The Ways of the Path

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, You are the gracious Sat Purush, Your words give me peace. Oh Lord, explain Your Path to me: how should the renunciates and householders live their lives?

The Satguru said:

Dharam Das, listen to the message of Shabd, and give the teachings of liberation to the Souls. Make the renunciates firm in renunciation and explain the way of doing devotion to the householders.



Renunciates and householders: True Saints do not want Their disciples to become renunciates or monks – outwardly; but renunciates coming to the Master are required to live up to the spirit as well as the letter of the vows which they have already taken.

Young people are always considered as ascetics until their marriage. The classical concept of the four ashramas – states of life – contains complete chastity until the 25th birthday. Not least it is very important for a strong physical health. As is it emphasised in Ayurveda for example, the body is not full-grown until this age. Then one may merry and follow one’s conjugal duties without damaging the still premature body.

Today’s acceptance or even the 'controlled introduction' in sexuality of children and young people inter alia by local education authorities is caused by profound ignorance of the real context. It is seriously immoral and condemnable. That is why since the 20th century young people are ruined quite earlier – but are not mature earlier.

Furthermore in old India there were three stages of austereness that one could maintain:

The third stage contained a complete austereness of 12 years, the second stage lasted 24 years and the first stage included a complete celibacy of 48 years.