Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths


Sant Mat formations

It is important to basically understand that the following specified deficiencies always result from the mistakes of the disciples which are rooted in a lack of receptivity. Anybody attending a university but not passing the exams is a disgrace for the university. In the same way a disciple not living to what his Master taught and not practising what his Master has given to him is no ornament for his Master. Living in the right way he is a dignity for his Master.

The German legal rule § 33 BeamtStG (Beamtenstatusgesetz; engl. 'Law of Civil Servant Status') makes clear, that civil servants have to show a behaviour appropriate to their status even outside their working hours. Civil servants breaking this rule are no dignity for their country. This shows what a serious disgrace it is when a disciple does not live according to the commandments of his Master.

Ruhani Satsang

In the case of the formation Ruhani Satsang, several basic misapprehensions and undesirable developments as a result of a wrong understanding occured after the physical departure of K. S.

In order to keep alive the 'teachings' the initiates at Ruhani Satsang lost themselves in the existing structures. The reason for this is that they were not conscious of the dynamical Power with which they were and still are in fact connected and what it really means to belong to the Ruhani Satsang. (For this see the Circular Letter 'Ruhani Satsang – Science of the Soul,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

While K. S. was still in the body, the mentioned undesirable developments had already begun. Furthermore they are the reason for the fact, that He left His body several years earlier as it was originally intended. According to this K. S. said analogously:

I want to leave this suffering body, because several people preclude me from doing my work and I still have to do a lot of work. The Golden Age is approaching us and I have to finish my work.

Unfortunately, it so happened that since Kirpal Singh consciously left His body in 1974, in Ruhani Satsang – both across the Atlantic and in Europe – they only pay attention to outward activities – such as the distribution of scriptures and videos for a fee – and tell the people in a pseudo-reliable manner that Naam was not available right now. In America, after the so-called 'Satsangs,' they say 'Amen.'

Mrs Fitting from Germany kept out of the reorientations of the structure and simply said that she did not know who was responsible now, after Kirpal Singh’s parting.

Today – 2012 – the original Ruhani Satsang – founded by K. S. by order of Hazur Sawan Singh – mainly operates in America and Europe, but in the meantime miscellaneous formations all over the world have annexed this name. This also applies to today’s Ruhani Satsang India which was taken over by the Holosophic Society – founded by Thakar Singh. Meanwhile, Ruhani Satsang India started to publish scriptures, as well as audio recordings and video recordings of K. S. on the internet for free. This happened after it became obvious how much money they had made with these publications before. Because of the existing development, Ruhani Satsang America and Europe have patented the name; they say that they did this to prevent misuse. All of this shows how absurd these incidents are.

Wrong use of the term 'Satsang'

Another fundamental problem based on inappropriate behaviour, is the worldwide incorrect use of the term 'Satsang.' In 2012 this term can be found far and wide. False formations of Sant Mat tried to establish places of 'Satsang' everywhere, so that their so-called 'Satsangs' should always be reachable within a distance of about 18 miles. Even formations and so-called spiritual teachers not relating to Sant Mat use this term for their meetings. As a result seekers after Truth contacting the True Satsang often ask if they may attend a local Satsang as Satsangs seem to be everywhere. Realising that they have to travel hundreds of kilometres these people often are irritated.

Accordingly Kirpal Singh writes:

Today Satsang usually means a gathering where either music and singing, or the recitation of epics and stories, or discussions of spiritual subjects take place. A discourse by a learned person is also referred to as Satsang. When four or more persons sit together and sing the praises of the Lord, with or without the aid of an instrument, even this is known as Satsang.

But in the eyes of the Saints, Satsang connotes a much deeper meaning and has a much higher and purer aim. The gathering of worldly-minded people is not termed Satsang. 'Sat' means Truth, and 'Sang' means company. One who has the ideal of Truth established in his heart is the image of the Lord.

