V. Readiness and Information

Dharam Das became very happy in his heart. The tears came out of his heart, and overwhelmed, he spoke these words:

In my heart was darkness, which You removed by the lamp of Grace.

Then controlling himself he said:

Oh God, how could I praise You? Now, Master, listen to my request: tell me how to discriminate among the Souls. Which Souls should I initiate? Oh Competent One, tell me this, giving their signs.

Signs of the Jivas destined for Naam

The Satguru said:

Oh Dharam Das, don’t worry. Give the message of liberation to the Souls. Those whom you find to be humble and devoted, tell them about the devotion of liberation. Dharam Das, give Naam initiation to him who has mercy, continence, and forgiveness within him. Tell him the message of Sat Purush: to remain firm in the contemplation of Naam day and night. One on whom the Grace is not showered, and who doesn’t believe in Shabd, goes in the direction of Kal. The True Shabd will not reside in one with wavering vision. Know that the messenger himself has come to reside in one whose chin is jutting out.

Those who have a mole in their eye, definitely understand them as the form of Kal. Those who have a little head and a big body – fraud will always remain in their heart. Don’t give them the sign of Sat Purush, as such Jivas bring loss to the Path.



Wavering vision, etc.: Some of these descriptions do not refer to the physical body, but to the astral body which mirrors exactly the Spiritual Status. Masters and Saints can see the disciple’s astral body as clearly as They can see the physical body. (See 'Morning Talks – XXXVII. Love versus Lust / II,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

In order to prevent widespread misapprehensions it is beneficial to know that the astral body is not the aura. To see – or to take pictures of – the aura, for what there is often made great noise, is nothing special.

Kirpal Singh said:

Every thought has its peculiar smell and its own colour. Should you like to have experience of this, you should stand in the sunshine with your back to the sun so that you are able to see your shadow on the ground or on some wall in front of you. Now try to see the colour of this shadow. A lustful person will cast a shadow with a black tinge in it while one in whom anger predominates will cast a shadow tainted with redness. […]
Satsang – Gurumukh and Manmukh,
held by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974,
published in Sat Sandesh / November 1968
The colours that one can sees in his shadow are the colours of the aura.