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'The Renunciates'

Tobacco, meat, wine: Tobacco – all kinds of smoking, also opiates and cannabis; meat – even poultry, fish and eggs; wine – all kinds of alcohol, also liqueurs, spirituous beverages etc. (See the pamphlet 'The Spiritual Aspect of the Vegetarian Diet,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

He keeps the sign of liberation: His attention remains at the seat of the Soul behind and between the two eyebrows – the Tisra Til, Shiv Netra, Nukta-i-Sweda oder Single-Eye.

Kabir at one place said:

Look here, while I am standing or talking or eating or going or lying I am in the same place – whenever [behind the eyes; editor’s note]. Outer things do not – you see – just divide me of that place. While talking I am also there, while sleeping I am there, while doing all these things even then I stay at that place.

How to meditate correctly –
Extract from a tape recording,
June 1955, Washington D.C.,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Earrings, necklace and tilak: Symbolically. Each article of the Sadhu’s dress has Inner Significance, and the disciple should accept what the articles stand for.

Takes your Naam also: Worshipping a past Master does not suffice – here Kabir speaks of the future; one must also go to the Living Master.

Therefore, Maulana Rumi emphatically declares:

Trust not thy learning, cunning, and craft;
 do not break away from the sheet anchor of the Living Prophet.

Kirpal Singh once reported:

I am reminded of a lady who met me in America during 1955. She used to greet Christ within herself and was thus self-satisfied and did not like to make further attempt to advance further on the Spiritual Path. One day I casually suggested to her to ask Christ as to what further steps He would prescribe for Inner Progress. The following day she came and warmly pressed for initiation, remarking that Christ had directed her to seek the guidance of the Living Perfect Master if she desired to further advance.

The Mystery of Death (First Edition, 1968) –
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Maulana Rumi says:

First find a Pir – adept in the line – for without a Pir the way is beset with dangers, difficulties and tribulations. Whoever attempts to walk on this path by himself is sure to be led astray by Satan and thrown down the precipice. Without the overpowering influence of a Godman you are bound to become bewildered by the howling cries of ghouls. Many a wise and intelligent person attempted this Path alone but by the wiles of the negative powers came to a sad end. Many a time the ghouls imitate the sounds of the Master, and these may drag thee to perdition.

(Compare the subchapter 'Important Explanation to the Inner Sounds' at the beginning of the book.)

Mine of hell: Women as sex-object; the principle also applies in reverse. For all people who are not married, chastity is absolutely essential.

At this, people who are divorced are considered as singles and accordingly they have to live a life of chastity. Every sexual contact in a concubinage is regarded as adultery and has according karmic consequences. This is not a myth but reality. The mills of karma grind slowly but adamantly.

Brahmacharya or life of chastity: It includes continence in thoughts, words and deeds. We must not cast covetous eyes on others nor entertain impure thoughts within, for 'Chastity is life and sexuality is death.' If we want to treat the Path of Life Eternal, we must be chaste and clean both within and without.*

Circular Letter No. 2 –
I. The five Cardinal Virtues,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

* In this connection the sexual aspect is only the lowest aspect. In its complete sense Brahmacharya means that there is not even a thought between the Soul and the Almighty.

Even the desire to have sexual contact with another person is adultery. Sexual intercourse is only for married people.

Elsewhere Kabir says correspondingly:

[…] that a man who looked at women would return as a bull.

Furthermore the semen of man is very important for his spiritual, mental and physical health. Not wasted it gets reabsorbed into the abdominal cavity wherefrom a more subtle tissue emerges.

Semen is the essence of our body. It is the driving force, a vital fluid. The more of it we have in our body, the healthier we will be. One who practises celibacy is great and brave enough to face hundreds of people single-handed. If such a man has Spiritual Understanding, he is a great soul indeed. Those who are deficient in this essential virtue are incapable of any worthwhile progress. In the Shastras it is said that to waste even a drop of semen is death, and to conserve it is life.

