The Attributes of the four Messengers

First of all, listen to their names: Rambh, Kurambh, Jay and Vijay.

The Characteristics of Rambh Doot

Rambh Doot will set up his residence in Kalinjer Garh. He will be called the devotee of the Lord, and will bear the same name. He will take on many Souls. Those who will be true to their hearts, will be saved from this poisonous trap of Yama. Rambh Yama is mighty and hostile. He will condemn you and me. He will condemn arti, initiation, Sach Khand, and other planes. He will condemn the scriptures, and the knowledge of Naam. Seriously he will utter the Ramainis of Kal. He will argue over my words, and many will be caught in his trap.

Taking my name, he will constantly spread the path in all four directions. He will call himself 'Kabir' and will say that I am controlled by the five elements.

He will say that the Souls are 'Sat Purush,' and deceiving the Souls, he will condemn Sat Purush. He will say that this Kabir is the god of Souls, and he will also call the creator 'Kabir.'

But the creator is Kal, who gives pain to the Souls, and like him, this Yam Doot will attract the Souls. Those who perform rites and rituals will be called the 'Sat Purush' by him, and hiding Sat Purush, he will manifest his own self.

If the Soul herself is everything, then how could she be suffering all this pain?

Being controlled by the five elements the Souls suffer – and still he calls them equal to Sat Purush? The body of Sat Purush is immortal and forever young. He has many skills, and His beauty bears no shadow. Still, this Doot of Yama will condemn Him, and will say that the Souls are 'Sat Purush.' Then he will go to the ocean and will see his own shadow. Seeing himself as the wordless, he will be deceived. Without the mirror he will see his own form! Oh Dharam Das, this 'Guru' is the uniquely reachable one!


Listen, Dharam Das. In this way the limitless mighty Rambh will play the deception. Singing the name 'Kabir' he will trap many Souls in this world. Using the Sign of Shabd, you should awaken the Essence and the Embodiments. Using the knowledge given by the Master, test the Shabd and recognise It in your heart.

– Oh Dharam Das, be wary within yourself when Yamraj plays this deception. Having faith in Shabd, awaken the Souls in Shabd.

The Characteristic of Kurambh Doot

I have explained to you the story of Rambh, and now I will describe the traits of Kurambh.

He will manifest in Magadh – the southern part of Bihar –, and will bear the name 'Dhanidas.' Kurambh Doot will set up many traps, and by his knowledge he will mislead the Souls. Yama will destroy by deceit those who have ordinary knowledge within them.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, tell me about the knowledge he will give out.

Kabir said:

Dharam Das, listen to the trap of Kurambh: he will firmly create a trap by telling true things. He will keep people devoted to the sun and moon, and constantly he will talk about the phases of the moon. He will describe the five elements as the most important thing, and the unwise Soul will not understand his deception. He will spread the path of astrology, bringing the Soul under the control of the visible planets. He will make the Souls forget the Lord. Giving out the knowledge of water and air, he will describe the names of air. He will present many interpretations of arti and chauka, and deceiving the Souls, he will mislead them. When he makes someone his disciple he will do special things: he will read the lines of every single part of the body.

Oh brother, he will examine from head to foot. Putting the Souls in the trap of karma, he will mislead them. After examining the Souls, he will hang them on a spear, and after hanging, he will eat them. He will make the Souls sacrifice gold and women as donations, and in this way he will plunder the Souls. Tying up the Souls he will cause them to go back and forth, and involving them in their deeds, he will make them the disciples of Yama. There are eighty-five winds of Kal. Writing the names of these winds on the betel leaves, he will make the Souls eat them. Talking about the water and the wind, he will spread the path, and in the name of the winds he will perform the arti. Visualising the eighty-five winds, he will thoughtfully perform the arti and chauka.

Oh brother, he will examine the mole and warts everywhere on the body, whether male or female. From head to foot he will read all the lines. He will examine the 'conch,' 'circle,' and the 'oyster.' Oh brother, such are the evil ways of Kal by which he will create doubt in the Soul. By creating doubts, Kal will devour the Souls and will make their condition very bad. Listen to more ways of Kal. Whatever he speaks will be false. By creating sixty divisions of time and twelve months he will create illusion in the body. He will pretend to give the simran of the naam which is full of five nectars, essence of Shabd, abode of qualities. Whatever has been made for the Soul – Kal plans to put his deception in that. He will tell about the use of five elements, saying that this is the path. Five elements, twenty-five natures, three gunas, and fourteen yamas will be called god by him.

Oh brother, this Yama has created the snare of five elements in which he will trap the Souls.

Being in the body, if one puts his attention on the elements, where will he go after leaving the body? Where his desire is, there will he reside – as his attention is in the elements, he will go into the elements.

He will make one leave the contemplation of Naam and will keep him trapped in the physical. Oh Dharam Das, what more can I say!

This Kurambh Doot will do atrocious deeds. Only the Soul who understands and merges into me, will recognise his deceptive nature. All of the five elements are part of Kal. Following them the Jivas perish.

