Lecture about the Future

Oh brother, I am explaining to you what will happen in the future. As long as you remain in the body, Kal will not manifest. When you withdraw your attention, he will start his useless talk, and when you leave the body, Kal will come then. 

He will break up your family, and with his deception, Kal will please them. In the family there will be many helmsmen. The Essence of Nectar will taste the poison. Using the Mool and Bind he will pollute the family. 

The family will face one great deception when Hang Doot joins the family and lives with them. As Hang grows stronger, he will make the family members fight among themselves. Because of their nature, they will not leave Hang, and again and again he will disturb them. He will kill his own essence – and after seeing this, the disputing will increase. Kal will not be able to see the fighting, so he will find a way out from the family. Your family will talk about many experiences and will criticise the Son of Nad.

Those who become helmsmen will become egoists. Because of their selfishness, they will not recognise the Lord and will mislead many Souls.

That is why I am explaining to you that you should caution your family. Lovingly they should meet the Son of Nad Who will manifest.

Oh Dharam Das, you are my Son of Nad. Understand the mind as Yama. Even if Kamal, my son, enlivens the dead ones, still the messenger is within him. Understanding me as his father, he is an egoist. That is why I have authorised you.

I am the friend of Love and devotion. I don’t want horses and elephants! Those Souls who accept me with Love and devotion, will reside in my heart. If egoism pleased me, I would have authorised kadis and pandits.

I saw you becoming humble and coming in my refuge and under the control of Love, that is why, oh Dharam Das, I taught you and authorised you. Give this teaching to the Son of Nad so that the Path may shine. The family will have a lot of ego: "We are the sons of Dharam Das’ family." Where there is ego, I am not there.

Dharam Das, understand this as true in your mind: where there is egoism, Kal’s form is there, and such Souls will not get to the beautiful Sach Khand.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, I am in Your control – Your servant – and I will not leave Your orders. Oh Swami, I will make the Nad Son the successor, but my family should also be liberated, All-Conscious One!

Kabir replied:

Oh Dharam Das, your family will be liberated. Remove this doubt! Listen, oh Dharam Das! How will those who accept the devotion of Naam firmly, not be liberated? I will liberate them all if they will live according to my ways. If they will accept my Word, I will liberate the Forty-two.

The ones who will accept my Word will be the beloved family, as without my Word, one cannot cross.

Dharam Das said:

Forty-two Embodiments are Your essences. By liberating Them what a great thing You are going to do! Oh Lord, if You liberate the essences of those Embodiments, then there is Glory in Your coming to the world.

Kabir answered as follows:

The forty-two Embodiments of your essence, I have liberated with one word of mine. From the other lesser families, no one will be liberated without getting the sign.

When one unites with the Seed, it is called 'family,' and that will not come to fruition without the Word. The Competent One has given His support to the forty-two Embodiments. For both the Embodiments and the Essences the Word is the same. The Embodiments will be greater and the Essences lesser. Through my Word, the Greatest Essence will awaken, and the lesser Embodiments will follow Him. They will establish the Path and show the Way to the forgotten Souls. They will establish the Path of Nad and Bind, and Chudamani will liberate the Souls. Oh Dharam Das, your family will become ignorant, and will not recognise the signs of the Essences.

Oh brother, I am telling you whatever is going to happen in the future. You will have a Seed in your sixth generation, and even that Seed will forget the Embodiments.

Your Seed will become so ignorant, that he will accept the path of Taksari. They will give up our Path and they will all follow the path of Taksari. They will perform the chauka in such a way that many Souls will go in the cycle of the eighty-four. They will have a lot of egoism and will fight with Son of Nad. Your family will become evil-minded and the Word Embodied will stop them.

Dharam Das said:

Now my doubts have increased. Oh Lord, tell me the definitive words. First You said this: 'I have kept Forty-two in my protection.' Now You say they will come under the control of Kal! How can both these things happen?



When you leave the body: It was often the case that children or family members of Masters Who had just left the body claimed guruship and successfully draw away the attention from the True Successors and attracted it to themselves. 'Your family will talk about many experiences and will criticise the Son of Nad,' is a prophecy that was fulfilled many times.

