Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths


Imperfect so-called masters of Sant Mat

In addition to the so-called spiritual teachers and paths already mentioned above there were, or are, also some imperfect so-called 'masters of Sant Mat,' who have misled many Souls till this day. Although they taught or teach Sant Mat outwardly they did or do it without Inner Authorisation and they were or are not able to connect Souls with Naam. So they are negative and untruths were integrated in the teachings that they proclaim. These are to be mentioned here first and foremost.

These imperfect masters are: Thakar Singh and his successors, Darshan Singh – the physical son of K. S. – and his successors, Ajaib Singh and his successors as well as Soami Divyanand, but also the pretended masters of Agra in the 'succession' of Swami Ji who came after Rai Saligram and Jaimal Singh, and those from Beas who lived and still live there after Sawan Singh’s physical departure and K. S.’s leaving of the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh*.

* The Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, a settling at the river Beas, was established by Baba Jaimal Singh, Who also lived there. Under Hazur Sawan Singh the Dera achieved the dimension of a small town. Before His physical departure Hazur advised Kirpal Singh to leave the Dera. That way it happened. Kirpal Singh took the Spiritual Blessing with Him. Since that time the Dera is a place of Gaddi Nashin.

K. S. (1894–1974) emphasised that nobody of His family would become His successor; nevertheless after His physical departure His son Darshan Singh was proclaimed as such, and today K.’s grandson Rajinder proclaims to be the living master in the line of K. S. Both claims however are not according to truth. K. S. Himself said that many Saints would come and that He wished all His disciples to become ambassadors of Truth.

Rajinder S. has established numerous schools, where – free of charge or against payment – men are taught in so-called 'man-making-courses.' There are also offerings of meditation and life-coaching courses. As a consequence in Germany life-coaches mushroom having themselves many problems but earning their living by their advisory service. All this has nothing to do with Sat, unchangeable Truth.

Thakar Singh also allowed many lectures and courses to be given through his 'Holosophic Society.' His successor also offers public lectures free of charge by now.

Meanwhile, compact disks with so-called meditative sounds and planetary music are selled in the store and in the internet-shop of the Naam publishing company – the 'spiritual' media press of the Holosophic Society. They say there, that the sounds of harps, flutes, drums and didgeridoos led the listener into a 'fabulous world.' This is an absurd alienation: because the sounds of drum, harp and flute can also be experienced within leading back the soul to her True Home. Outer sounds, however, as they are offered on such kind of CD's, keep the souls bound to the three worlds.

[…] The outer musical aids no doubt do help temporarily in gathering in the scattered outgoing faculties and wandering wits, but cannot lead one to Higher Consciousness. On the other hand, they take one to a state of forgetfulness both of one’s self and of God. Beethoven tells us that music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. We seem to enter into a new mental world of our own which, of course, is superimposed on us by the musicians. But it fails to wean the mind from the inner cravings for the world and all that is worldly. In brief, the teachings of the Masters are crystal-clear on this subject. We may be attracted by and get absorbed in the outer music and all of us fully enjoy it, yet with all that we cannot break loose from the three Gunas and transcend into the beyond. Without the aid of the True Music of the Soul that is going on everywhere and all the time, one remains a constant prey to sorrow and affliction in the realm of mind and matter.

Naam or Word (Fourth Edition, 1981) – Book II:
XXIII. Musical Melodies without,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The Naam publishing company sells books with contents of the scriptures of Kirpal Singh. That way the company 'earns' money for the mission of the so-called masters. Furthermore, this company sells books which comprise various quotations by Kirpal Singh, in order to sell a 'new' book of the so-called masters, such like Thakar Singh or his successors. However, such a compilation is dangerous linking truths and creating a new one, which is not in accordance with the One Truth anymore but leads astray the seekers after Truth.

When people have to fill out questionnaires after so-called initiations of imperfect masters where they shall declare what kind of experiences they had and they do not know what to write down – because they did not have any experiences –, the representatives often tell them to simply write down anything.

