Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths


'Unity of Man' and Kirpal Sagar

In the case of the structure 'Unity of Man' one did not fall victim to those misapprehensions, as it was the case with Ruhani Satsang. Consequently the possibility of handling it in a better way was given. However, it regrettably arose that the local initiates of Unity of Man who had been able to connect themselves with this Power began to worship personalities and to support high and low. They allowed a managment to take over the outer leadership and even the inner guidance of the people by outer instructions. They crippled the initiates and developed a complex of structures with their aid. In addition they built up a wrong patronage. (According to this subject see the last circular letter by Kirpal Singh 'On the Unity of Man.') They adopted the same subtil tendencies of mind as it was the case with Ruhani Satsang. Instead of living True Spirituality, they lost themselves in outwardnesses.

On the 16th of November 1994 it happened that, after the 'Satsang,' a disciple of Kirpal Singh left the project 'Kirpal Sagar' forever by His order. It was the foundation day of the project. As there was no more place for Kirpal, it was decided within to take along the project leader Dr Harbhajan too. His wife cried bitterly at that time. The disciple left the project and some months later, in September 1995, Dr Harbhajan left the world.* Now this place is a mere collecting basin of people who love to carry out hidden rituals and to act outwardly, with activities such as 'Santa Claus is coming,' arranging sport tournaments etc.

* Nowadays – 2012 – many people still use his name in order to distinguish themselves. However, they are not in contact with him in the subtle regions.

Under the pretext to honour him, they furthermore established a small Sarovar where people should go for pilgrimage. But Dr Harbhajan never agreed on such an absurdity and even does not agree on this within today. Quite the contrary he clearly stated within not to agree with the outer Kirpal Sagar but having built for himself the True Kirpal Sagar within. The outer project is the desire of his wife. (See the book 'The Unity of Man – Volume III.')

Bhagats and Saints never agree on such acts. Baba Jaimal Singh also clearly voiced His opposition against the construction of a Samadh, memorial stone, for the memory of Swami Ji. (See 'A Great Saint / Baba Jaimal Singh – III. / (v) The Torch Bearer,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

A Chinese saying declares analogously:

Building a memorial for others one actually builds it for oneself.

Already at the time of laying the foundation stone of the middle Sarovar-building, pictures of the leaders of that project were put into the foundation stone – with their knowledge. Consequently it was deprived of its sense. They also diverted the Sarovar – that was to be the counterpart to the Mansarovar – from its intended use by devoting each of the four rooms of the enclosing building to a religion. On special days, readings of scriptures from these religions and also rituals are held there, e. g. in the bible-room the sayings of Masses by a priest. In consideration of the fact that God created man, man created religions and that Kal himself is the creator of rituals, this behaviour is an absurdity in itself.

Once again, it has to be explained very clearly:

In the Sawan Ashram, Kirpal Singh forewent all formalities and said:

I have no rituals, no forms, nothing of the sort here. No temple, no church, no mosque. Why? Because what I am telling you is the Highest Thing. Remain where you are, you are not to leave your religions but to make the best use of them, and see how far you have proceeded, advanced, progressed on the Way. So that is one of the reasons why I have got no church, temple or anything. I take them as the elementary steps. People are stuck fast to them. They don’t bear the fruits of performing the rituals or methods of outward performances. Here we have got no forms, we do not care what label you are wearing or what school of thought you have belonged to. We never care for it, we want just to enjoy that you are a man, you are a soul. The same God is within you.

You must rise in that God consciousness. This is the main purpose of Ruhani Satsang, what we are after here. This is what the world needs today.

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1970) –
VII. What is True Love / Part I,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Sawan Singh emphasised the importance of the avoidance of rituals as well.

R. H. initiated into Naam by Kirpal’s Grace in these times, contemporarily described the uselessness of holding on to outer practices and social and religious communities and the importance of devotion to Naam in the following poem:

Harken eternal softly sweep, touch siliceous, finest sand; when He found me on the shore a fordable flush has absorbed me. Wild storm blew out the light of day; drowned mendacious stillness; of illusive flaring idyll; which promises us the right way. What helps it, if we hang at buoys; to direct the rigid view towards land; to hope for salvation, to trust blindly … Not until we sink; look in black depths, raise us into Light; we awake – from death to life.

Furthermore, it happened that people who took heart of Kirpal’s mission, that is the True Unity of Man – according to Kirpal’s statements on the Conference of Unity of Man in 1974 – criticised those through whom Souls really are connected with Naam, and affirmed that no Naam could be received there. Not being able anymore to deny the fact that Souls receive Naam there they affirmed something must be wrong there because these disciple had no love as they did not have to do anything with everyone and even not with them. (See the subsection 'Without the Master he will try to cross the ocean' in the illustration to 'The Indispensability of the Guru.')

