Example of the Cuckoo

Listen to the nature of the baby cuckoo, and understanding its qualities, think about it. The cuckoo is clever and has a sweet voice, and her enemy is the crow – who is the mine of sins. She lays her egg in his nest and makes the evil one her friend. The crow nourishes it, thinking that it is her friend. The crow – who has the intellect of Kal – hatches that egg. Then the egg hatches and the fledgling comes out. After some days its eyes open. When her body becomes strong, its mother comes to make it hear her voice. Hearing her voice, the baby awakens, since the voice of the cuckoo family is dear to her. When the crow goes to bring food, again the cuckoo makes it hear her voice. She awakens the baby cuckoo – which is her essence – and the qualities of the crow do not remain in its heart. One day, in front of the crow, the cuckoo makes her baby fly away. She makes it fly by singing with her voice, and the crow becomes restless and flies after them. He doesnt catch them and, getting tired after a while, he comes back home and goes to sleep. The baby cuckoo reunites with its family, and the crow becomes unconscious after engaging in fruitless work.


Singing with her own voice, the baby flew and met the family. The crow became restless and tired when he didn’t get her. The crow came back to its nest, lost consciousness, and repented; the baby cuckoo met her father, but the crow remained engaged in fruitless works.

– Like the baby cuckoo, the Souls will meet me in this way. Those who get to the Real Home in this way, I will liberate their whole family.

The Qualities of the Hansa

Oh brother, one who gives up the intellect of the crow and takes up the qualities of the Hansa, goes to Sach Khand. Nobody likes the voice of the crow; but hearing the voice of the cuckoo, everyone is happy. In the same way the Hansa speaks words of Love and Truth and accepts the Word of the Guru as the Nectar of Love. He doesn’t speak deceitful words to others, and always remains serene. If anyone comes to him bringing the fire of anger, he himself extinguishes their heat after becoming water. The following are the signs of the knower and the ignorant one. The ignorant one is crooked, hard, and of bad intellect. The knower is cool, full of Love, and within him reside Truth, contentment, and discrimination.

The Qualities of the Knower

He is the knower who removes the bad intellect and, recognising the element of mind, forgets it. If one speaks harsh words after becoming a gyani, such a 'gyani' is called an ignorant one. No matter if one seems to be brave – understand that only he is brave who goes in the battlefield and dies. The knower should see from the same perspective – I am telling you the signs. In the foolish heart, effort does not come, and Sar Shabd and Master are not understood. If a blind one steps in the mud, nobody laughs at him; but if one who has eyes steps into a bad place, he is blamed. Dharam Das, in this way – by the True Shabd and the remembrance of the Master – one should distinguish between knowledge and ignorance. 

He resides in everybody. At some places He is hidden and at other places He is manifested. This is His sign: that He bows to all, understanding them as His essence; and He accepts Gurubhakti.


How firm Prahlad remained in his devotion because of the colour of Love! Even though he was given terrible pain, he remained firm and accepted the qualities of the Lord. If one accepts the Satguru in this way, such a Soul becomes precious. If he is steadfast, he will reside in the Immortal Plane.



Sar Shabd:

The Sound Current beyond the reach of Kal is known as Sar Shabd, described as Sachi Bani or True Word, and It alone is the real Life Current or Life Cord capable of linking the spirit or soul with the Oversoul.

The Word of the Master is an Elixir True, oh Nanak! Through the Word, one can cross over.

Guru Nanak, Ramkali M1

The True Word bursts asunder the three-fold egg, oh Nanak! It is the Saviour that saves all.

Guru Nanak, Ramkali M1

Naam or Word (Fourth Edition, 1981) –
Book V: III. Dhun Atmak Bani,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Hidden and […] manifested: In the bodies of humans who did not receive Naam and in all other forms of life, He is hidden. In the bodies of those humans, who received Naam, He is manifested.

Prahlad: The son of Hiranyakashipu, a demon king who is known from the Indian mythology. Prahlad refused to worship his father as God despite heavy torture.