For a good reason the imperfect masters make sure that their disciples do not talk to each other about their experiences – or rather about their lack of experiences. It is true that, in general, people who are really initiated in Naam do not talk about their experiences, so that others may not become envious. But in the formations of false masters this rule of silence is forced, so that nobody gets to know that the others also did not experience Naam.

Sometimes it happens that someone being initiated validly does not succeed in truly attuning to Naam. But that is not the norm. If such an initiate practises Naam exactly in the way Kirpal dictated it and if he lives in the right way, he will experience Naam shortly after.

Question to Kirpal Singh:

When a disciple of a Living Master follows instructions in diet etc. but does not get the Sound Current in this life, must he or she return for three additional lives in order to achieve self-realisation?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

No. It is not necessary to return for an initiate who cannot attune to the Holy Sound Current. The Holy Sound Current is the very enlivening principle and is present in every human being. It is a fundamental Truth and must not be over-looked. If, however, somebody cannot hear It even after the sittings given by the Living Master for initiation, there must be some flaw in the attempt. The possibility of future incarnations can be ruled out by gradual development of loving devotion to the Master-Power and aversion for worldly possessions.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part I:
II. Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

The imperfect masters use this statement for their own purposes. So Rajinder S. tells the people who received so-called initiations by him that they had received Naam. If these people point out their non-existent experiences, he tells them that he would be with them at their hour of death.

That way he puts them off to have Truth after death. People of his formation say that, nowadays – at the beginning of the 21st century –, no one could have anymore such experiences as at the time of Kirpal Singh since in our time the sensory impressions are so strong. Today one could be even glad to feel comfortable in the presence of the 'living master.' However, people validly initiated in the new millennium experience Naam just as during Kirpal’s physical lifetime, and many of these initiates meet Him within.

Question to Kirpal Singh:

How does one determine a 'Great Master'?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

Swami Ji Maharaj in Sar Bachan has answered this question very beautifully. He exhorts that as and when you hear about a Saint or Master, just go to Him and in deep humility and reverence sit near Him. Just look into His eyes and forehead like a child with deep receptivity. You will feel an upward pull of the soul and Divine Radiation from His eyes and forehead. Besides, if you have any questions in your heart, these will be answered automatically by His discourse without your effort. Over and above all the testing criterion for the Perfect Master is to have the conscious contact of Holy Naam within, the lowest links of which in the form of Divine Light and Holy Sound Current must be had on initiation. Again He should be competent to afford guidance for His initiates in the astral plane and must protect the soul at the time of their physical death.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) – Part I,
III. Guru: His Need and Functions,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Kirpal Singh says on the subject of today’s apparent aberrations:

Adequate provision, however, is made for the revival of this Science in every age, when both the positive and negative powers commence their rounds again; the former through the agency of Master-Souls, while the latter works through persons – so-called masters – who lack practical experience or are deluded in theoretical disputations.

Man, know thyself (Original Tape Recording) –
Chapter V: Satsang,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

And further:

[…] It often happens that when seekers after Truth wish to meet a Guru, they visit these self-styled masters and serve them with faith.* [...]

Gurumat Sidhant – Part II,
Chapter XIII: Pseudo-Masters or false and Impostor-Masters,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

* Later when they meet a Master, a Gurumukh or Khalsa, they cry for joy. They feel help, love and silence. But as soon as getting out of that radiance they are caught in their old daily routines. However, in that situation a man must be exceptionally attentive not to put aside again what he has understood about Truth. Because once having found the Truth and putting it aside again, one does not know when such a chance as one have already had may return.

For example, at the time of Guru Teg Bahadur twenty so-called masters appeared, and many people cooperated with them for payment.

Before Kirpal Singh had met His Master, He prayed:

'Oh God, I’m convinced that without One Who knows You, nobody can reach You.'

It is a practical matter of self-analysis. God cannot be known by the outgoing faculties, by the vital airs or by the intellect. It is a matter of seeing: whoever sees can make you see.

'I know there’s a need – definitely: all scriptures say so. I’m quite convinced, but where am I to go? Suppose I go to somebody who has not met You – what will be my fate?'

I used to pray like that.

