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'The Attributes of the four Messengers'

Rambh Doot: The path of Rambh Doot is a distortion of Sant Mat that can be called 'intellectual non-dualism.' The Masters, including Kabir, teach the basic unity of the universe and the ultimate conscious experience of the unity of the liberated Soul with the Absolute God. Rambh Doot teaches that the Jivas – the Souls enclosed by coverings – themselves are Sat Purush. Being deceived in this way these Souls unnecessarily regard the initiation and the gradual Inner Development as dualistic as they believe to be already perfect.

Today – in 2012 – there are a lot of so-called spiritual teachers or 'enlightened persons' who disseminate analogue teachings in so-called 'satsangs' – may be with one or the other variation. Another variation of this path is Zen-Buddhism, which deals very intensively with the issue of intellectual non-dualism or the dissolving of the I-World-Duality.
Ramainis: Ramaini is the term for a special kind of poetry. Amongst others it is used in compositions which are ascribed to Kabir. It is a combination of to poetic forms. A summarising separate final verse follows two explanatory verses – similar to the hymns and the concluding couplets, which are marked by dashes, in the Anurag Sagar. Regrettably, many humans modify such work by the intellect because they do not have any Inner Experience of Truth themselves.

See his own shadow: The ocean is the Bhav Sagar, the ocean of the world. Seeing his shadow – his relative stature in the lower world – he is convinced of his mightiness and thinks to be God.
Kurambh Doot: He will 'create a trap by telling true things' which are unimportant for the salvation of the Soul. This is the path of absorption in physical phenomena. Astrology, life according to the moon rhythms, Vastu and Feng Shui, palmistry, dieting, the Ayurvedic teachings in their entirety – the medical part of Ayurveda can be helpful for the body –, physical healing (medicine) – the emphasis is always on the five elements. The Jiva may think to be on the Path, but where is her attention? 'As his attention is in the elements, he will go into the elements. He will make one leave the contemplation of Naam and will keep him trapped in the physical.'

In this connection it may be mentioned, that Lord Krishna believed in astrology and turned to it for advice concerning the Mahabharata War. Finally, he lost the War.

Kirpal Singh explained:

[…] that in the case of those who rise above the starry sky or come under the conduct of Masters Who go higher than that, the planetary effects do not touch them.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I: XIII. General,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

This path is often taught in the name of so-called spiritual teachers or 'adepts.' The associated practices became a popular part of what is commonly called 'esotericism,'  although it actually is exoteric. And, as this messenger takes gold as a donation, at the beginning of the 21st century such practices are mostly offered against payment – not least by disappointed followers of false masters who have a high social position as for instance journalists etc. In many cases they have often changed the imperfect master in order to show the so-called correction to the people. Disappointed in the new imperfect master too, they then increasingly turn towards the pseudo-esoteric fun fair. They earn a lot of money in this way.

Even all those who recite truth but accept donations or even expect them are negative. Not to mention the churches with their practice of the collection box and other methods of collecting donations – or, in former centuries, the letters of indulgence.

These elements are often found in Buddhistic movements. Many popular personalities became members of such movements and promote to feel better now than before. The blessing that one believes to get that way is, however, achieved only for karmic reasons and has nothing to do with the True Blessing that a Soul gets through Naam. Kal can distribute the karmic blessings and blows as he likes and as he considers it to be necessary.

No outer activity, practice or science can liberate the Soul for everything takes place within the limits created by Kal. As an example, even medicine cannot heal at all. Indeed, it is only something like a crutch. Kirpal Singh often emphasised that only the Soul is the healing power.

In the case of a disease there are three different kinds of healing to be made use of:

1) Material people use allopathy.

2) Subtle people use homoeopathy, Ayurveda etc.

3) Disciples know that a disease goes just as it has come as soon as the corresponding karma is finished.

On the contrary, methods like Reiki generally should not be used. The practice of Reiki has a background in Tibetan magic and by practising it energies will be set free which are not beneficial for human development.

