Description of the twelve Paths created by Kal

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, tell me about the twelve paths which You lost to Kal. Oh Satguru, tell me about the custom for each path, so that I may know. I am ignorant, and know nothing. You are the Lord, Sat Purush. Have mercy on me, the servant.

Saying this, Dharam Das got up and touched both the feet.

Kabir said:

Dharam Das, understand this message: I will clear up all your illusions. I will tell you the names of the twelve paths, and will make you know their secrets. Dharam Das, I will say aloud their customs and secrets: I will finish the deception of your heart and will remove all the doubts of your mind.

The Path of Mritu Andha Doot

Listen to the description of the first path, Dharam Das. In your mind be ready to discriminate. Mritu Andha is one boundless messenger who has been incarnated in your home. He will be very painful for the Souls, again and again I am cautioning you.

The Path of Timir Doot

Secondly Timir Doot will come. He will be born in the Ahir caste, and will be called 'servant.' He will steal many of your scriptures and will maintain his path separately.

The Path of Andha Achet Doot

Now I tell you of the third path and the Andha Achet Doot. He will come to you as your barber and his name will be 'Surat Gopal.' Keeping the Souls in the illusion created by the combination of words, he will establish his separate path.

The Path of Manbhang Doot

Listen, Dharam Das, about the fourth path which will be maintained by Manbhang Doot. He will establish the path taking the story of creation. He will come into the world saying that his path is the original path. He will explain to the Souls about the name 'Loodi' and he will call that name the 'philosopher’s stone.' He will speak of the simran of the sound created by bamboo, and in this way he will keep all the Souls here.

The Path of Gyan Bhangi Doot

Oh Dharam Das, listen about the fifth path which the Gyan Bhangi Doot will start. That path is the path of the gods and the imperfect sadhus. By making the Souls recognise the signs of tongue, eyes and forehead, by explaining about the scar and the mole, he will keep the Souls in deception.

– Whatever work one would like to do, he will keep him in that work. In that way he will tie up all men and women and will spread in all ten directions.

The Path of Manmakarand Doot

The name of the sixth path will be 'Kamali Path' and it will start when the Manmakarand Doot will come in the world. He will reside among the dead bodies, and becoming my son, he will falsely brighten the path. He will show the shimmering light to the Jivas, and in this way he will delude many Souls. As long as the Soul will have that sight, she will see that shimmering light.

Those who do not see with both their eyes, how can they test the shimmering beauty? Understand the shimmering beauty of Kal, and do not take it as Truth in your heart.

The Path of Chitbhang Doot

The seventh messenger is Chitbhang, who will have different faces, voices and minds. He will run the path in the name of 'Daun' and he will falsely call the one who speaks this word as Sat Purush. He will talk about the five elements and the three gunas, and in this way he will maintain the path. Speaking the words, he himself will become Brahma (and will say), "Why did Rama make Vashishth as his Master? Krishna also did service to the Master, to say nothing of the rishis and munis. Narada blamed his Master. That is why he suffered, living in hell." The Doot will impose the knowledge of Bijak as the insect remains in the goolar tree. Nobody will be benefited by this path. By walking upon it the Soul will weep.

The Path of Akalbhang Doot

Now I’ll tell you about the eighth path, and will explain to you about the Akalbhang Doot. He will steal something from the Koran and something from the Vedas and will say, "This is the path which leads to the real home." He will also take some qualities from me and then he will make a book. He will establish the path giving the knowledge of Brahm, and the Souls who are involved in rites and rituals will be attracted to him.

The Path of Bishamber Doot

Oh Dharam Das, listen to the story of the ninth path, how Bishamber Doot will perform the play. The name of the path will be 'Ram Kabir Path' in which good and bad attributes will be counted alike. He will say this: "Understand sins and virtues as equal."

The Path of Naktanen Doot

Now I am telling you about the tenth path. The name of the Doot is Naktanen. He will run the path, calling it the 'Satnami Path,' in which he will unite all the Souls of the four different castes. He will unite Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Oh Brother, he will not recognise the Shabd of Satguru, and following him, the Souls will go into hell. He will explain and describe the body, and will never get the Path of Sat Purush.


Listen, Dharam Das, to the play of Kal. He will create many traps. He will devour many Souls involving them in the chains of karma. The Soul who will recognise my Shabd will become free from the snare of Yama. Accepting the Naam and by its Glory, he will go to the Immovable Plane which is the Region of Peace.

– The Nectar-filled Simran, which has precious qualities, is the essence of Sat Purush’s Shabd. If the Soul accepts It in thought, word and deed, she crosses the ocean of life.

The Path of Durgdani Doot

I am telling you about the eleventh path, which is of Durgdani, who was a boundless messenger. He will establish his path as 'The Path of Souls' and he will explain it by the body. He will tell the Souls to perform things with their body and, deluded by him, the Souls will not cross. The Soul who is proud, hearing his knowledge, will love him.

The Path of Hansmuni Doot

Now I will tell you of the manifestation of the twelfth path in which Hansmuni Doot created this play. First he will come as a servant in your home, and he will serve you a lot. Later he will start his own path and will trap many Souls. He will oppose the Essence and the Embodiments. He will believe in some knowledge and in some he will not.

In this way Yama will set up the play, and from his essence he will create twelve paths. Again and again they will come, and again and again they will go, and again and again they will appear in the world. Wherever the Messengers of Yama appear, they will tell a lot of knowledge to the Soul. They call themselves by the name 'Kabir,' and they will always give the knowledge of the body to those whom they initiate. Wherever they take birth in the world, they will come forward and spread the path. They will show miracles to the Souls, and deluding them, they will bring them into hell.


Listen, Dharam Das: in this way the mighty Kal will come and deceive. Those who will accept the light of my words, I will save them. Oh my essence! Awaken the Souls by giving them the True Shabd. By keeping the knowledge of Master firm in the heart, one will test the Shabd and recognise Yama.

– Oh Dharam Das, awaken! Yamraj deceives like this. Those who will take the Naam with faith, Yama will not get them.

Dharam Das said:

Oh Lord, You are the origin of all the Souls, may You finish all my pain. Narayan is my son. Now I have thrown him out. The being of Kal took birth in my home and became painful for the Souls. Hail to the Satguru! You have shown and made me recognise the being of Kal. I have given up my son Narayan and I have believed in Your words.


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