Such statements cannot be found with structures that obviously do things wrong, but only among those who should actually work for Kirpal but make mistakes as well and do not do it better in the future but want to justify their mistakes by suchlike statements.*

* By the way, organisations that go completely wrong are comparatively innocuous. The latter that still have a spark of Truth are much more dangerous.

These people know that someone who knows the Truth sees the Unity and therefore never affronts others. They misuse this knowledge for their justifications and make a wrong use of what Christ said 'Anyone who is not with me is against me' (St Luke 11:23).

This sentence however does not say that all people should convert to Christianity but it refers to standing by the Christ- or Master-Power. – For whosoever is not in favour of the Master-Power is in favour of Kal. The 'Unity of Man' organisation however uses these statements to suggest that there – and only there – the work of Kirpal is done, and everyone who criticises that will not be on the side of Truth.

The more their members lose themselves in outward activities, the more they fall victim to the belief that all men have to gather there as it is due to the organisation’s name. Often it seems as if they aimed at founding a universal religion, even though the statements in the self-presentations of the organisation say something else.

Accordingly Kirpal Singh wrote:

The crying need of the time is to set up one Universal Religion for the entire mankind, which should be a compendium of all that is good in every religion. But is it possible? Owing to differences in temperaments and modes of thinking, it is well-nigh impossible to lay down rules of worship acceptable to all and to direct their varying thought-currents in one channel. With all this diversity, there is yet one thing which is common in all humanity. It is the Divine Link with which the entire creation came into being and is being sustained. All religions, in spite of apparent differences in external forms and rituals are at bottom embedded in essentials which are exactly alike and similar. The Divine Ground on which each of them rests is the same, and the huge mass of superstructure has been raised in each case on the bedrock of Divinity itself.

The problem that confronts us is to find a way whereby it may be possible to reach that Divine Ground – the bedrock of Divinity. The essential roots of all religions are now lost to view and utterly forgotten under the camouflage of ancient verbiage, the encrusted dust of ages and the dogmatic formularies of the priestcraft. All that we need now is to present Truth, once again, to the scientific modern world, in a scientific setting. […]

We must study all religions with Love and devotion, adopt and accept as a workable formula, the common Divine Ground underlying each. The different religious books like the Vedas, the Holy Bible, the Sacred Quran and Sri Adi Granth Sahib and all other scriptures are so many pages of the interminable Book of God to which others may be added from time to time. In this materialistic age, it is necessary that the common Spiritual Truths be collected at one place and presented to mankind as a beautiful bouquet.

The awakened people all over the world are realising the Truth of it and are forming world conferences of religions to place before mankind the basic ideas common to all religions, so that Spirituality may be placed on the footing of a regular science to which all seekers after Truth may turn regardless of their castes or creeds and without disturbing the social orders to which they belong.

The present-day attempt to hold All-World Religious Conferences, to establish World Fellowship of Religions and to set up institutions for the comparative study of all religions and to conduct investigations into the cardinal principles of Truth, Love and Non-violence are steps in the right direction and point to the time when the whole world will be knit together in the silken bonds of one Universal Religion of Love and humanity.

Spirituality / What it is (First Edition, 1959) –
IX. The Ideal of Universal Religion,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The persons responsible of the organisation 'Unity of Man' take these statements to heart in the wrong way. They let themselves be photographed together with well-known personalities and publish these photos on the internet in order to suggest importance and unity. Photos of Kirpal Singh with other well-known personalities of religion or politics were always taken on the occasion of real talks about Truth. Photographs of the members of the abovementioned organisation however were only taken for the purpose of presentation. In the 20th/21st century it is no problem anymore to pose for photographs with all sorts of people on the occasion of some conferences or even for money. In the same way they hold so-called world conferences that allegedly are the follow-up-conferences to the Unity of Man Conference held by Kirpal Singh in 1974.*

* All conferences after 1974 were useless because they only took place outwardly. Mere outward activities however do not lead to any Inner Change. That is why the ambition to regularly organise such conferences simply brings about more alienation. Kirpal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh both emphasised that there is no need for outwardnesses.

If otherwise a disciple who is completely at one with Truth is doing something, a seed is sown in the higher realms whereby a change comes about.

The actual aim of the conference held by Kirpal Singh was to enable man to realise the already existing Unity. This is a first, fundamental step, however, not having anything to do with Spirituality.

Mahavira who is accepted as the founder of Jainism had reached that point.