This kind of healing was only done by priests and they were only allowed to do it in case of emergency. Even then the monk had to pay a high price. The reason is that the effects that seem to be reduced for the suffering person affect always him who is doing Reiki.

Also other methods like 'Prana Healing,' or any kinds of mental healing, are absolutely inadvisable. At this juncture the practitioners tamper with the karma of a sick person and one day both will have to bear the consequences.

Kirpal Singh said as follows:

Do you have enough to spare to be distributed to the others? If you have then it’s all right. Otherwise you will become bankrupt; you have no money in your bank or in your hand and you issue cheques. […] That is why I always say that I don’t advocate so-called spiritual healing. The people who are doing this healing exert. They send love, they send good thoughts, healing thoughts: in that way they exert and become bankrupt. They feel depleted and then have to recoup.

[…] These supernatural powers come up by concentration, but if you are engaged in them your higher power is stopped. These supernatural powers are the slaves of concentration and meditation. That is not Spirituality. […] On the way many powers will come up, but to engage in them is a heinous crime. You’ll retard your progress. Moreover, the karmic law is inexorable. You will have to suffer for it some day.

Heart to Heart Talks / Vol. II (First Edition, 1976) –
XVII. Morning Darshan 1971 / 20 February,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Question to Kirpal Singh:

When metaphysicians heal, is this the power of God or Kal?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

Healing done by metaphysicians falls within the scope of Negative Power when the karmic debts involved are put off for the time being, and have to be repaid sometime with compound interest. The gracious God-Power does not actually punish the souls but deals out justice tempered with Mercy in accordance with our karma. The decrees of Heaven are in no way subject to error and the Divine Dispensation is invariably flavoured with Grace.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part I:
IV. Karma: The Law of Action and Reaction,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Unfortunately many people, for instance in church circles, also strive for healing powers. It seems that  they wrongly believe that they were concerned with spirituality due to misapprehended healing reports in the Bible. This is however not the case. Actually these powers are a kind of black magic.

Kal has the metaphysical laws at his disposal. All these powers existent in the cosmos are of metaphysical nature and so are under the control of Kal. Kirpal Singh said, that if the magicians of the world stepped out of their inner silence and grasp the Sound Current, they would immediately break off their black magic.

On the contrary, healings occuring in the surrounding of Sadhs, Sants or Param Sants are of a quite different nature. In these cases it is a matter of a higher kind of healing happening only through radiation and having nothing to do with the aforementioned ways of healing.

Kirpal Singh said accordingly:

The higher form of healing is always good. Those who even think of a Master-Soul can be healed. You remember during Christ’s life a lady touched the hem of His garment and was healed?

He felt something and said,

Who has touched me?

Heart to Heart Talks / Vol. II (First Edition, 1976) –
XVII. Morning Darshan 1971 / 20 February,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

This kind of healing always appears only in connection with True Spirituality. It is the law of sympathy as Kirpal emphasised it.

Bani about Jay: Bani – strictly speaking Varan Atmak Bani – are the words that we read, write or speak. These are meant here. In contrast, the term Gurbani is a name for the Sound Current occasionally being also called Dhun Atmak Bani.

(Compare 'Naam or Word – Book V: I. Bani and Gurbani,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

Jay Doot: This Doot teaches the left-hand path of Tantra in which the 'female organ is the philosopher’s stone.' The seat of the Soul is behind and between the eyebrows but the attention is kept concentrated in the lower chakras or centres of the body that are farthest from the seat of the soul. Sensual experience is put on a level with mystical experience, and the sound that is heard – Jhang Naam – is the sound that comes from the lower chakras and can be heard on the left side. It drags down the listener instead of pulling him up. (See the subchapter 'Important Explanations to the Inner Sounds' in the first part of the book.) Sometimes ritual use of flesh food, alcohol and drugs are other aspects of this path.

Deeds like criticising the higher castes are not to be confused with according statements of Kabir. Kabir criticised the prevalent social framework because it was not consistent with the Truth. The intention of Kal’s messengers however is to bind Souls to themselves.

