The Praise of the Embodiment of Nad

Dharam Das, be aware! I am explaining to you about the Word Embodied.

Whenever Kal makes a sudden swoop, I’ll come to help there. Then I will manifest the Soul of Nad, and breaking the illusion, I will make the world firm in devotion. The Son of Nad is my essence and by Him the Path will be glorified. The Word Embodied will be conscious, but your Seed will not have Love for Him.

The Word Embodied will be awakened by Shabd, and will finish the ambush of Kal.

Your Seed will not believe in Him, and will not merge into the Shabd. The Son of Nad will have the desire for Shabd, whereas your Seed will forget. Oh Dharam Das, you can test this: by Seed the Shabd will not be manifested. Look in the history of the four ages: the Path has always been manifested by the Shabd.

Whether one is without (pure) attributes or full of (pure) attributes, without Shabd he cannot maintain the Path.

Oh Dharam Das, you are my Son of Nad. That’s why I have given you the string of liberation. In this way I’ll liberate the Forty-two. Whenever They fall down, I’ll rescue Them.

Looking at the Seed who will not accept the Word of Shabd, Kal will clutch him. The Incarnate Who will believe in the Shabd will Themselves be liberated, and will liberate many other Souls.

Oh brother, where is the Shabd? Where is the Seed? Without the devotion to Naam, one cannot go to Sach Khand.



Nad and the Word Embodied: These terms denominate different aspects of one thing and confuse Dharam Das, as it will be seen later. 'Nad' is the Sound Current, 'the Word Embodied' is the Sound Current manifesting in a Man Who has reached perfection.

Thus the term 'The Word Embodied' refers to the Saints – the Gurumukhs and Khalsas – and in this day and age, after 1974, it also refers to some disciples of Kirpal Singh.

Whether one is without (pure) attributes or full of (pure) attributes: High and low, good or bad – all that belongs to duality. Even to see the Inner Light in meditation is duality. However, one must raise above duality. One can only get there through union with Shabd.

Accordingly, Kirpal Singh writes:

[…] The physical plane is a realm of duality where illusion prevails most and only Spiritually Illumined may testify to such a statement for their own personal conviction as given by some of them; i.e. 'I and my Father are One' and 'Father and Son have taken the same colours' etc.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part I:
III. Guru: His Need and Functions,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

(See also the paragraph 'The Path of the Masters […]' and the following quotation in 'Closing Words – What after Death?', subchapter 'The Company with the Saints.')

Will themselves be liberated, and will liberate many other Souls:

[…] Those Who have communed with the Word, Their toils shall end. And Their faces shall flame with Glory, not only shall They have salvation, oh Nanak, but many more shall find freedom with Them.

Jap Ji (Second Edition, 1964) –
Finale, by Guru Nanak,
edited by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Kirpal Singh wanted all His disciples to be ambassadors of Truth. (See also the quotation from the book 'Spiritual Elixir' in the subchapter 'The Ignominy for the Path of the Saints.')