The Attributes of the Householders

Now, Dharam Das, listen to the devotion of the householders, doing which they do not fall in the snare.

They throw away all the traits of the crow, and in their heart remains mercy for all Souls. They don’t go near fish, meat or wine; they always remain vegetarians. They drink the sign of liberation so that Kal doesn’t come to stop them. They adopt the necklace, tilak, and the clothes of the sadhu, and in their heart they always have Love for the words of the Gurumukh. They maintain Love for the Saints, and always serve the True Devotees. They sacrifice everything for the service of the Master. Oh brother, in thought, word and deed, they become firm and do the Simran which the Master gives them.


Listen, Dharam Das: these are the strings of Sat Purush by which the householders get liberation. Without eyes one cannot go to His Home – then what else can be done? Oh Dharam Das, the essence of the Embodiment is the eyes, which will awaken all the Souls. If one trusts my words, I will finish his birth and death.

– Those who accept the Shabd with faith, and those who repeat the Naam of Sat Purush day and night, those who have got such Naam triumph over the ocean.



Annotations to the married life: Fathers of a family should behave according to the scriptures.

Kirpal Singh writes:

Marriage means to take a companion in life who will keep one another together in weal or woe during the earthly sojourn, and both of them meet the Lord. One duty may be of begetting children, for which the scriptures lay down that this power should be used for begetting the children, and rest from any such communion during the conception period and also thereafter when the child is taking milk of the mother. In this way, the child, the mother and the father will all be healthy. Most of the diseases the people are suffering will be eliminated. […]

Excerpts from Letters from Kirpal Singh (1894 – 1974)
to His Initiates in the New York City Area –
I. Chastity, Marriage and Family Life

We should mould our lives according to the scriptures. As already explained, the purpose of marriage is to have a companion through the thick and thin of one’s life. Both should strive to reach the Ultimate Goal. Procreation is only one insignificant aspect of married life. From the time of conception until a child is weaned from the mother’s milk, there should be absolutely no self-indulgence. In this way, once conception occurs, there will be a break of two years or more in sexual relations. This is what the scriptures prescribe. If one has two or three children on this pattern, he is regarded as a chaste person.

Satsang –
He came to make us Satsangis,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974
published in Sat Sandesh / July 1972