In 2012 modifications of this path are widespread. Also in the western countries many so-called spiritual teachers taught or teach. Their teaching referred or refer to kinds of Tantra or their teachings contain Tantric elements. One was famous for his many Rolls Royces, for example, and he maintained a ranch in Oregon with his followers for some time. Under their leadership criminal incidents occured. Later he changed his name from 'Baghwan Shree Rajneesh' to 'Osho.' Many of his followers – called Sannyasins – are very active still in 2012. But also many of the different therapies of the body – Bodywork; their origin often lies in the work of Wilhelm Reich and his successors – belong to this path. All of these practices have in common that they overemphasise the meaning of sexuality and force both the attention and thereby the Soul to go down from her place between the two eyebrows to the lower regions of the body. The ways and 'therapies' mentioned here are only exemplary. To mention all existing ways would go beyond the scope of this book. For all other ways that are not mentioned here but are connatural or similar the same applies.

Another Tantric ritual, which contains a lot of the aforementioned elements in concentrated form, is the ritual of 'Kalachakra Tantra.' This is accomplished regularly by the high eastern 'dignitary' Lhamo Dhondrub who is very popular in the western world as well. Many a hundred thousand people were already introduced into that ritual in which explicitly the 'god of time' – Kal – is honoured. In the further, secret levels of that ritual a lot of magic Tantric practices are accomplished that are completely contradictory to all Ethics and all teachings of the Masters.

According to the scriptures of the Kalachakra Tantra, abhorrent things are demanded from the participants such as the ritual consumption of the meat of an elephant, a horse, a dog, a cow and human meat – called 'maha mamsa' –, the consumption of the seed of the sexual essence of the man, blood, blood of menstruation, urine* and excretions of stool** and also the ritual sexual intercourse with young girls of the age of eight to twelve and young women. Officially it is proclaimed that this ritual serves the world peace but in reality it serves for embedding the members in a black magic system. Again and again politicians try to make a mark by meeting Lhamo Dhondrub. How unknowing or fatuous must one be to do that?

* The Auto-Urotherapy as it was or is usual in some cultures, and  is, indeed, propagated here too is not advisable. The body does not become pure, when it is given dirt – vegetable or mineral irritants, for example, from homoeopathy are something completely different –, but through cleaning it. (See also the subsection 'The Path of Durgdani Doot' in the illustration to 'The twelve Paths of Kal – Part II,' last passage.)

** When the young XIV Dalai Lama [the Eastern 'dignitary' Lhamo Dhondrub; Editor’s Note] visited Beijing in the 1950s, he did his bathroom deeds on a golden pot. The content was sent to Lhasa to make it into medicine.

Translation from:
Traumwelt Tibet – Östliche Trugbilder,

by Victor and Victoria Trimondi

*** In her book 'Traveller in Space' the Scottish philosopher of religion June Campbell reports of the following: A quite high Tibetan Lama who is also admired in the West and whose translator she was had forced her to have a sexual relationship with him which had to be kept secret.

These practices have nothing to do with the real Buddhism as Siddharta Gautama taught it. Buddha, the Lord of peace, practised Naam Himself and also passed It on to His closest disciples. In Surangama Sutra they describe their experiences.

Accordingly Kirpal Singh writes:

[…] They also speak of the 'supreme, wonderful and perfect Samadhi of Transcendental Consciousness' called the 'Diamond Samadhi'* attainable by means of 'Intrinsic Hearing' when the mind freed from mental contaminations loses itself into the  'Divine Stream.'

The Crown of Life (First Edition, 1961) –
Part II, Chapter II: I. / (ii) Buddhism,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Question to Kirpal Singh:

Does Lord Buddha practise or prescribe the same Path of the Masters as is being revived by Sant Mat?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

The Masters generally divide Their disciples into two categories,

1) the ordinary disciples or novices who are yet in the making stage and require a lot of discipline; and to them are given disciplinary sadhans or practices, and

2) disciples with some grounding as a result of disciplines practised in the past – maybe in the previous births. They constitute the inner corps of Their following. They are the chosen ones, or the elect, fit for a higher part of the Master’s teachings. It was to the disciples of this calibre that Buddha gave the practice of Light and Sound Principle as taught by the Masters. To this chosen class belonged Boddhisatvas, Mahasatvas and Arhats like Mahakashyapa, Sariputra, Sammantbhadra, Metaluniputra, Mandgalyayana, Akshobya, Vejuria, Maitraya, Avolokiteshvra, Ananda and the like, all of whom attained 'Diamond Samadhi'* of transcendental consciousness by concentrating upon Transcendental Hearing, listening to the 'Sound of Intrinsic Dharma' resembling the roar of a lion etc.