'If You could reveal Yourself to the old Saints' – sometimes there are stories like that – 'why can’t You do it in my case? I’m convinced; I’ve great regard for that need; but there are so many Masters – whom shall I select?'

How I met my Master,
Talk given by Kirpal Singh,
Washington, D.C., 24 January 1964

Thereupon, from 1917 on His Master Baba Sawan Singh began to appear to Him within. Seven years later – in 1924 – He met Him physically. (For further information about Baba Sawan Singh see Kirpal Singh’s book 'Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj with a short narrative brief Life Sketch.')

Just as others Thakar Singh proclaimed to be the successor of K. S. (1894–1974). To fortify his claim for succession of K., his followers created legends; they allege that Thakar Singh was initiated by K. S. Furthermore they propagate that, for instance, he was present at the great initiation of more than 1000 seekers after Truth in 1974 and that he, together with K. S., had appeared to the people within. This is one of the culminations of the widespread nonsense.

In course of so-called initiations given by him or his representatives at times Souls remembered the Sound Current that they have received in earlier lives. Getting some peace they were able to hear Shabd. But through further enquiries it turned out that these Souls at times did also hear the Sound Current before but for example were not able to truly classify the experience. However they were not able to develop the experience as it is the case after a real initiation. However Souls not having experienced Naam conciously in this life even did not have any experience of It of their alleged 'initiation' by Thakar or his representatives.

One should not forget, that the pitiful Thakar Singh was induced by the Indian Sangat to come forward. Due to the radiance of the Sat Sangat, this worked for some time; people received experiences.* But Thakar Singh not having arranged this action with his Master eventually dropped off. He was caught in lower addictions, became negative and sometimes took women. He often heard the sound from the left side, and also his followers and his successor do so.

* Sometimes, in the structures of false masters, a small spark of Truth is awakend in the human beings. The reason for this is, that there are also disciples who are connected with Truth.

When Thakar Singh left the world, he had collected many treasures within; no Spiritual Treasures, as everyone has to collect to reach Sach Khand, no, baskets full of rubies, thousands of these gemstones. The rubies that the Souls carry with them and that he has cunningly purloined from them.*

Oh Bheek! none in the world is poor for each one has tucked in his girdle a precious ruby; but alas! he knows not how to untie the knot to get at the ruby and hence goes abegging.


The Mystery of Death (First Edition, 1968) –
II. The Light of Life,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

* Whosoever hears the Sound Current out of his past still carries an additional jewel with him – the jewel of Naam. The organisations stealing this jewel plunder the mentioned Souls who come to them. Then by and by they lose the Sound Current – like a ton of water slowly being emptied but not filled up again, as it is the case in a real Satsang.

He who wants to find a Guru always gets an imperfect so-called master or a so-called spiritual teacher. He who wants the Almighty or the Truth is led to the True Master-Power.

Addition: In a small circle of disciples of K. S., another source (A. R. L., alias Gobind Singh) reported truthfully on several ongoings of that time: the first Satsangs and initiations and i. a. that he, Thakar Singh, being quite young, was initiated by Sawan Singh – Who also was the Master of K. S. For this gentleman, there was no reason for passing on incorrect information.  When Thakar Singh came forward – being supported by the Indian Sangat, Dr Harbhajan Singh and Tai Ji –, Mr A. R. L. was present in India for many months, one of the truthful eye witnesses of numerous conversations and ongoings. When Sawan Singh left His body, Thakar Singh was about 19 years old.

After the physical departure of K. S., Ajaib Singh proclaimed himself to be His successor. A. S., an initiate of K. S., fell victim to that lie because of the physical resemblance of Ajaib Singh with K. S. Later he regretted his mistake. He wrote a circular letter and apologized for his ignorance. But again he made the same mistake not believing in the words of his own Master.

Then another initiate of Kirpal – R. P. – made the same mistake. Out of Love for his Master’s (K.) physical form he proclaimed Ajaib Singh to be His successor accepting him as a Saint. Just like real gold and fool’s gold (copper pyrites).

