Maulana Rumi – picture for the UN-celebrations of his 800th birthday

It is not fitting that I tell thee more, for the stream’s bed cannot hold the sea.

Jalal ud-Din Rumi



Jalal ud-Din Rumi: Civil name of Maulana Rumi. Rumi was Persian. But because he lived in the today’s Turkish city Konya, the Turks regard Him as Turk. Lost in Naam He often danced in ecstasy for days on end.

Maulana Rumi rose in His meditations up to Bhanwar Gupha, where the sound of the flute sounds.

Maulana Rumi wrote about the mourning tones of a flute which is played on a mountain top and which speaks of the separation of the soul from her True Source. The music which penetrates this region is that of a heavenly flute; and it was that music which sounded in the conscience of the Great Maulana Rumi.