Gurumat Sidhant – Part I,
Chapter X: Real Satsang,

by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

So one should not be misled by the quantity of participants that the so-called 'Satsangs' of the different formations achieve. There is no use of many people coming together when Naam cannot be received there. Just as Kirpal Singh pointed out that a good speaker can attract crowds everywhere without that his speech needs to contain anything essential (see the subsection 'The Path of Andha Achet Doot' in the 'Illustration to the twelve Paths – Part I') so with adequate gestures people who come to such meetings may always be attracted. This however does not say anything about the quality of such meetings. In relation the True Satsangs often have only a few attenders. So for a long time Swami Ji held Satsang in a very private fashion. (Compare 'A Great Saint / Baba Jaimal Singh – His Life and Teachings, II. / (iii) The Consummation,' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.)

Kirpal Singh once wrote to a disciple:

I am glad to find that people attended the bimonthly Satsangs despite the inclement weather even though the attendance was comparatively small. It does not matter, as the quantity does not count as much as the quality. The latter is of great importance. […]

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part II:  VIII. General,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The needed quality is solely given in a True Satsang which can only be so called when Naam is distributed there. Such True Satsangs are very rare indeed.

Kabir wrote:

I am entrapped in the city of thieves, while my life is athirst for Satsang. In Satsang lieth much benefit, for it swiftly reveals the Master within thee*, but fools do not understand its significance.

During Satsang is showered a veritable rain of Ambrosia. Indeed, thou hast held in thy fist worthless stones of worldly goods. And thrown away the diamond of the Word, whose value non can measure.

Kabir says, listen ye brother seeker, from this house (the body) take thy soul to that House.

Source: Sat Sandesh / June–July 1969

* Naam – the Word.

The reason for today’s confusions in this field is hidden in the fact that the initiates of Kirpal Singh called their meetings for meditation 'Satsang' after His physical departure. But Satsang is always only there, where Truth is alive. That does not appliy to these places and meetings, as Souls coming there for guidance, did not get it and were not connected with Naam.

Furthermore Ruhani Satsang USA organises retreats – at least partially against payment of a fee – in the United States and in India that should be for collective meditation and remembrance of K. S. Even during these retreats so-called 'Satsangs' take place; to which the above explanations also apply. In fact it is well-intentioned, but nevertheless it is actionism.

Once American disciples asked Kirpal Singh if they were allowed to organise a retreat to give the disciples from different cities the possibility of meditating together. He permitted it because meditating together is always adjuvant. Further being asked if the group leaders should go around to show the attenders how to sit, Kirpal answered analogously:

There is no need for teachers.

Due to the widespread false use of the term 'Satsang' Kal himself could utilise it very soon. Consequently in addition to the already existing false 'Sant Mat formations' such as the Radha Soami formation in Beas, there appeared 'Satsang formations,' 'Satsang fellowships' and 'Satsang forums' worldwide.

A man having Naam is never alone but always in two, because the Master is always with him. Nevertheless it is good when initiates come together for meditation. But if people have received Naam and do not yet rest completely in themselves, so that Kirpal fulfils their wish that others shall receive Naam too, meetings organised by them are no True Satsangs.

That is why everyone who really has received Naam should ask himself with great responsibility, whether he is allowed to call meetings 'Satsang' when he invites people to come to him for meditation. After all it is not different as it has been during the lifetimes of former Competent Masters and during the physical lifetime of K.: only if one definitely knows that the True Master-Power backs it and the Souls receive Naam there, or if the meetings are related to a place where Naam is distributed – even if this place is in another town –, it is allowed to call these meetings Satsang – not otherwise. Anyone calling meetings that are organised by him 'Satsang' without that Naam is distributed there, he automatically becomes an imperfect master.

As Kirpal Singh reported, Raja Janaka once called all pandits and religious leaders from his country for a meeting and asked them whether anybody was able to give him a contact with God. There was no one. Only Yagyavalkya had the moral strength to tell the king that, although he could explain him the theory, he was not able to give him a contact. – Some time later, on the occassion of a second conference, Janaka received the contact through the sage Ashtavakra. Unfortunately, many people who are on the Path today – at the beginning of the 21st century – do not have this moral strength anymore; instead they present themselves as conscious co-workers of the Divine Plan without actually holding that status or being able to connect people with Naam.

Regarding this topic Kirpal Singh said:

We must be sincere. If you have seen the Truth, only then ask the people to follow you.