Please refer to the book 'Naam or Word' for more details.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I: XIII. General,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

* Even the term 'Diamond Samadhi' has nothing to do at all with the 'Diamond Way,' which is a part of Tibetan 'Buddhism.'

By using my name: The following illustration applies indirectly to the trick of Kal to let his messengers appear at the time of Kabir and Dharam Das also under the name of Kabir. It shall depict that the name of Kabir is misused even today.

There were disciples of Kirpal Singh who led many initiates. Out of memory – once they were disciples of Kabir – they created a misunderstanding and proclaimed that Kirpal was Kabir. They also forced other disciples to that statement. That is not only wrong but a deception of the Souls. Their love for Kabir is limitless but they also have to raise above it. Both, the husband and the wife, could not and cannot cease proclaiming such nonsense. The husband already left the world and the widow became black within because of such a statement.*

* There are two kinds of becoming black within. It can happen when a person of higher degree mauls someone of a lower degree – as it is described in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.'

The second possibility can be noticed when an avatar of the Absolute Power beats a Soul to ashes that is against the Master-Power or if such a Soul meets an Embodiment of Naam within That looks on her. Besides the avatars of the Negative Power there are also some who work directly for the Absolute Power and have nothing to do with Kal.

(Similarly to the way Gyani did it with Kal – see the subchapter 'By Order of Sat Purush Gyani – later Kabir – comes to awaken the Souls; on the Way He meets Niranjan.')

The respective Soul becomes black and decays. In the case of the widow mentioned above it is the last mentioned form of becoming black.

Guru Gobind Singh for example not only came as a Master of Truth but also as an Avatar of the Almighty Power.

Those Souls wear the Padam Rheka – the sign of the lotus – on the feet, a sign of high Spirituality just as the embodiments of Naam do. The abovementioned widow who became black however, does not wear that sign.

After the mistake talked of above became clear through the Anurag Sagar, members of the 'Unity of Man' organisation who honour Dr Harbhajan, posted a film on the internet wherein it is mentioned by him that K. S. had taken the place of Kabir. This is  a partial correction of the former statement described above.

This statement was made by Dr Harbhajan after he had realised his mistake. But even in 2012 many disciples understand it as if Kirpal would be Kabir.

More than 500 years ago, Guru Nanak said that in the end of Kali Yuga the Almighty Himself will come in the form of Kirpal to take along all disciples of former Masters. The work of Gyan could not be finished in the four yugas. The statement of Guru Nanak is one of the Shabads that the Sikhs use to sing.

Therein Nanak says correspondingly:

I Nanak, who has reached all Spirituality one can reach must call myself a fool since I realised not until the end that the Almighty Himself will come at the end of Kali Yuga in the form of Din Dayal Kirpal to take along all disciples.*

The Simran of Guru Nanak was 'Sat Katar.'

Unfortunately such clarifications must be mentioned in that book as people are guided by the intellect and do not cease to disseminate false information. The abovementioned false statement for example has entered the heart of thousands of people and has led to much confusion.

* The following story shall illustrate why at the end the Father comes Himself:

Once Raja Parikshat asked his minister as to why in times of a moral crisis or a calamity God Himself comes to the rescue of His children even when He has innumerable attendants at His beck and call and can direct any of them to do the job for Him. The minister replied that a loving Father as God is cannot help coming down to help His children. The Raja asked the minister to substantiate his statement and the latter promised to do so in course of time.

