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'Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal'


Note to the 'twelve paths': These 'paths' are distortions of Sant Mat, made by isolating certain aspects of the teaching and emphasising them while excluding the rest. Thus they give a misleading picture of the whole. They  are by far cleverer than outright lies, since almost everything taught in them can be verified in the Sant Mat literature. These paths are, however, described only sketchily; more details are given in Part IV 'The Tale of the Future – The Beginning of the Tale' in the subchapter 'The Attributes of the four Messengers.' The 'twelve' are deduced from the 'four' and represent various 'refinements' and interactions of them.

Since in course of time the paths were modified again and again and new branches developed, today – in 2012 – there are thousands and thousands of so-called spiritual ways and teachers. These modified new branches are paths like Scientology, Transcendental Meditation, Energy Work and many others. In most instances below they are not mentioned explicitly, as they do not refer to Sant Mat. On the following pages there are descriptions of primarily those aberrances that relate, directly or indirectly, to Sant Mat or are based on falsifications of the teachings of Sant Mat.

Doot: Messenger, emissary. These doots are all historic human beings, but as incarnated humans, they bore other names – in some cases, their human names are also given.

The Path of Mritu Andha Doot: To this path belong all cases in which, for example, members of the family of Masters proclaim themselves as masters. (See also the subsection 'Imperfect so-called masters of Sant Mat' in 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part I.')

Such cases occured repeatedly in the past as well as in the present. In our time it happened and happens through the false claims of succession raised by Darshan Singh and Rajinder S.

The Path of Timir Doot: 'He will steal many of your scriptures.' So-called spiritual teachers and authors who declare the work of others as their own can often enough be found even in 2010.

– So the Radha Soami formation in Beas published the Gurumath Sidhant under the title of 'The Philosophy of the Masters.' In gratitude for His Master Sawan Singh Who had dictated the Gurumath Sidhant to Him directly within, K. S. had published this opus under Sawan Singh’s name.* K. S. did not do anything about this issue, because He always wrote His books without copyright. Moreover they were His Guru Bhais, so finally it was of no importance who published the opus, as long as nothing was modified. K. S. Himself said  in relation to the English editions published from Beas that it was a loose translation which could be read, but in which important footnotes were missing.

* Kirpal Singh once told the following:

When I was writing that book Gurumat Sidhant, one writer came to visit and was sitting by me at night. I started at nine o’clock, went on writing, writing as fast as possible. He was sitting watching me. It was ten, it was eleven o’clock, it was twelve midnight, one o’clock. 'From where are You writing?' he said. 'There’s nothing before You to copy.' I told him, 'My Master dictates to me. I’m writing so fast because I cannot keep up to Him.' (chuckles) Whatever thoughts come up without thinking are always perfect.

But they forced K. S. not to publish this opus anymore Himself. Thereupon, He published the contents in a revised and enlarged form in a number of other books, like 'The Crown of Life,' 'Naam or Word' and 'Prayer.'

Today’s published editions published by the Radha Soami formation in Beas refer to the imperfect so-called Master of Radha Soami. This is precarious as the original content of the opus is according to Truth, the added frame such as introduction etc. however leads astray.

(For the explanation of the term 'Radhasoami' see also 'Notes regarding today’s Confusion of the twelve Paths – Part II.')

– An initiate of K. S., Paul Twitchell turned away from His Master, after he had been in contact with Him for several years. Against His explicit advice he founded an own religion – Eckankar. A large extent of the teachings he copied from Sant Mat literature. He mixed the teachings of Sant Mat inter alia with contents of Scientology. Conceiling the true origin of the teachings he fabricated a line of masters who are not traceable in history and of whom he is said to have received his knowledge. He appointed himself 'Eck-Master', the alleged 'living master' of his time. Not able to connect people with Naam he switched to several outer practices conveying them to his followers to create the impression of a spiritual way of development.

After death whereof his followers had been suprised – as he had 'prophesied' to will be present for some more years – his successors Darwin Gross and since the 1980s Harold Klemp continued and still continue the formation. Over the years, the followers of this religion become more and more involved in the structure by a series of so-called 'initiations.' Instead of receiving Naam, they are fobbed off with practices such as dreamwork, chanting of and contemplating upon the sound 'Hu'. Nothing of it has anything to do with Truth but simply is a 'modern' version of the paths of Kal – including inter alia elements of the path of Timir Doot – to bind the Souls.

