Niranjan’s Instructions to his Messengers

Niranjan made four messengers to whom he gave many teachings.

He told them,

"Listen, entities: you are of my own lineage. Whatever I tell you, believe that, and obey my orders. One brother, who is called by the name Kabir in the world, is my enemy. He wants to finish the ocean of the world and take the Souls to Sach Khand. Deceiving, and creating fraud, he deludes the world, and he makes all free from my path. Making the Souls hear the True Naam, he sends them to Sach Khand. Because he is determined to ruin the world, that is why I have created you.

Obeying me, go into the world, and, in the name of Kabir, establish your paths. The Souls of the world are lost in the sweetness of pleasures – they do whatever I tell them. You create four paths in the world and show them to the people. All four of you should bear the name Kabir, and don’t speak any word from your mouth except 'Kabir.' When the Souls come to you in the name of Kabir, speak those words which are pleasing to their minds. In the Kali Yuga the Souls do not have any knowledge. Looking at others, they follow a path. Hearing your words they will be pleased, and again and again they will come to you. When they become firm in their faith in you, with no differences in their minds, throw your snare on them. Be careful! Don’t let them know your secret! In Jambu Island make your home where the name of Kabir is pervading. 

When Kabir goes to Bandho Garh and accepts Dharam Das as his own, he will establish the Kingdom of forty-two Embodiments and then his Kingdom will spread. I will stop the Souls by fourteen yamas, and by twelve paths I will deceive them.

Even so, I have my doubts. That’s why brothers, I am sending you. Attack the Forty-two and trap them in your words. Then I will know, brothers, that you have obeyed me."

Hearing those words, the messengers became very happy:

"Oh mighty one, we have accepted your orders. As you have ordered us, we take those words on our heads. By your grace we have become fortunate."

Folding their hands, they answered like that.

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Hearing this, Kal became happy. He was overjoyed at what the messengers said. He explained many other things to them. In this way, Kal the unjust showed them his path.

Giving them many mantras to devour the Souls with, he told them,

"Brothers, go into the world! All four of you go, taking four different forms, and don’t spare large or small. Set the traps, brothers, in such a way that my food will not go out of my hands."

Hearing these words, they became very pleased: the words of Kal seemed a flow of nectar. So these are the four messengers manifested in the world, and they will establish four paths. Consider these messengers as the heroes and the leaders of the twelve paths. The four paths established by them will be changed back and forth to explain things. These four paths are the origin of the twelve paths, and they will be painful for the Word Embodied.

Hearing this, Dharam Das became nervous, and folding his hands, he made this request:

Listen. Oh Lord, now my doubt has become stronger. Oh Master, don’t delay! First, tell me their names. I am asking this from You for the sake of the Souls. Tell me their nature. Tell me the forms of those messengers, their signs, and also their effects. Which form have they taken in the world, and how do they trap the Souls? In which country will they manifest? Oh Lord, You tell me all.

Kabir said:

Dharam Das, I am explaining to you the secret of the four messengers.



Ruin the world: If all Souls go Home, Kal has no more seed to fulfil his duty and play his game.

Should bear the name of Kabir: If His name is repeated often and loudly enough, many people will not realise that what is proclaimed does not have to do with Him at all. This also applies to all today’s so-called Kabir-Paths.

Which are pleasing to their minds: What they want to hear is not what they need to hear. In other words they will be lulled to sleep rather than being awakened.

The four […] paths are changed: That means they are adjusted according to the time. The previous paths remain and new paths are added, just as in the case of mutation. In this way many variations has arisen by now and the confusion has increased significantly.

Painful for the Word Embodied: It is annoying for the Masters, Gurumukhs and Khalsas.