Dharam Das, you have listened to the play of Kurambh who will create many traps and catch the Souls. By spreading the path of the elements, he will devour countless Souls. In the name of Kabir he will establish his path in the world. The Souls who go to him, being controlled by illusion, will fall in the mouth of Kal.

– Simran, which is full of nectar and precious qualities, is the essence of Sat Purush’s Shabd. Those who will accept It firmly in thought, word, and deed will cross the ocean of the world.

The Characteristic of Jay Doot

I have described Rambh and Kurambh. Now understand the bani about Jay. The messenger of Yama is very horrible, and this evil one will call himself the 'origin.' He will be born in the village of Kurkut and will live near Bandhogarh. He will be born in a family of cobblers, and he will criticise the high castes.

The messenger will call himself the 'servant' of the Lord, and he will have a son named Garpat. Both father and son will be very painful.

They will come and attack your family. He will say, "The origin is with me." Oh Dharam Das, he will remove you. He will give out the knowledge of many scriptures, and will change the conversation of Gyani and Sat Purush. He will say, "Sat Purush has given me the root mantra," and that "Dharam Das has not recognised his own origin."

In this way this Kal will be mighty and will create doubts for the Embodiments. He will make the Embodiments believe in his teachings and will impose his teachings on Them. By his sign the Embodiments will be disturbed, even the pure Souls will become of Kal’s nature.

He will talk about the Jhana Shabd. Oh brother, and he will make even the True Souls forget. As the body is created by the water, saying this he will impose his path. He will say that the root seed of the body is karma, and he will keep the Naam hidden. First he will keep his mantra hidden. When the disciple becomes firm – only then will he speak it. First he will explain the knowledge of the scriptures, and later on he will make the Souls firm in Kal. He will say that the female organ is the philosopher’s stone, and asking for the disciple’s permission, he will take her. First he will speak the words of knowledge, then he will make the disciples drink the root mantra. That root is the mine of hell.

This crooked Yama has decided to play this deception. He will explain the meaning of the story of Jhanjhari Deep, and will tell the disciples to contemplate on Jhang Naam.

He will call the limitless Sound the place of the Negative Power, and will preach the path of five elements.

He will go in the cave of five elements where he will do different things. He will brighten the five elements, and in the cave Jhang will sound very loudly. When the Soul of Sohang leaves the body, then tell me, how will Jhang protect her? Kal has created the Jhanjhari Deep, and Jhang and Hang are both branches of Kal. This unjust Kal will call them 'imperishable,' and by calling them 'immortal,' he will deceive.

He will describe many ways of performing rituals, and he will have many helmsmen. He will create everything with the Naam of Kal.

Oh Dharam Das, patiently understand this. At every place he will establish the rites and rituals, and using my name, he will ridicule me. His Souls will consider no one as equal to him, but when they discover his secret, their illusion will go. How long should I continue talking about Kal? One who is a Gyani will understand by discrimination.


One who has the lamp of my knowledge in his hand will recognise the Yamraj. Giving up the pleasures created by Kal, such a Soul will hasten to her work. Only a connoisseur will understand the ways of living and discrimination. Those who pay attention to my Word will leave the husk and take only the essence.

– Oh Dharam Das, understand the deceptive ways of the children of Yama. I will give a sign to the Souls so that Yama may not stop them.

Oh Dharam Das, the Souls, under the control of ignorance, do not recognise the signs of Kal. But as long as one remains attached to the Embodiments, Kal will remain poor. Those who speak uselessly and remember Kal, will give up Naam and manifest Kal within them. When the root attacks the Embodiments, those Souls will fall in deception, giving up the Truth. Kal will come to destroy the Embodiments, and in material deceptions he will snare the Souls of Kal. But the Embodiments will be awakened by my means and will stop activity of the root.

The Son of Nad will remain unaffected and He will accept my Word firmly. By the support of Shabd, He will have a radiant way of living, knowledge, understanding and qualities. The unjust Kal will not devour Him. Know this as true, oh brother!

The Characteristic of Vijay Doot

Now listen to the characteristics of Vijay, which I am explaining to you one-by-one. He will be born in Bundelkhand, and he will keep the name Gyani. By organising a ras and playing the flute, he will make the Souls firm in Sakhi Bhav. He will keep many female companions with him, and will call himself the second Krishna. He will deceive the Souls, as without the knowledge, how can they recognise him? He will say that in front of the eyes is the shadow of the mind, and that above the nose is the sky. The Souls will fall in the misty deception of Yama – a painter who uses black and white colours. Moment after moment he will be fickle and will not be steady. They (the Souls) will try to see this with the outer eyes. Kal will show the shadow of the mind, and will call this shadow the means of liberation. He will make the Souls leave the True Naam so that the Souls may go in the mouth of Kal.

Oh Dharam Das, I have explained to you what Yamraj will do. All the four messengers will create deep illusions, and in this way they will steal the Souls.

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