The temptation to deduce a spiritual claim to leadership from physical relations seems to be enormous on the part of the family members. The willingness of many disciples to do the same equalisation is also very high. Even a Master’s official statement in front of various witnesses that nobody of His family would become His successor does not make any remarkable difference.

Of course, there were instances that someone was both the Spiritual and physical son of his Master, such as it is the case of Dharam Das and Chudamani, or as it was with Guru Teg Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh, but such instances are rare.

The description given by Kabir here is the norm.

So Kirpal Singh also placed emphasis on the fact that nobody of His family would become His successor. Nevertheless Kirpal Singh’s physical son Darshan Singh was proclaimed as such by means of an alleged testament. This testament was a falsification. Since the death of Darshan Singh Kirpal’s grand child Rajinder Singh proclaims to be the living master in the line of Kirpal Singh. As it was clear that the Souls in the second generation could not be deceived  in the same way as in the case of Darshan they were told that this time Darshan Singh had passed on the Master-Power to Rajinder Singh through the eyes. Allegedly present persons would have observed that Darshan’s eyes were shining as bright as spotlights.

Fact is that the Master-Power is indeed passed on through the eyes. This however can only be noticed by the persons who are concerned with it. Nobody else who is present will notice anything – not even at all eyes which shine like spotlights in Bollywood manner. In films such effects are only used as symbols.

So the claims of both – Darshan and Rajinder – are not according to Truth.

Kirpal Singh Himself said, that many Saints will come, and that He wishes, that all His disciples will become ambassadors of Truth.

However, much more dangerous – because they are more subtle – as such false successors within the family are the spiritual parvenus who go the way of Hansmuni Doot. (See the section 'The Path of Hansmuni Doot' in the subchapter 'Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal.') Not to be seen at front position they pull the strings behind the scenes.

Another case is that of P. F., a woman initiated by K. S. who had been consistently alleging over several months, that Master-Power would be active for generations only in her family. Such behaviour, however, is not conducive as one tends to start representing a path of Kal.

The following statement of Kirpal Singh shows that this is nonsense:

[…] Spirituality is not the exclusive possession of any family or place, but it is like a scented flower growing wherever nature has ordained, around which the bees gather from far and wide to sip its nectar.

Man, know thyself (Original Tape Recording)–
Chapter X: Criterion to judge a Genuine Master,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Using the Mool and Bind: Here, Mool refers to the Mool Chakra, the energy centre at the rectum, where the God Ganesha lives. 'He is called the giver of the quality of knowledge, and by doing contemplation and six hundred japas he may be experienced.' (See the subchapter 'The Knowledge of the Lotus Body,' as well as the subsection 'Mool lotus' in the illustration to the mentioned subchapter.)

The term 'Bind' refers to the fourty-two embodiments. (See the subchapter 'The Indispensability of the Guru.') In contrast to Nad, Bind is still full of egoism and consequently trapped in the snares of Kal. Bind can only develop by the aid of Nad. (Also see the subsection 'Bind' in the illustration to 'The Establishment of the Kingdom of forty-two Embodiments.')

The Holy 'Mool Mantra' of the Sikhs, as it is written down in the Guru Granth Sahib, should not misleadingly be associated with the description of the 'Mool Chakra' as it is given above. The term 'Mool' can be translated with 'main' or 'root.' Accordingly the Mool Chakra concerns the root chakra, as described above. The Mool Mantra, however, is the main-verse of the Guru Grant Sahib, the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs.

The Mool Mantra – root verse or main chant – consists of the first lines of the Guru Granth Sahib. It comprises the following words:

Guru Nanak climbs out of the riverEk Ong Kaar, Sat Nam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akal Murat, Ajuni Saibhang, Gurprasaad. Jap. Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhisach.

One Universal Creator God, the Name is Truth, Creative Being personified, no fear, no hatred. Image of the Undying, beyond birth, self-existent, by Guru’s Grace. Chant and meditate: True in the primal beginning, true throughout the ages, true here and now, oh Nanak, forever and ever true.

It is said, that Guru Nanak uttered these words, after He bathed in a river and submerged and finally awoke from trance like condition.

Hang Doot: Short name of one of the twelve messengers of Kal.

