Description of Parmarth

– After giving up illusion and the snare of Yama, one should keep his attention in Sat Naam: Walking on the True Path, he should keep his attention in Parmarth.

The Example of the Parmarthi Cow

Understand the cow as the mine of Parmarth: 

Oh Gyani, recognise her ways and attributes. She herself eats the grass in the field, and then, drinking water, gives milk. She nourishes the calves, and by her milk and ghee even the gods are satisfied. Even her dung is used by man; but man, by doing sinful karmas, loses his birth. When the time comes that the cow leaves her body, the demon men devour it. Her skin also gives so much happiness. Oh brother, so many good qualities are in the body of the cow.

The Qualities of the Parmarthi Saint

If – like the cow – Saints also accept this Word, then Kal cannot devour the Jivas. If one has such qualities in the human body, and he meets the Satguru, he becomes immortal. Listen, Dharam Das, to this Word of Parmarth. By doing Parmarth, nothing is lost. Parmarth is the support of the Saint. One who gets this from the Perfect Master goes to the other shore. He gets the knowledge of the True Shabd, and by doing Parmarth goes to Sach Khand. Forgetting himself, he does seva. If he remembers himself he suffers a lot.

A man is very clever as he says, "I have good qualities and karmas!" He calls himself "doer of good karmas,'' and for the bad karmas he says that Hari has done it. In this way the good karmas end and, Dharam Das, by touching his feet one gets only disappointment. One who keeps Naam as the only hope never shows and boasts of his good karma. He always keeps his attention at the feet of the Master, as the fish never forgets the water. He always puts his attention in the Shabd of the Master, and day and night he sings the praises of the True Naam. As the fish never forgets the water, in the same way he accepts the Shabd. The effect of Sat Purush’s Naam is such that the Hansa doesn’t come into the world again. Definitely he goes to Sat Purush! Dharam Das, it is like the nature of the turtle.


The Souls will come running to their home as is the nature of the baby turtles; the messengers of Yama will look at them and – becoming weak – they will not go near them. Becoming fearless, the Hansas will go, reciting the Sat Naam. The Hansas will reunite with their family, and all the messengers of Yama will stand there helplessly.

– The Abode of Happiness where the Hansas will live happily is precious; and all the Hansas, looking at the radiance of Sat Purush’s form, will become happy.



Parmarth: The Spiritual Way.

The demon men devour it: Kabir says elsewhere:

The man who eats meat is a demon in human form. Keep away from him – his company will ruin your meditation.

Demons are beings who do not have right understanding.

As already mentioned in the subsection 'All people eat meat' in the illustration to 'In the Kali Yuga – The Embodiment as Kabir,' meat is even admixed to baby food today. Babies get it by their parents and eat carrots mashed with beef for example. This way their bodies are accustomed to poison in very early life, but their Souls lose enormously.

On His third world tour Kirpal Singh was once asked by a man whether he was allowed to pass down ham sandwiches which he had received at Thanksgiving* to the hungry as he himself was vegetarian.

Kirpal made clear:

Don’t accept it. If you give it to others, it is a sin, too.

Sat Sandesh / January 1973,
The third World Tour, Part IV – Cincinnati

* Name of the North American and Canadian harvest festival.