The Ways of Living of the Guru and Disciple

Dharam Das made this request:

You are my Lord and I am Your servant. Master, forgive my errors, but graciously tell me – the ways of living of the Masters and the disciples. Explain that to me.

The Satguru said:

Oh you who keep the Guru’s words, the Master is the support in Nirgun and Sargun. No dealing can be done without the Guru. Without the Guru the ocean of the world could not be crossed. Understand the disciple as the oyster shell, and the Guru as the seed of the pearl; the Guru as the philosopher’s stone and the disciple as iron; the Guru as malay mountain; and the disciple as the snake – by touching the Master the body becomes cool. The Master is the ocean and the disciple is its wave; the Master is the lamp and the disciple the moth. Understand the disciple as the moonbird, and the Master as the moon; the feet of the Master are the sun and the disciple is that lotus which blooms.

If the disciple is determined in this kind of Love, and if he keeps the Darshan of the Master’s feet in his heart, when the disciple remembers the Master like this, understand that disciple as equal to the Master. Think about the difference between one Guru and another, as all the world is calling, "Guru, Guru."

He is the Guru Who manifests the Shabd in the Souls by the strength of Which the Souls go Home. There is no lacking in such a Guru. The Path of such a Guru and the disciple is the same.


All the world is entangled in different kinds of thoughts, deeds and emotions. The Soul has fallen in the snare of illusion and doesn’t know how to go back to the Real Home. There are many gurus in the world and they have made artificial snares. Without the Satguru the illusion will not be finished as the terrible Kal is very mighty.

– I sacrifice myself on the Satguru, Who gives the immortal message. Meeting Him, the Souls become unique and meet Sat Purush.

Day and night one should attach his attention to the Master, and should dwell within Himself like the Sadhus and Saints. He on whom the Satguru showers Grace, his noose of karma burns away. If one makes an effort and withdraws his attention, the Satguru makes him reach Sach Khand. The Satguru cuts away the trap of one who, after doing the seva, has no desire. One who keeps his attention at the feet of the Master goes to the Plane of Immortality.

No matter if one becomes a yogi and practises yoga – without the Master he will not cross the ocean of the world. The disciple who obeys the order of the Master, with the Master’s Grace crosses the ocean of the world. The Soul who is the devotee of the Guru, for her there is no difference between the Sadhus and the Master. One Who doesn’t see any difference between the Sadhus and the Guru, understand Him as the True Guru.

The worldly people will not understand the Guru’s, disciple’s, and Sadhu’s way of living. Understand those people as the ones who are in the trap of Kal; such messengers are the beings of Kal. Oh Dharam Das, these are their signs: the loss of Souls will happen because of them.

One who knows the Way of Love of the Master, will recognise the Path of the True Shabd. The Masters make the Souls firm in the devotion of Sat Purush, and by making them practise hearing and seeing, They make them go Home. Giving up cleverness and foolishness, if one loves Them with all his heart, then without doubt he reaches the Real Home. After crossing the ocean of the world, he doesn’t come back. Sat Naam is the precious Nectar. One who gets this unchanging Nectar, giving up the qualities of the crow, he accepts the qualities of Hansa, and always keeps his attention at the feet of the Master.

There are many other bad paths which he will not bring in his mind. One who always has Love for the feet of the Master, and for the good Path, oh Dharam Das, such a Soul will go to Sach Khand.

– Giving up the snares of karmas and illusions, love the feet of the Master. Understand your body as ashes, having faith in the words of the Gurumukh.



Nirgun and Sargun: Without attributes and with attributes; in the – lower – creation and out of it.

Under all conceivable or inconceivable circumstances the Master is with His disciple, until he has reached Sach Khand.

Christ said:

I will not leave you nor forsake you until the end of the world.

And withdraws his attention: It is essential to do this in the right way. Kirpal Singh emphasised that sitting for meditation without having in mind one’s goal is blind faith or superstition. Doing the Spiritual Practices while thinking at the body, one glorifies the binding power, thus Kal.

Sadhus and the Master: He will not make a difference between the Master and the Sadh(u)s or Gurumuks. The Sadh(u)s prepare the Soul for the Master, and Gurumukhs are One with the Master; He speaks through Them. It is the same One Master-Power working through them all – maybe in different degrees, but it is the same Power.