Ahir caste: A Hindu caste. Its members traditionally work as cowherds or shepherds.

The Path of Andha Achet Doot: Many false masters and pseudo-teachers keep Souls imprisoned 'by the combination of words.' They serve up the Souls with spicy words to hide the missing Spiritual Substance. Teachings that are intellectually cleverly arranged impress those Souls with accordant nature.

As history has shown more then once, well-chosen words can lead the mind to a kind of intoxication, with groups it is still easier than with individuals. With some practice a group of people can be led quite easily. During all times many imperfect so-called masters and so-called spiritual teachers used this effect of group dynamics for their own purposes.

Kirpal Singh says as follows:

[…] Again, Spirituality should not be judged by the number of followers one has. A good speaker can attract crowds anywhere, yet there may not be anything material or convincing in his speech. […]

Man, know thyself (Original Tape Recording)–
Chapter X: Criterion to judge a Genuine Master,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Of course the same also applies analogously to books that are published by such persons. One may be a talented author and in this way enthuse many people, however that does not at all reveal the validity of what is written.

Large parts of the Talmud also evolved from discussions between scholars. But all of these are only of an intellectual nature.

The Path of Manbhang Doot: The simran about 'the sound that rises out of bamboo' is the contemplation upon outer sounds, music etc. According records with 'relaxing and meditation music,' 'sounds of planets' and more may be found easily. Although all this may cause some superficial relaxation, outer sounds can only lead to the limitations of mind but not beyond. That is why such practices are useless for the Soul.

To this path belong all kinds of 'sound therapies' – for instance with singing bowls that are put on the body – as well as 'sound meditations' – for example on the sound of gongs or singing bowls. 'Sounding rooms' where inter alia in sauna rooms or under water in swimming pools sounds can be heard are a modern version of this. Since the turn of the century one come across them in big wellness-centres and thermal spas more often.

That includes also the constant musical background noises – voluntarily or involuntarily, as in store houses for example; even children let themselves be filled with sound by their mobile phones. All that may make a different impression on mind but finally it follows the same principle and even purpose – to keep the Soul imprisoned in the outside world. For a deeper understanding of this subject it is helpful to read the book 'Naam or Word' by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974.

The Path of Gyan Bhangi Doot: According to Kabir's explanations all those paths that centre on the worship of gods and that are followed by false sadhus – those who are no Sadhs – are connected with this path. In India there are such wandering ascets in great numbers but even in western countries the number of institutions with monks of Indian-Hinduistic, Buddhistic etc. idols has increased in the 20th/21st century. Also similar yoga school with for example swamis living there belong to this path.

In India institutions occassionally invite colourfully dressed Sadhus in order to simulate an image of unity. For example the organisation 'Unity of Man' used to do it at conferences and festivities. It invites such sadhus and presents them on its homepage as Sadhs with the argument they would have met K. S. at the great Kumbha Meela – the greatest Hindu festival where even false Sadhus from all over India gather.

The reference to the above mentioned aberrations is of exemplary character. In consideration of the mentioning of such mistakes no malicious joy should arise among the members of other organisations as their deeds show imperfections as well.

The holding of Satsangs by members of Ruhani Satsang in the USA for example where Naam cannot be received and where they stand up at the end to say 'Amen' is also absurd.

Instead of Naam European representatives of Ruhani Satsang offer seekers after Truth to organise a journey to India for them where they could be guests of families of initiates of K. S. and in this way travel all around the country. Furthermore such Souls are referred to a place where retreats are held.

Sawan Singh wrote to initiates who wanted to visit Him in India without being able to enter consciously the Inner Planes:

At the present time, you can give up fully the idea of coming to India. You are still a beginner and without being sufficient advanced, to be able to see the Master within, the journey would not be of much usefulness to you.

Letter 1 August 1912

Your wish to visit India is welcome. But what I wish for this is that you need not your physical hands, your feet and your body so that you travel without feet, speak without tongue, see without eyes and hear without ears, and while you sit at home not only visiting India but whole Brahmand. When you visit India with your physical body – so what – if you do not reach beyond this world?