With regard to their ignorance, it may be pointed out to them that Baba Sawan Singh and Kirpal Singh never resembled physically. The fact that even initiates with good Inner Experiences fell prey to such misapprehension shows that not the degree of Inner Experiences shows the state of development but the way of living.

M. R. – another initiate of Kirpal Singh having written several texts at K.’s physical lifetime which were often published in Sat Sandesh issues – mistakenly accepted Ajaib Singh as a saint later on and collaborated with the structure that surrounded Ajaib.

Several initiates, however, accepting the false claim for mastership of Ajaib Singh, did not support Sadhu Ram – who proclaimed himself to be the successor of Ajaib and whose civil name is Ladhu Singh. Furthermore they also do not support any speculations about other pretended successors of Ajaib Singh. This turns out to be similar as with Thakar Singh and his successor Baljit Singh. However, the fact remains, that in the USA many initiates of K. proclaimed false successors thereby misdirecting many Souls. Those misdirected Souls becoming followers of Ajaib Singh or of other false successors of K., never received Light nor Sound.

B. B., for example, reported that he was led to Ajaib by an initiate of K. from Minneapolis, F. McL., but that he had never received Light nor Sound.

Regrettably, those who have received Naam themselves – among them also those who seem to meditate a lot and well – proclaimed or proclaim such false successors misdirecting their brothers and sisters.* (See also the subchapter 'Lecture about the Future,' especially the paragraph: 'Those who become helmsmen […].')

* Listing the deplorable states of affairs in this book does not serve for discrediting Truth but it is intended for those who have received Naam so that they may become clear about how fast they can be trapped.

However humans sincere in their search are always led to the place where Naam really is distributed through the Grace of the Almighty and they can testify that the living conscious contact with Truth is even available today – at the end of the 20th/the beginning of the 21st century:

In the middle of the 1990s, one day a contact between a doctor from Guatemala, her name was Letizia R., and a disciple of Kirpal from Leipzig came about. Mrs R. had come to know about the international charitable activities of the disciple and his wife. Since she intended to request a donation for naturopathic medicine and dressing material, she visited the disciple in Leipzig. She wanted to present herself and her project – just as it is right and proper in such a case.

The lady has already lived vegetarian for many years and has never taken drugs. Due to her profession as a doctor she also had much love and sympathy for her fellow human beings.

Right from the beginning, the visit was planned to be a short visit from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. of the next day. After her arrival at the airport of Leipzig, the two drove to the house of the disciple. In the disciple’s car there was a picture of Kirpal Singh on the dashboard. Referring to Kirpal Singh, Mrs R. said: 'It is a pity that what He had spoken about and what He had given to the people, does not exist anymore.'

Thereupon the disciple asked her how she did find out about Kirpal. She replied analogously: 'Everyone in South America knows Him.' [This is the result of Kirpal Singh’s world tours; Editor’s Note.] She knew that there are many imperfect masters. That is why her sorrow was so deep.

Hereupon, the disciple explained to her, that the connection with Naam of which Kirpal has spoken and which He has given, is still available today.

After their arrival at the disciple’s house, first of all he talked with her about her work in Guatemala City. Her country was war-torn.

The rest of the night the disciple talked with her about Kirpal and His mission in this time.

He pointed out that 'where there is fire, oxygen of its own comes to its aid' and if she liked and had understood the theory she could receive the connection with Naam and then would be able to witness it herself – if necessary until the next morning at 8:00 a.m. Mrs R. was initiated in the morning. She acknowledged the experience of Light and Sound. At 10:00 a.m. she attended Satsang and in the late afternoon she turned her way with Kirpal in her heart.

Once a Saint said, that he who cannot give Truth in three hours – the time that initiation usually takes – is an impostor. Truth is so simple. If people understood this they would cry. A disciple only needs to be a disciple, it is enough, that there is One Master for all – Naam. (See also 'The Report after the great Change' at the end of the book, especially the last two paragraphs.)

However, as Kirpal Singh said:

Knowing something is not becoming something.

Here, sincerity is required in order to see where one stands. (See also the passage about Raja Janaka in 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part III / I' and the subsequent quotation of Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974, from the Satsang 'We must be sincere.')