After some days, the minister made a doll that looked just like the Raja’s son and dressed it in the fashion of the prince. He placed the doll on the bank of a pool in the garden where the Raja used to go for a walk. The doll could be manipulated to move with strings from a distance. When the Raja next went to the garden with his minister, he saw the prince sitting on the bank of the pool. While he was wondering as to how his son was there, he saw the prince taking a plunge into the pool. The Raja could not bear this heart-rending sight and instantaneously jumped into the pool to save his son from drowning. To his great surprise, the Raja found that it was a doll and not his son. The Raja called for an explanation from the minister, who humbly replied that the farce was enacted to substantiate the truth of what he had said sometime ago about God coming down to save His children in critical moments.

Satsang – True Master and His Mission,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974,
published in Sat Sandesh / May 1968

Jhana Shabd: Word of knowledge, this term does not refer to the True Essential Shabd – the Sound Current. It refers to Jnana Yoga – also written Jhana Yoga –, the Yoga of Knowledge or (intellectual) insight. The knowledge gotten in this way however does not transcend the mental planes because it was gained with the instruments of these planes. (See also the section about Jnana Yoga in 'The Crown of Life – Part II, Chapter I: Surat Shabd Yoga – The Yoga of the Celestial Sound Current,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974, as well as the section 'The Greatness of the Embodiments' in the subchapter 'The Establishment of the Kingdom of fourty-two Embodiments' in the Anurag Sagar.)

Only a connoisseur: A True Seeker is protected by his humility and the righteousness of his search, which corresponds to the True Teachings of the Master.

When the disciple is ready, God appears. When the receptivity of a Soul suffices the initiation takes place directly within. If someone needs help because of lacking devotion and faith, he should go to a disciple who is well versed in Naam and humbly ask him for help. Then God the Almighty will be merciful and will connect this seeker after Truth with Naam.

[…] Never be deceived that the person who conveys the instructions is the giver. He is only the receptacle through whom the instructions are given. You can have initiation even from thousands of miles without going through anybody if you become receptive. But generally, people do not understand, that is why some people are authorised to convey the instructions of initiation. The initiation is actually done the very moment that it is authorised. […]

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1970) –
XXVII. How to develop Receptivity / Part I,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Fortunate are the chosen few who are blessed with the rare privilege of instilling faith and right understanding in their less fortunate brethren for their Spiritual Enlightenment.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part II:
I. Social Conduct and Ethical Life,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The facts mentioned above should actually make absolutely clear what a complete mischief it is to claim that Naam can only be distributed at a particular place, as the organisation 'Unity of Man' does it. Men of Truth do not claim such things.

Time and again as people forget the reality, God’s Grace materialises itself in a human body, called a Saint, to guide the erring humanity in the time-honoured Eternal Way. It is the privilege and the prerogative that the Most High confers, and this authority is passed on according to His behests. The wind bloweth where it listeth and no one can lay down or predict any rules of succession, place or time.

This rich heritage goes from eye to eye and refuses to be bound to time-honoured gaddis, the so-called sanctified seats and sacred places, nor does it depend on human sanctions of a temporal or clerical character. […]

A Great Saint / Baba Jaimal Singh (First Edition, 1960) –
I. / (ii) The rich Heritage,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Assertions that Naam can only be distributed at one place are unfortunately made especially where Naam actually cannot be distributed at all. Therefore one should ask oneself very sincerely: Has one really received Naam there? Is one able to see the Light within? Can one hear the Sound Current? Is one able to enlarge the experiences? If not, one has fallen prey to a false assertion.

Such assertions are often made by people who want to pursue policy because of their wish to gain leadership. But Spirituality will be lost to the same degree as policy is pursued. Therefore it happens that at places where Truth should be, there is not even anything anymore.

On the contrary, once somebody is validly initiated he should cease his search and just practise to develop what he has received.

Kirpal Singh said correspondingly:

If someone who got Naam goes to any other place hoping to get more there, he will lose everything.  He will be regarded just as a woman who receives several men at night.

Son of Nad: Son of the Sound Current; Spiritual Son as opposed to the Son of Bind or physical son. This refers to Souls such as Chudamani Who become Masters.