Embodiments and Essences: The Embodiments are the physical manifestations of the Essences. Only then they can liberate the Souls. The Forty-two – Those Who are destined to become Saints – are in fact already liberated, although They will – as Chudamani did it – receive the initiation and take a Master according to the law. The liberation of the others will depend on their seeking and finding. Just as the physical family proceeds from union with the Seed – Bind – the Spiritual Family proceeds from union with the Word – Nad. The Greatest Essence is Chudamani, but the Masters succeeding Him will not be less. – The difference simply is that of a Swateh Sant Who is already born perfect, and a Gurumukh Sant Who has to become perfect through meditation and the Grace of His Master during life.

[…] Those Who have communed with the Word, Their toils shall end. And Their faces shall flame with Glory, not only shall They have salvation, oh Nanak, but many more shall find freedom with Them.

Jap Ji (Second Edition, 1964) –
Finale by Guru Nanak,
edited by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Nad and Bind: Rasul and Rahul. 'Word made flesh.' The Spiritual manifesting in the physical.

Helmsmen will become egoists: Since Kirpal’s physical departure, this can also be observed for several disciples of Him. They prefer calling themselves 'boss' or saying 'we are the management' instead of completing their tasks, which were entrusted to them by God, and performing them in His name. This also was the case with the project leaders of 'Kirpal Sagar.' They allowed that photos of them were put into the foundation stone. (See also 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – III / II.')

Kamal, my son: Just as Kamal was able to enliven the dead ones, also Rajinder Singh and Darshan Singh had riddhis and siddhis. However, this has nothing to do with Spirituality and does not legitimate the claim for successorship. (In this connection see the subsection 'When you leave the body' in this illustration above.)

E. E., an Austrian elderly gentleman, who had received an invalid 'initiation' by Rajinder Singh and who had never seen the Light nor heard the Sound, once reported the following:

One day he sat in a great assembly hall with fever and headache. He was moved by the question whether or not he had received a valid initiation.

When Rajinder Singh passed by, the eldery gentleman asked him: Did I receive a valid initation, are you competent? Rajinder looked at him, whereupon his fever and his headache disappeared.

Later, he reflected this occurrence, and he realised that indeed it was pleasant for him to feel well from this very moment, his question however, has not been answered.

Rajinder Singh promises the people, who receive an invalid initation by him and who complain about not having any Inner Experiences, that he would come for them at the time of their death.

But Kirpal Singh said accordingly:

[…] there is no emancipation unless a man becomes the initiate of a Saint, and the only criterion of a Saint is that He must give something to start with.

Some gurus use hypnotism, some mesmerism, some use radiation. Other gurus simply say, 'Go on doing this, you'll have more; rest assured your salvation ist definite.' This won’t do; this is on credit – we must have cash.

Heart to Heart Talks / Vol. 1 (First Edition, 1975) –
IV. Evening Darshan 1970 / 9 September,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

[…] Do not live in the illusion of thinking or believing that after death you will get something. If you have not made Spiritual Progress in this life, you will not be a Spiritual Person merely by going through the death-change. Believe in the salvation of life. Do, and see for yourself. […]

Master Volume I: The Night is a Jungle (First Edition, 1975) –
XII. To gain His Pleasure,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

(Also refer to the illustration 'Have finished all the snares of Kal for you' in the subchapter 'The Description of Performing Arti.')

For a more comprehensive understanding also refer to the subsections 'The Path of Manmakarand Doot' and 'Becoming my son' in the illustration to 'Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal – Part I.'

Kadis and pandits: Refer to the subsection 'Pandits and kadis' in the illustration to 'Kal traps the Jivas'.

The sons of Dharam Das’ family: Both the sons and daughters are meant here. It is not enough to belong to the family of a Saint, a Bhagat or a Khalsa. Each Soul has to develop herself spiritually and has to uphold Truth in her life. For a further clarification of this subject see the paragraph about P. F. in the subsection 'When you leave the body' in this illustration above, as well as in the book 'Die Einheit des Menschen / Unity of Man  – Band III,' subchapter 'O, Parminder' in the chapter 'Lebensweise.' An English translation of this book is not yet available.