The Establishment of the Kingdom
of forty-two Embodiments

After some days passed, the Lord said these words:

Oh Dharam Das, bring what is needed. I will perform the chauka. I will establish the Kingdom of forty-two Embodiments that the work of the Souls may be accomplished.

– Then Dharam Das brought what was needed and placed it before Gyani.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Gyani, if You want anything else, then tell me. The Lord prepared the chauka as before, and whatever He wanted, He asked for. The rectangular slab was decorated in many ways and there Chudamani was made to sit.

Kabir said:

You have come into the world by the orders of Sat Purush, and using His means, You have to liberate the Souls. I give You the Kingdom of forty-two Embodiments, and by You the Souls will get their work done.

Kabir gives the Teachings to Chudamani

From You will come the forty-two Embodiments Who will liberate the Souls. From Them sixty branches will come out, and from Those more will sprout. You will have ten thousand little branches, and They all will continue along with the Embodiments. One who will use force to form the relation, I will not send to Sach Khand. As You have become the helmsman, Your branch will also become like that.


Listen, oh Essence of Sat Purush, You are from the high lineage, and not of anyone else. You are the Quintessence of Sat Purush Who has manifested in this ocean of the world. Seeing the Souls in a bad condition, Sat Purush has sent You. Any Soul who will understand You as the essence of someone else, will be devoured by Yama.

– The connoisseur of knowledge will recognise the Embodiments as the form of Sat Purush. He who gets the sign of the Embodiments will become the Hansa.

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

Listen, Dharam Das: now I am giving you the storehouse. Oh brother, now I am explaining to you all that I gave you before. When Chudamani becomes perfect and Kal sees this, he will be shattered. – Hearing this, Dharam Das got up and called Chudamani near him. Right then He was given Naam and in that no delay occurred. When both of them touched the feet of the Master, Kal started trembling with fear. In His mind, the Satguru became pleased, and looking at Chudamani, He was very happy.

Then He told Dharam Das:

Listen, Sukrit: you are a very fortunate one. Your lineage has become the Liberator of the world and will make the Souls cross the ocean of the world. There will be forty-two Embodiments, and the first One to manifest will be my essence. He will be the Word Embodied. Those who come after Him will come into the world from Bind.

The Greatness of the Embodiments

The Souls who get the passport from these Embodiments will go to Sach Khand, becoming fearless. Yama will not block their way, and the eighty-eight crores prisons will feel the loss. No matter if someone tells them of any other knowledge, he will repeat the Naam of Kabir day and night. No matter if one speaks constantly of other knowledge; without the knowledge of the Embodiments all is false. Go and ask the one who knows about the taste of food: no matter if one prepares the food in many ways, it will remain bland without salt. Understand food as knowledge, and the Sign of the Embodiments as its taste. There are fourteen crores of knowledge, but the Essential Shabd is different from them. In the sky nine lakhs of stars appear, and looking at them, everyone becomes happy.

But when the sun comes out in the day, it hides the light of the stars. The knowledge is like the nine lakhs stars, and the Essential Shabd is like the sun. Lakhs of knowledge explain things to the Souls, whereas the Sign of the Embodiments takes the Souls Home. Listen to one more example of how the ship crosses the sea: Shabd is the ship, and your Embodiment is the One Who takes them across.


Oh Dharam Das, I have described to you the Origin of Sat Purush. Those who take any other path than that of the Embodiments will go to the region of Yama. The Soul who, day and night, will sing the Shabd without getting the Sign of the Embodiments will be caught in Kal’s trap. Do not blame me afterwards!

– Those who recognise the Shabd, giving up the traits of the crow, will become the Hansas. Kal will not get those who accept the Essential Shabd firmly.



After some days passed: Some time later.

Forty-two Embodiments: The various lines of Saints in the Kali Yuga established by Kabir. Many of Them have not yet manifested.

Sixty branches: There will be many Saints as long as the Kali Yuga continues.

Regardless of the line of Embodiments created by Kabir, another line came from Guru Nanak. Both were Swateh Gurus and during many years  they were embodied contemporaneously.

In the biography of Guru Nanak by Bhai Bala, Guru Nanak is said to have stated that in this Kali Yuga – Iron Age – many a Saint would come to lead people Godward.

Seventy Bhagats and fourteen Saints would come during this period. The Saints would carry shiploads of people Homeward. Those who would not believe would flounder, and those who are slaves of their lower selves would not be accepted.

Godman (First Edition, 1967) –
X. Before and after Guru Nanak,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The fourteenth Saint was Hazur Sawan Singh. Thereafter the Almighty Power Itself came in the form of Kirpal as it was prophesied by Guru Nanak in a hymn.