Guru Nanak has also said,

Whoever loses semen loses everything.*

Satsang – He came to make us Satsangis,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974,
published in Sat Sandesh / July 1972

* It is not without reason, that in French the loss of semen is called 'la petite mort' – the little death.

With the chastity in food and drink will go another kind of chastity, the one that pertains to sex. He will not suppress all sexual desire, for repression can only breed neurosis and prepare the way for a downfall, but he will be ever seeking to sublimate it. He will understand that nature’s purpose in this instinct is to preserve the race and he will channelise it so as to fulfil that purpose, never making it an end in itself, a source of physical pleasure, for when it becomes that, it turns into a drug that anaesthetises the spirit and begins to defeat nature’s purpose of procreation by encouraging the invention and use of contraceptives.

The Crown of Life (First Edition, 1961) –
Part II, Chapter I: II. / (ii) Sadachar,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

If young people have an intense desire for sexuality, that originates from the mother’s thoughts during the pregnancy. True education begins inside the womb, because the thoughts of the mother form the character of the unborn child. For this reason, and for the health of the mother, child and husband, it is of particular importance that the partners do not have marital intercourse during the period of pregnancy and nursing.

Love and lust are also often mixed up. Love coming out of the Soul, emanating behind and between the eyebrows but ending in the body or in outer objects is lust. Only Love coming from the Soul and ending in the Soul of the other one is chastity.

If sexuality is practised without its underlying purpose – i. e. to beget children –, it  inevitably causes that Souls come back as ghosts. This is the case with all groups which practise tantra, but also homosexuals, who have sexual relationships, for no children can be begotten here.

In 'The Mystery of Life' Kirpal Singh writes in relation to this subject the following. He refers to the famous study 'The Ancient Wisdom' by Annie Besant.

The scum of the society, the vilest of the vile, the murderers and marauders, ruffians and profligates and persons with bestial tastes and brutish appetites who, while living on earth, shaped for themselves bestial astral bodies, now appear, after death, in savage forms in their natural likenesses and native hideousnesses, in the lowest strata of the infernal region, roaming about, roaring, raving and raging, fiercely and furiously, pret-like wandering in search of means for the gratification of their insatiate desires.

In these gloomy and loathsome surroundings, they reap the harvest of their own sowing and learn the much-needed lesson which they failed to learn during their lifetime as they were whirled away on the tide of lusts and desires. Nature’s lessons are bitter and sharp but merciful in the long run, designed, as they are, for their ultimate good.

The Mystery of Death (First Edition, 1968) –
V. What after Death?,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894 –1974

When the semen enters the ovum during procreation the Soul takes place. Therefore an abortion no matter at what stage of pregnancy is to be equated with murder.

According to theosophic scriptures people who commit suicide return as suicides for one hundred times. Similarly women who abort come back as aborted children for seven times. Considering how rare human birth is, the severity of this karma becomes quite clearer.

In view of the described facts it is a matter of course that experiments with embryos are to be desisted. The same applies to the preimplantation diagnostics and all manipulations – may they be possible today or in the future – towards fetuses, embryos and recently fertilised ovules. All these interventions are serious violations and yield corresponding reactions.

In this context it is important to know, that today – in 2012 – many vaccines – especially viral vaccines – are produced of tissues of aborted human foetuses. For this, viruses are cultivated on cells of aborted foetuses. This is the top of perversion, as it can only be achieved in Kali Yuga.

However, even vaccines that do not originate from human foetuses, are risen on the basis of animal tissues – hen’s eggs, monkey’s kidneys etc.

To believe that one could extract substances from animal or even human bodies, which serve one’s own physical health, is an illusion. The opposite is the case. One impairs oneself in many kinds of aspects, because one has to incur the karmic reactions. Moreover, parents are called to account, for what they do to their children.

Meeting me: There is only one Master-Power, Who can manifest Itself in different Human Poles. This One Master-Power Which worked through Kabir, also works through the respective living Master.

The sentence '[…] and understands Him as me' in the continuous text of this subchapter means that one should always see the One True Master in the respective living Master.

(Compare the subchapter 'Fundamental Explanations / Master.')