But if you retort that you want to come to India to see your Master, then you should consider that the physical body is not the real form of the Master. It is only a raiment that He uses in this world and takes it off again. The real form of a Master is the Holy Sound and in this form the Master pervades each hair in your body and has His abode in you. If you go behind your eyes, then the Master will manifest in His Radiant Form and when you reach Trikuti, the Master in His Shabd Form will escort you even to Sach Khand. Fly upwards on the wings of faith and Love so that you can speak every day to Him and can always be with Him.

Letter 28 July 1919

(Both letters are retranslated from a German translation)

The above lines show the complete uselessness of travelling to India especially today since Kirpal Singh is not physically embodied anymore and Naam cannot be received at those places where one is sent by the members of Ruhani Satsang. Therefore such outer activities are of no use for the Souls. Instead they are led to go to expense for nothing.

Signs of tongue, eyes and forehead: Emphasizing such unimportant  outer criteria Souls are led astray. Since physical attributes can be imitated one cannot rely on them as an indicator; nevertheless the true signs just as the lotus sign or the mole can be found with True Masters and Saints. (See also the subsection 'Both their eyes' in this illustration Part II.)

The Path of Manmakarand Doot: 'He will show the shimmering light to the Jivas.' Everybody, who can withdraw his attention to the point above and behind the eyebrows, will see light within. However, this light is an illusion of Kal. Only when approaching a real Saint the Soul comes in contact with the True Light as one of the two expressions of Naam and after initiation she can progress.

Accordingly, Kirpal Singh said:

On the natural way everyone will first see Light. This will first be stationary, then brighter and will burst to give way for one to pass through It and up. One may see scenes, figures, colours etc., but to stay long with them will only delay Spiritual Progress. […]

In the same text, Kirpal Singh elaborates on how it is correct:

[…] One usually has to cross sun, moon or stars, but they give way in similar manner to allow one to pass onwards.

Spiritual Elixir (First Edition, 1967) –
Part II: II. Meditation,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974

Question by R. Redeen:

What’s the explanation of the different colours of Lights that are seen in meditation?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

No book will give you, I tell you. But there is a reason for it, there’s reason for it. That depends on the Inner Development, backgrounds, some dominating attributes in his life, you see. That’s the cause of all the different colours. So, yellow, golden Light is spiritual; pure white Light is also …, this is spiritual; red Light, you will find, where at least there’s some pushing attitude. These are different stages, different colours, different sounds also.

Question by R. Redeen:

Are they different Lights for different people or are they the same progression of Lights for everybody?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

Those who have got background, they go up – further. Those who have to start, there’s a regular way. They will see the sky; they’ll see stars, the big star, then transcend it; then moon comes, then transcend it. Those who have got the background, they start all at once from there – that’s it.

Question by R. Redeen:

Yes, I’m just thinking, every morning in here, when we meet, everybody seems, sees various Lights and ah, we seem to be about on the same level, many of us.

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

(Not clear: […] there are samples). Some they know. There is one who sees two Masters, Master Sawan Singh …

(Interruption from the interviewer: That, of course, is beyond most of us.)

Not beyond. I get letters [saying Master appears within]. Of those who are regular, they have it. They talk too.

Question by R. Redeen:

Blue Light, the blue Light, You didn’t touch on that. Everybody seems to see the blue Light. What’s that?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

That’s the first – a loving attitude. You see. The picture of Lord Krishna, blue, you see, yellow, blue, that’s light, I mean golden light, these are three. Outer form you see. His face is blue, robes are yellow. That’s showing the combination of different developments.

Question by R. Redeen:

So, so really when you start to meditate, you should try to get at that golden Light as rapidly as possible?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

You cannot visualise, you see. That comes of itself. When you reach that plane, naturally that point comes, but that is (as I told you), that is where Master’s form manifests.

Question by R. Redeen:

And, and these Lights just seem to stay for a short time. Will that increase as time goes by?

Answer by Kirpal Singh:

By regular practice, regular practice and that time is increased only, the longer you can stay in whatever you see, continuously without break. The more progress will also be there.

Interview by R. Redeen with Kirpal Singh

Becoming my son: The incarnation of Manmakarand Doot is Kamal, the son of Kabir. (See the illustration 'Kamal, my son' in the subchapter 'Lecture about the Future.')