life halfway on his own.
Margot Käßmann Protestant priest. Drove her car during her incumbency as bishop and council president of the Protestant Church under the serious influence of alcohol. Thereupon she resigned her offices. Later in a talk she tried to relativise her deed.
Max Planck Well-known physicist and Nobel prize laureate, cognised the existence of God as a result of his research.
Michael Barnett So-called spiritual teacher, was a follower of 'Osho.'
M. R.
Michael R., initiate of K.S., wrote texts that were published in the issues of Sat Sandesh. Later he mistakenly accepted Ajaib Singh’s false claim for mastership.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Known as Mahatma Gandhi. Indian lawyer, political and mental leader of the Indian independence movement. In 1947, this movement brought about the end of the British colonial rule in India by the concept of the non-violent resistance which was developed by the aid of Gandhi.
Mother Meera
Indian so-called spiritual teacher, lives in Germany. Civil name: Kamala Reddy.
P. F. Parminder F., initiate of K. S. Misleadingly, she affirmed for several months, that the Master-Power would be active for generations only in her family.
Paul Twitchell So-called spiritual teacher. Was initiated by K. S. Founded an own religious community – Eckankar – against His advice. 
Pius IX Pope; during his papacy the catholic dogmas of the immaculate conception and of the papal infallibility were proclaimed.
Rabindranath Tagore Well-known Indian poet and author, Nobel prize laureate. Translated a lot of Kabir’s works into English. Cognised the existence of God.
Rajinder S. Imperfect so-called master. Claims wrongly to be the 'living master' in the line of Kirpal Singh. Physical son of Darshan Singh, therefore grandson of K. S.
Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Called himself Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later Osho. Indian so-called spiritual teacher.
Ratnakaran Sathyanarayan Raju Indian so-called spiritual teacher, calls himself Sathya Sai Baba.
R. R. Robert R., journalist, was initiated by K. S. Was allowed to hold some interviews with Kirpal that were recorded and are published in the book 'Light of Kirpal.' At the beginning of the 21st century he is fundamentally jointly responsible for the publishing of English books of K. S.; he leads so-called 'satsangs' in the Los Angeles Area and makes visitors to say 'Amen' at the end of these events.
R. P. Russell P., initiate of K. S. Later he mistakenly accepted Ajaib Singh’s false claim for mastership.
Sadhu Ram Imperfect so-called master. Proclaims himself to be the successor of Ajaib Singh. Civil name: Ladhu Singh.
Shankara Indian religious teacher. Imparted Advaita Vedanta – an incorrect non-dualistic teaching that cannot lead to liberation.
Sivananda, Swami Indian so-called spiritual teacher. Combined different yoga ways to a system that was and is spread in the West by his followers.
S. Rao, Dr.
Was the leader of an Indian archaeologist group that found traces of a sunken town which is considered to be the sunken town Dwarka – also written Dvaraka – as it is described in the Mahabharata epic.
Thakar Singh Imperfect so-called master. After K. S. had consciously left His body, he was wrongly proclaimed to be His successor. For further information see 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part I: Imperfect so-called masters of Sant Mat.'
Vishnu-Devananda, Swami Indian so-called spiritual teacher, followed Swami Sivananda. Took his yoga system to the West.
Volker B. Calls himself Sukadev. Imparts Kal’s yoga ways against payment. Followed Swami Vishnu-Devananda, who brought the yoga teachings of the so-called spiritual teacher Swami Sivananda to the western regions. Founder and leader of the incorporated society Yoga Vidya e.V.
Wilhelm Reich Founder of the body psychotherapy and of the orgone teachings. Many forms of bodywork therapy originate from him. People who follow such ways loose all their good qualities.
Victor Trimondi Writer and religious researcher, birth name Herbert Röttgen. Amongst other things he wrote books and articles together with his wife Mariana Röttgen alias Victoria Trimondi, in which the tantric magic practices of the so-called Tibetan Buddhism – that does not have to do anything with the original teachings of Buddha – are pointed out.
Victoria Trimondi Writer and religious researcher, former name Mariana Röttgen. Amongst other things she wrote books and articles together with her husband Herbert Röttgen alias Victor Trimondi, in which the tantric magic practices of the so-called Tibetan Buddhism – that does not have to do anything with the original teachings of Buddha – are pointed out.