The Beginning of the Tale

Dharam Das requested:

Oh Lord, I sacrifice myself on You. Lord, You have told me that the Embodiments come into the world for the sake of the Souls. The Gyani who will recognise the Word Embodied will not be stopped, even by strong force. I have understood the Embodiment as the form of Sat Purush, and in my heart no other thought has come. The Quintessence manifested and came into the world, and I have seen and tested Him thoroughly.

Even so, I have one doubt. Shower Grace on me so that it may go. I was sent by the Competent One, and when I came into the world, Kal trapped me. You call me the essence of Sukrit. Even so, the terrifying Kal bit me. If this should happen to the Embodiments, then all the Souls of the world would be destroyed. So, shower such Grace, Remover of Pains, that Kal Niranjan may not deceive the Embodiments. I don’t know anything else. Oh Lord, my reputation is in Your hands.

Kabir answered:

Dharam Das, you have thought correctly. Your doubt is appropriate. Dharam Das, in the future it will happen that Dharam Rai will play this trick, which I will not hide from you. Whatever will happen, I will tell you truly.

But first hear what I have already told you, and listening to it attentively, know it. In the Sat Yuga, Sat Purush called me and ordered me to go into the world. When I came, I met Kal on the way. After debating with him, I removed his pride.

Then he deceived me, and took three yugas from me, then the unjust Kal told me,

"Oh Brother, I will not ask for the fourth yuga."

After I gave him my promise, I came into the world. I didn’t manifest my Path in the first three ages, because I gave them to him. When the fourth age, the Kali Yuga came, again Sat Purush sent me into the world. The butcher Kal stopped me on the way, and in many ways he pleaded with me. 

I have told you that story and the secret of the twelve paths before. He deceived me, and told me only twelve – he didn’t tell me any other thing. In the first three ages he defeated me, and in the Kali Yuga he set many traps. He told me that he has created twelve paths – but he hid four from me. When I made four Gurus, he also sent his beings. When I made four helmsmen, Dharam Rai increased his apparatus of deception.

Sat Purush enlightened me to this. Oh Dharam Das, I am telling you this as a Spiritual Work: oh brother, those who will have Naam as the helper in their heart, only they will understand all this play.



Dharam Rai increased his apparatus of deception: This refers to the creation of the four messengers and their paths that are described hereafter.