The Signs of the Path which gives Liberation

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, You are the gracious Sat Purush, and Your words are full of nectar and very dear to me. I have got the secret of the ways of the mind, hail to You, oh Satguru, Who awakened me. Now, Lord, tell me about Your Ways – how the string of Yama will be broken.

The Satguru said:

Listen, Dharam Das, to the effect of Sat Purush. Now I will make you recognise the string of Sat Purush. When the Power of Sat Purush comes within, the butcher Kal cannot stop it. Listen. Sat Purush has sixteen Powers, and with those Powers the Soul goes to Sach Khand. Without those Powers the Master’s system cannot work, and without those Powers, the Soul gets stuck in the world. Knowledge, Discrimination, Truth, Contentment, Love, Patience, and Peace: Mercy, Forgiveness, Continence, Neh Karma, Renunciation, Yearning and the Maintenance of True Religion. Through Pity the Soul gets liberation, and in His heart He counts everyone as His friend.

By developing these, one can reside in Sach Khand, and by walking the Path, one can see His Home. One who serves the Master and has Love for His feet resides in the heart of the Master and defeats Yama. Even in the Vedas and Shastras the importance of worshipping the Soul and meeting the Saints has been written. One should do the devotion of the Saints as the Master, and control the attributes of attachment and anger. The Sat Naam of Sat Purush is the Tree of Nectar, and by keeping the company of Sat Purush’s friend one goes to the Immovable Plane; all these are the strings to get to Sat Purush. Accepting the True Naam, one goes to Sach Khand. The blind one cannot go to his Home.

These are the signs of the Path. The Naam of the Sat Purush is the eyes and authority, taking which, the Soul goes to her Home. One’s birth and death finish if, by having firm faith, one accepts the feet of the Master.



The sixteen Powers of Sat Purush: 1) Knowledge, 2) Discrimination, 3) Truth, 4) Contentment, 5) Love (Prem), 6) Patience, 7) Peace, 8) Mercy, 9) Forgiveness, 10) Continence, 11) Neh Karma, 12) Renunciation, 13) Yearning, 14) Maintenance of True Religion, 15) Pity, 16) In His heart He counts everyone as His friend.

The Naam of Sat Purush is the eyes: Kirpal Singh often pointed out that Truth cannot be taught but emanates through the eyes of a Godman and can be caught just as one catches an infection.