Dear friend, come and see and have It!

But if you have not seen the Truth yourself, then why, like the proverbial blind man, lead others into the pit along with you? We must be sincere to our own selves and to our fellow men and women. If you only know the scriptures in theory, say so. If you have seen the Light and can rise above body consciousness, and are also competent to give others some experience of it, well and good. Go and tell the people so. You see, that is the difficulty. People speak so much about the scriptures. You must have heard so many speakers holding forth on the subject. But how many of them are there who have had the first-hand experience of Truth, and are competent to give you also that experience? To talk of Spirituality is just like giving a learned discourse on the principles of business without having any capital or practical capability to start the business.

We must be sincere,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Unfortunately, many of the so-called 'old' disciples who had still met Kirpal physically hardly meditate or do not anymore meditate at all. Often the devotion that they had for their Master is depleted by worldly activities.

Kirpal Singh said the following:

[…] You are given some contact within by the Grace of God. You see the Light of God within you, you hear the Sound Principle. When you turn your whole attention to the Sound Current, It will, like a touchstone, drag you up. Even those who are given a contact with the Lord within will lose it if they do not keep their self-restraint. […]

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1967) –
XXV. Righteousness, Detachment, Self-Restraint,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Would such disciples come humbly to a Guru Bhai who is practically connected with Naam and if they put into practice what Kirpal says, they could return to vivid meditation upon Naam in a weekend. – This is no matter of social gathering. But coming to criticise they would get nothing.

Concerning the attendance of Satsangs and the practical living of the theory Kirpal Singh says:

[…] First is learning through theory at the intellectual level and then having that Bread of Life. That will give strength to your soul. On Spiritual Health depends the life of mind and body both. All imperfections will leave you, just as when you sit by a fire, all cold leaves you. By hearing the Sound Current you become the abode of all virtues. By hearing, you can determine the direction in which you have to go. By hearing, your Inner Eye is opened to see where you are going. Pity it is that we give little time to these things and only waste away our time in trifling things, I would say. When you have understood a thing, then follow it. So long as you have not understood, Satsang will help you. When you have got something, then live up to it, and have only the company of somebody who has got that Life within Him. That will give you a boost.

These things are to be understood and then lived. By speaking about bread, your hunger cannot be appeased but you must have bread to eat.

That is why Christ said,

I am the Bread of Life. This Bread of Life has come down from Heaven. Whoever partaketh of it shall have everlasting Life.

Partaketh of it – He is the Bread of Life of course. He also says,

Eat me and drink me.

What to eat? He is Word made flesh. The more you come in contact with and devour that Word, the Light and Sound within you, the more you will be eating of the Bread of Life.

Morning Talks (First Edition, 1967) –
XXVII. How to develop Receptivity / Part I,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Hazur Sawan Singh wrote in a letter:

It is very beneficial for the Satsangis to meet with each other; it promotes their love and faith towards each other and the Holy Master; it also gives stimulus to the Spiritual Exercises. It helps to clear the doubts and difficulties of other Satsangis. Combined Satsang serves a useful purpose. It gives an opportunity for exchange of ideas. The Satsang time is especially valuable in this: that it increases Love for the Master. In a large Satsang there are some advanced Satsangis also who speak from their personal experiences, and this helps in developing faith in others who may come into contact with them.

Circular Letter No. 4 –
Instructions for Holding Satsang:
VI. Extracts from Hazur’s Letters
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Sawan Singh also once said correspondingly that there are three kinds of people that come to the Satsang: the first ones come out of curiosity, the second ones come to criticise and the third ones – the fewest – to reach the Truth.

In contemporary times T. G. initiated in Naam through Kirpal’s Grace in the 21st century, describes the following:

So long was the way, so long was the time – but now I’m sitting here, feeling Your closeness and seeing Your brilliance, can hear Your voice again, at long last. And even if past covers me over and over again, You are still much closer to me seeing the One Truth only in me. So I wish to see with Your eye to become gradually and finally completely, what You only see in me and that I have truly ever been and that I will truly be and that I truly am – Kirpal.