Still today – in 2012 – there are Souls in this world who have the state of Param Sants but do not function as a Param Sant Guru. They are ordinary people being of help for the Souls to receive Naam.

A disciple asking for clarification of the facts that are mentioned in the subsection 'By using my name' in this illustration was told by Kirpal:

I am your Father and Kabir is your brother.

In general people do not understand these things. Their aim is leadership not the status of a disciple because they are proud of their knowledge.

Kirpal once said:

Everyone wants to become a Master, but who will become a disciple?

And further on it is said:

Ask only a Khalsa for initiation.

Kirpal Singh once said in an interview: A Khalsa is Somebody Who sees the Great Light.

There is no material difference between a Sant and a Param Sant except in nomenclature.

But none of them, whether a Sadh, a Sant, or a Param Sant, can act or function as a Guru or Master unless he is competent to impart Spiritual Instructions and he has been commissioned from above to do this work. Whoever holds this authority for Spiritual Work becomes a Sadh Guru, Sant Guru, or Param Sant Guru, as the case may be.

There may be a number of Sadhs, Sants or Param Sants, but none of them can of himself assume Guruship or Spiritual preceptorship without being commissioned for the work.

So the terms Sadh, Sant and Param Sant have a much wider connotation than the term Guru, which is restricted to a Spiritual Preceptor alone – the rest being only Spiritual Adepts of varying degrees.

The Guru holds a direct commission from God, and works under instructions just as any vice-regent would do on behalf of a king.

Again, Gurus are of two types:

1) Swateh Sant Gurus: They are born Sants Who come into the world with direct commissions; as for instance, Kabir Sahib and Guru Nanak, etc.

They start the work of Spiritual Knowledge and Instructions right from a tender age. They need no special training from anyone, since They come from the Most High for this very purpose. Such beings, when They come, simply flood the world with the Light of Spirituality, and establish a line of Gurumukh Gurus for carrying on the work long after Them. But in course of time, substance comes to be sacrificed for show, and gradually Spirituality disappears altogether.

Then comes another Master-Soul to re-orientate this most ancient science according to the needs of the age. In this way, 'Old Wine' remains in circulation for souls athirst. Such Master-Souls do appear from time to time in different lands and among different peoples.

2) Besides Swateh Sants there are Sants Who by devotional practice and Spiritual Discipline under the guidance of some Master-Soul acquire Spiritual Merit here and are granted commission to work as a Guru.

They have already a rich Spiritual Background ripe for fruition, and in the present span of life simply seem to complete the process. Gurumukhs are always in the making from life to life, and acquire perfection in this life.

Godman (First Edition, 1967) –
III. Gradations in Mastership,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The Saints come with an order to initiate Souls and to take them to their Eternal Home. The Khalsas have the permission.

A German disciple of Kirpal once described the following situation:

While sitting at home and listening to the Sound Current, It is so loud and intensive that I often cannot move as every movement is like a violation of the Soul. So at night I sit on my sofa or armchair while my family is meditating or physically asleep. Sometimes I have guests in my house who are connected with Naam. Then they also sit in the living room all the night long and enjoy Naam while awake.*

Then the vibration is so intensive that even disciples who are initiated but because of a lack of receptivity can only hear the Sound Current during meditation hear It all the night long in an intensity that one wonders how the world manages not to hear It. Some already met Kirpal and know that He is their Saviour here and hereafter. For those who have not met Him yet, but are connected with Naam, I hope sincerely that they will meet Him in this life. To have Light and Sound is good, but to meet Him means to have achieved it.

* One just remains with closed eyes, but awake, and listens to the Sound Current. It withdraws one from the body so that one often forgets all outer things, time and space for hours. Even when talking about Truth the Sound Current remains audible or even gets more intensive.

As already mentioned, Kabir said the following:

[…] The natural Inner Music is continuously flowing of itself, but only a rare soul knows of this communion […].

The True Simran consists in perpetual attuning of the soul, with the Inner Music, without any outer aid […]. He who contacts the hidden crest-jewel, is our True Friend.

