The End

By speaking the Anurag Sagar, I have explained to you the secret of the Inaccessible. I have described the drama of Sat Purush, and the deception of Kal. Only the connoisseurs will understand the ways of living and the Word of discrimination. One who will accept the Word after testing It, will know the Path to the Inaccessible.


The Summary of the Anurag Sagar

Having faith in Master’s feet, and becoming firm in the devotion of True Naam, one should act like a Sant or a Sati, who burns her body for her husband. The Satguru is the undecaying and immortal Husband Who never destroys. I say this by the evidence of Shabd. One who accepts the Immortal One becomes immortal. 

The Soul who has hope from the Saint goes to the Immortal Plane. Oh Dharam Das! Awaken your mind and remain absorbed at the feet of the Satguru.

Keep the mind – the honey bee – in the beautiful Lotus Feet of the Satguru and keep your attention at the feet of the Master. Only then will you reach your Permanent Home.

The union of Surat and Shabd – when one gets Shabd, he reaches the realm of the Saints. It is the play of the drop and the ocean. What else can one say?

After meeting the Satguru, one understands the play of Shabd and Surat. It is the union of the drop and the ocean. What else can one say?

Giving up the qualities of mind, one should follow the Path of the Master. Such a Soul goes to Sach Khand and derives happiness from the Ocean of Happiness.

Understand the Jiva as the drop, and the Naam of the Satguru as the Ocean, 

says Kabir with proof: 

Dharam Das, understand this!



Play of Shabd and Surat: Surat – the attention – is the expression of the Soul, Shabd is the God-into-Expression-Power. Spirituality is the connection of both parts which are of the same essence.

Spirituality is another name for Surat Shabd Yoga. In other words, it means union of the Surat – consciousness or soul – with the Shabd – Sound Principle, Sound Current or God-in-action.

Spirituality / What it is (First Edition, 1959) –
VI. Spirituality vis-a-vis Religion,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974