Kirpal Singh wrote about him:

[…] Again, it may be a Jain Tirthankara, the Mahavira, the bravest of the brave, who could dare approach the divine throne of Brahman and give out to the world the law of Universal Love and Ahimsa, Love for all creatures from the tiniest insect, helplessly crawling in the dust and the water and air spirits floating in countless numbers, in their respective spheres, invisible to the naked eye.

The Mystery of Death (First Edition, 1968) –
V. What after Death?,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Mahavira realised that the same essence is in everything. In deference to life his successors and the Jains of today still try not to harm any being but they do no longer have the direct vision.

Not least this happens when persons having no deep Inner Knowledge, are elected into the management of a structure to keep running the outer aspect of the organisation. Unfortunately they often interfere in the Inner – Spiritual – Aspect, lay claim to a leading position and lead others without  actually being competent. They also presume to tell those who are connected with Kirpal what to do or whether or not such disciples are welcome at all. They abuse the True Disciples of Kirpal Singh as Kurahia – someone who leads Souls astray.*

* Even at the time of Guru Nanak there was a town whose sufis living there did not want to give Him a place in the town and called Him a 'Kurahia.'

Kirpal Singh writes as follows:

[…] When He [Guru Nanak; Editor’s Note] went to Multan, the land of pirs and fakirs, the latter sent Him a bowl brimming over with milk, implying that the place was already full of saintly souls and there was hardly any room for more. Nanak, Who knew the implication in the offer made, just took a jasmine flower and placing it on the surface of the milk returned the bowl, meaning thereby that He would float as lightly as the flower and give fragrance to all of them. The True Saints, as a rule, have no quarrel with anybody. They talk gently and work quietly in the service of God and man.

Source: Sat Sandesh / January 1970,
Guru Nanak: His Life and Teachings – Introduction,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Kirpal Singh once wrote in a letter to a disciple: 

 […] Your idea of serving others is welcome. First of all one must serve oneself and then others. You are in the bondage of mind and matter. Your soul has many coverings over it such as the physical body, astral body and causal body, mind and matter, etc. So long as you are imprisoned in these bonds, what service can you render to others? One prisoner cannot liberate another. The five passions are within everyone of us, and are robbing us of our Spiritual Wealth. The way to become liberated from these five robbers is first to receive initiation and then work hard to reach the higher regions. When you free yourself then it is a real service to try and free others.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part II: VII. Mind and Soul,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

On the Internet, the organisation operates a presentation with the URL '' On the welcome page of this website one can find the following text:


[…] "This homepage contains a collection of Sant Kirpal Singh’s precious books, lectures and heart-to-heart talks which will be extended further on. These teachings bring near to the interested ones the true spirituality …" […]


Kirpal Singh always emphasised that He did not spread new teachings and that it has not even ever been His will to found a new religion. He also disapproved of calling the Eternal Truth proclaimed by Him as teachings.
So He said:  

[…] I am teaching no faith.

And further: 

[…] This is no new faith, no new religion – nor am I going to advocate any religion whatsoever. There are already so many faiths existing. Do you follow me? This gathering here is a purely Spiritual Gathering, a common ground for all to sit together, irrespective of whether they belong to one religion or the other. […]

No new Faith, mind that –
Talk at Tustin, California,
18 December 1963

Source: Sat Sandesh / December 1976

What He said and wrote down, was in fact the quintessence of the teachings of all True Masters and Saints. Although the members of 'Unity of Man' know about it and corresponding passages – such as the statements of Kirpal Singh cited above – can be found on the mentioned internet presentation, the term 'teachings' is used to address people intellectually.
It would have been appropriate to call the site for example 'kirpalsingh-books' or 'kirpalsingh-scriptures.' But now it is a subtle desception that is not seen through by most people.
Furthermore on the website they contest the following assertion: 


[…] "Unity of Man is a spiritual and international organisation, initiated in 1974 by Sant Kirpal Singh. It is a movement working on an international level, striving to awake the public opinion to an awareness of unity. The basic concept is that Unity already exists, we have only forgotten it." […]


Kirpal Singh however neither founded this organisation nor did He ever want it. The campaign of Unity of Man proclaimed by Him in February 1974 on the occasion of the great Unity of Man Conference is totally different.
In His last circular letter 'On the Unity of Man' dated 15th May 1974 Kirpal Singh wrote in paragraph 9:

It would be prudent to clarify that the campaign of Unity of Man has to be carried out above the level of religions without in any way affecting any religious or social orders. It has to obtain in practice the blessings and support of all those who believe in the Gospel of Unity of Man, and could give it strength by taking this Gospel to every human heart around them and convincing them of the need of its acceptance in daily life. It will neither be tagged with Ruhani Satsang nor with any other similar organisation. The enthusiasm of its admirers will be the real force working behind the campaign.