Spirituality / What it is (First Edition, 1959) –
XV. / (iii) Sat Naam,
by Kirpal Singh, 1897–1974

Devoted disciples do not sleep at night but meditate and talk about the Almighty.

T. G. who was initiated in Naam through Kirpal’s Grace in recent times, describes Kirpal’s blessing in the following contemporary words:

How sudden silence sinks down friendly Light surrounds my existence, the body melts, resolves into nothingness, … and soft Sound … holds me save, secured and tight.

And again it is said:

All were permitted to see You in the form of their Guru of the respective time strolling on earth, all this I never had in this life. Entering this world through Thy hands, born as Thy disciple, carried by Thee. Born as a sinner, I spend the time in the pang of yearning for Thee in Kal Desh. Oh Kirpal! Rescue all! In hardship and distress appears Gobind, yet is unable to be of help for me. Agam has no ointment for my sorrow. My Ishit Guru Thou were. What a joy to see this! Already once we have been together and yet this time we’ll become One! In order to abate the agony, I distribute it to all Thy children. The pangs for Thee Kirpal should wane, oh what a wonder – the case is converse. Thy Word lights up every part in us and Thy voice is the music in our brow. Each one may hear It, destined by Thee. May all become Thy ambassadors!

Contemporary text by Bhai Jamal

Vijay Doot: The path of 'pleasant' misdirection. Everything is gentle, enjoyable and plausible, but the Soul does not wake up: she sees only the black and white colours of Kal instead of the living colour that is her heritage. Saints did always use music only as an outer instrument to attract people in order to speak to them about Truth. Some Great Souls danced being intoxicated by Naam.

Kirpal Singh said:

[…] Indeed if you knew how much I loved you, you would dance with joy. […]

Birthday Message 1970

Outward activities as music, dancing and so on however do not have any value at all when they are uncoupled hereof because they keep the Soul outside. For example this is the case with chanting or with today’s dervishes*.

* Today’s Dervishes dance to the sounds of the flute in order to put themselves into a kind of lower ecstacy. In this connection they refer to Maulana Rumi. Their practice however does not have anything to do with the ecstatic dance as it was performed by Maulana Rumi when He was absorbed in Naam. Maulana Rumi heard the sound of the flute within, which sounds in Bhanwar Gupha.

Teachings proclaiming a pseudo-harmony are widely spread all over. They are dangerous not least because they contain some truth. Regarded from a higher point of view everything is just alright the way it is. To understand and know that there is only one Doer – the Almighty – is essential for an initiate to reach the right, detached attitude towards life. The pre-condition however is the initiation into Naam as it is the indispensible basis for experiencing within the mentioned fundamental Truth by adequate practice. Without initiation all this will remain an intellectual concept which may provide a temporary mental relaxation but cannot lead the Soul out of the wheel of births and deaths.

Very often, Souls who were deceived by false masters go such ways as they do not trust in the indispensability of the Guru anymore because of their disappointment. (See the subchapter 'The Indispensability of the Guru.')

Ras: A folksy Indian dance of which there are several varieties. It is said, that they all trace back to an event that is termed 'Raslila.' During this event, this is what is said, Krishna, after having entranced his numerous female companions, gopis – young shepherdesses –, multiplied his form and danced with all of them at the same time. Meanwhile each one of the gopis had the perception to he was only dancing with her. In one of the varieties of Ras – also called Raslila – this event is retelled in a kind of dance performance. The original Raslila, however, was in fact part of the deception that Krishna performed. (See also the following illustration 'Sakhi Bhav.')

Sakhi Bhav: Term from Bhakti Yoga. It is a practice in which God is considered to be a friend with whom one is together all the time. As in the public known Bhakti Yoga the attention, however, is not focused on the One True God, but on a deity, the Soul is misled in this way. This was one of the aspects of deception, which Krishna played on his companions – male and female, as in the case of the Gopis –, by making them believe that he was – the Absolute – God being with them even in the outside world, and it was one of the deceptions of Vijay Doot, who called himself the second Krishna.