Dharam Das Sahib has the Darshan of the Quintessence

Dharam Das said:

Bowing his head, Dharam Das made this request: oh Lord – Happiness Giver to all the Souls – tell me, in which way will the Souls cross the ocean of life? Tell me, oh Beautiful Husband of the Souls, how will the Path be maintained, and how will the Souls go to Sach Khand? I have thrown out Narayan Das – who was my son – knowing that he is Kal. Now, oh Lord, show me that Path by which the Souls may go to Sach Khand. How will my lineage continue, and how will they follow Your Path? That’s why, oh Lord, I am making a request to You to tell me how the Path will continue.

Kabir answered:

Listen, Dharam Das, to the teaching of Shabd: I am giving you this message, understanding you as my own. The Quintessence-Soul is the essence of Sat Purush which will manifest in your home. The Word will incarnate into the world, and will be called by the name 'Chudamani.' The essence of Sat Purush in the Quintessence-Embodiments will cut the snares of Kal and remove the doubts of the Souls.


In the Kali Yuga the Soul will become free from Kal by the Glory of Naam. Those who will firmly accept the True Naam within themselves will become free from the traps laid by Yama. Yama will not come near those who will have faith in the Embodiments. Such Souls go across the ocean of life after putting their feet on Kal’s head.

– Oh Dharam Das, take this into your heart: I will liberate those Souls who will become firm in the words of the Embodiments.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, folding both my hands, I make this request – but saying this, my Soul is trembling: the Word will be embodied as the essence of Sat Purush, but the doubt of my mind will go if I have His Darshan. Oh Lord! Accept this request of mine – oh Lord! Shower this Mercy on me – then I will know the Truth and will be convinced of Your words.

Hearing this, the Lord spoke these words,

"Oh Muktamuni, my essence, becoming dependent on me, Sukrit has asked for Your Darshan, so You come and give Your Darshan."

Then for one moment Muktamuni came and Dharam Das had His Darshan. Dharam Das fell at the feet and touched them:

Now You have fulfilled the desire of my heart.

Again and again he put his heart at the feet:

Oh Noble Sat Purush, You have made me have the Darshan. Having the Darshan my heart is happy like the moonbird getting the moon. Now oh Lord Gyani, shower such Grace so that the Embodiments of the Word may manifest into the world. I am making this request to You, oh Lord, so that the Path may continue.



Quintessence: The essence of essences.

Chudamani: Dharam Das’ successor; the next Competent Master in the line of Kabir – Dharam Das.

Muktamuni: The Quintessence in Its pre-embodied form; the Soul later taking birth as Chudamani.