So it is clear that not only Ruhani Satsang does not have the patronage for this campaign but Kirpal Singh even did not trust any other organisation of whatever nature with this task and also did not want it. (See the Domain with original content:

Elsewhere He said:

After my physical departure I will not stand behind any organisation, founded in my name. If so, it will be their own destiny.

The ignorant management of the 'Unity of Man' organisation cannot help distorting Truth again and again in order to put a treat on this formation. On the one hand, all information is published by now – to show not to have anything to conceal and to have a pure heart. On the other hand they distort the statements of Kirpal Singh and disregard His will by falsifying the content of the website in a subtle way, by integrating incorrect text passages.

Elder disciples of Kirpal Singh knowing His statements on this subject were not able to do anything with the name of the organisation. – However, the name 'Kirpal Sagar' for the actual project in India is correct; but it is not led correctly any more. People are told that the work – the assistance – on the outer building of the school and on the project would be the work on the House of the Father. But this work is a pure Inner One, it concerns the Inner Kirpal Sagar that needs to be established by everyone within himself. (See the domain in German language:

Addendum: After the abovementioned nuisances became obvious, since 2012 there is to be found a modified text on the English version of the website of the organisation 'Unity of Man':

"Unity of Man is a spiritual movement striving to awake the public opinion to an awareness of unity and promoting inter-religious understanding.

Unity of Man was initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1974 and continued afterwards by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur.

The movement is headquartered at Kirpal Sagar near Rahon, India, a Project for the service to man and spiritual development, and maintains a Centre for the West at St.Gilgen, Austria.

With its Project Kirpal Sagar in India, Unity of Man functions as spiritual, charitable and cultural organisation." *

* Source:

In this text the organisation 'Unity of Man' is presented as a movement that was set up by Kirpal Singh functioning as a spiritual, charitable and cultural organisation with its project Kirpal Sagar.

That is an attempt to understate the previous statements. However Kirpal Singh did not describe any movement in His last circular letter, as it can be seen from the above extract, but a campaign – notwithstanding incorrect translations are widespread in the German-speaking area.

The editor of this book receives correspondence wherein people write that even after years of intense service of the 'Unity of Man' organisation, they were still empty inwardly.* However criticising the outward activities there, they are threatened to be disbelieving and to lose everything. Those people are told that it is not necessary to join any formation.

* This also applies to the members of other structures. See for example also the statements of B. B. in 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part I' and of E. E. in the illustration 'Kamal, my son' in the subchapter 'Lecture about the Future.'

Kirpal Singh said:

[…] that formations result in stagnation.

It actually is about practising Truth oneself. Therefore everyone must account to himself: did he receive Naam and did he have a firsthand-experience? – Even in such structures there are people who once have received Naam. Does he see Light in meditation and can he listen to the Sound Current willingly? If not, he should first seek to receive Naam.

So when something is wrong, one does not have to deal with it. This has nothing to do with lack of Love.

Kabir said correspondingly:

If you have to make compromises on Truth to hold people together it is time to go away – and to meditate alone.

Kirpal said analogously:

[…] when a disciple meditates he should allow only these Souls to sit with him who really seek after Truth.

A man gets the greatest blessing if he helps others to get a step nearer to God. The greatest sin is to get someone a step away from God.

On the website '' is to be found an image of Buddha (behind the buttons 'Spirituality / Meditation) – seemingly as an allegory for meditation – likewise to a wellness centre.* On the next page one even gets to see the image of a Buddha statue with the symbolised chakras of the body. Behind it the various planes of creation are presented graphically.**




By the formation of the planes behind the statue an ignorant viewer could be mislead to assume that there was any relation between the various planes and the chakras of the body – however there is no such relation. For example Sat Lok – Sach Khand – is to be found at the level of the statue’s throat centre. But Sach Khand does not at least have anything to do with any chakra of the body – it is far above them.

It seems as if members of the organisation 'Unity of Man' – for lack of Spiritual Substance – try to follow the imagery of the still widely popular 'esoteric movement' (actually being absolutely exoteric). What does that have to do with Kirpal Singh and Sant Mat?

On another website operated by the organisation 'Unity of Man' – – under the link '' there is a pronouncement that Kirpal came from Agam. Considering that even the Param Sant Gurus come from Anami and that Kirpal is the Almighty Himself, this is the culmination of nonsense.

(See also the preface 'A Salute and Advice' at the beginning of the book.)