The lost Souls, in particular exclaiming

Ahoy, I am a Sailor on a long voyage. A Sailor in the ocean of life.

I saw all the monsters and creatures of the deep sea. Storms and hardship were always present. Face to face I saw them all.

For many decades, my ship sailed, from East to West, North to South. My pilot, I have never seen, many wounds I sustained.

Mother, father, wife and child, I left them back, selfish and alone I floated with the ship of life.

Ahoy, I am a Sailor on a long voyage.

My pay I have never seen. Date of remittance was always deception. The owner of the cargo ship was the time. Good times and bad times, one said, was pay enow.

Now, the soul-catcher anchored in the roadstead. Leaving the cargo ship there is not much left for me. Love, friendship and respect were my baggage, shut in the duffel bag they are left behind on board.

The owner of the ship smiles, the hour glass is empty.

Ahoy, I was a Sailor on a long voyage.

Bhai Jamal


Composed for Ralf.


The lost Souls, in particular exclaiming: See subchapter '5. Kal traps the Jivas', particularly the part 'Whereof you are attached – there you go.'

In the ocean of life: Kal Desh.

Monsters and creatures of the deep sea: 8,400,000 births and life forms.

My ship: The body is the ship in which we sail on the ocean of life. It belongs to Kal. But as Souls we have to board the Satguru’s ship since then we will realise that we are only indwellers of the body.

Kirpal Singh said:

[…] We are the indweller of the man-body but have become identified with the body so much so that we have become as if we were the body itself. […]

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1970) –
XIII. Learn to die so that you may begin to live,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Boarding the Satguru’s ship the Soul is liberated from the ocean of life and the Satguru is her unerring guide. (See also the Satsang 'Sail on the Satguru’s Ship,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

My pilot: Guru Dev.

Selfish and alone: Absconding from the obligations imposed on us by God.

My pay I have never seen: Progress of the Soul.

Date of remittance was always deception: Meant here are the religious rituals and yogic practises, which are created by Kal, furthermore the pursuit of wordly pleasures, recognition and wealth. All this leads to the waste of the Spiritual Treasure in man.

The owner […] was the time: Kal, Negative Power.

Good times and bad times: Karmic bondage – reaping good and bad fruits of the deeds.

Anchored in the roadstead: Exhaustion of the Soul because of the fulfilment of worldly pleasures and desires.

There is not much left for me: Realisation, introducing the renunciation of the world, bankruptcy order of the soul.

Love, friendship and respect: Virtues and good qualities.

The owner of the ship smiles: Kal feeds the wheel of the three worlds, Pind, And and Brahmand, by the loss of virtues.

The hour glass is empty: The life span, in order to realise and to accept Truth, is over. Human birth is wasted uselessly, the motion into lower life forms is irreversible without Naam.