(See also the subsection 'By using my Name' in the illustration to 'The Attributes of the four Messengers.')

Will use force: It is fundamentally against the teachings of the Masters to use any kind of intimidation – physically, mentally or psychically – to bring people on to the Path, and whoever does it will lose.

Bind: Seed; They are not born perfected, like Swateh Gurus, but They reach perfection during Their physical life – so They are Gurumukh Gurus.

Crores: Indian numeral. (See the illustration 'Crores' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

Tells them of any other knowledge: This also happens where the True Knowledge should actually have been passed on. So, the members of the 'Unity of Man' organisation aim to turn Kirpal Sagar’s school – Kirpal Sagar Academy (KSA) – into an elite school highly regarded in the Punjab and in all parts of India.

Accordingly there are the following statements on the internet presentation of the school:


"Kirpal Sagar Academy's mission is to provide a resource based education with global opportunities for academic growth and development, and assure that all students are provided the necessary life skills and competencies to function productively in an ever changing society while retaining Indian values and Philosophy."


"[…] The emphasis of KSA, an International School is to make the students proud of their deep-rooted ethos, the ancient Indian culture and train them in the most modern methodology." *

Chairman’s Message – Dr. Karamjit Singh

'Perfection in the World of Grace'

"KSA embodies the spirtiual vision and the humanistic ideals of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh. We are determined to transform the Academy into one of the finest places of learning in this country. We teach childern to strive for something beyond excellence..........Perfection. We let Perfection blossom in a world of Grace. We teach students to seek perfection in knowledge, perfection in life skills and perfection as persons. KSA is commited to give the best to its students." **

* Source: (as of June 2014)

** Source: (as of June 2014)

But these efforts only serve for the acquirement of name and fame. K. S. never strived for an elite school but laid great stress on the process of man-making in school education. 

Paradoxically enough, culture and agriculture are similar in many ways. The soul’s kshetra (field) must be cultivated by disciplining desires and emotions. Who could have put it better than Buddha Who, while dilating on the analogy, observed,

I plow and sow and grow, and from my plowing and sowing, I reap immortal fruit. My field is religion; the weeds I pick up are passions; my plow is wisdom; my seed is purity.

Our rishis have prayed,

Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya. – Lead me from darkness to Light.

But this darkness cannot be illumined in just a day. Bricks, mortar, comforts, and luxuries cannot give any such training. It is the proper atmosphere which can deliver the goods; that is why emphasis in the school should be on atmosphere more than on rules, textbooks, and buildings.

('Towards the New Education,' a talk given by Kirpal Singh at Manav Kendra at the inauguration of the Manav Kendra Education Scheme, 21 June 1972; source: Sat Sandesh / September 1972.)

Lakhs: Indian numeral. (See the illustration 'Lakh' in the subchapter 'How Vishnu turned black.')

The Soul who, day and night, will sing the Shabd: The Souls who have received Naam in previous lives – even if they can hear the Sound Current (sing the Shabd) – need to go to the Living Master in their present life to receive initiation. – Sometimes it happens that a Soul hearing the Sound Current is not able to properly classify the experience.

Kirpal Singh said analogously:

Some hear something and go to the otologist.

As the Souls are embodied they have to be connect with the Living Master again. (For the meaning of the term 'Living Master' see the subchapter 'Fundamental Explanations.') Souls who have Naam from previous lives but do not search the connection with the Living Master in this birth go astray. Even to meet a Competent Master of the past within is of no use regarding the advancement. (See the subsection 'Takes your Naam also' in the illustration to 'The Nature of the Renunciates.')

The imperfect so-called masters – who actually are the trappers of Kal – take advantage of the fact that these Souls are intoxicated hearing the Sound Current and thus forgetting to go the Path anew. (See the illustration 'Have finished all the snares of Kal for you' in the subchapter 'The Description of Performing Arti' as well as the subsection 'Imperfect so-called masters of Sant Mat' in 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part I,' especially the points illustrated on the basis of the examples of Rajinder S. and Thakar Singh.)

Do not blame me afterwards: A Soul singing the Shabd (see the subsection 'The Soul who, day and night, will sing the Shabd' in this illustration above) but disavowing to need to go to the Living Master cannot blame the Truth, if she goes under. On the other hand there are many Souls in the world who have received a valid initiation. These have to advance too because an initiate is not yet a disciple. An initiate who wants to become a disciple will use all his knowledge day and night to change himself and to approach the Almighty more and more. There is no reason for an initiate who lives in the right way not to go Home.

Any other behaviour does not belong to discipleship at all, and those who keep such non conducive behaviour are a disgrace for Truth, the Master and the Path. Their actions cannot even be justified by writing books and reporting of their experiences as after all the actual fact remains.