The Tale of Dharam Das’ previous Births

Kabir spoke:

Since, having this desire, you have asked me, I will not hide anything from you. Oh Dharam Das, listen to what happened previously, which I am explaining to you. Sant Sudarshan lived in the third age, whose story I told you earlier. When I took him to the Real Home, he made this request to me:

Supach said,

"Oh Satguru, listen to me: liberate my mother and father. Oh Lord, go and liberate them, as they are suffering very much in the country of Yama. I explained to my father in many ways, but my mother and father didn’t believe me. They considered me a child and didn’t learn the knowledge, but they didn’t threaten me to stop devotion. When I started doing Your devotion, they never opposed me. They were always pleased with me. That is why, oh Lord, I make this request to You. Bring them after making them firm in the Sat Shabd, and cutting their attachments, liberate their Souls."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

When the Saint begged me so much, I accepted his words. Because of his request, I again came into the world, and in the Kali Yuga I was called by the name Kabir. I made one promise to Niranjan, and then I came into the world. After teaching the Souls in other planes, I entered the Jambu Island. The name of Sant Sudarshan’s mother was Lakshmi, and his father was Har. Oh Brother, they left their supach bodies, and had again received the human body.

The first Birth of Sudarshan’s Parents as Kulpati and Maheshwari

By the Glory of Sant Sudarshan they were born into a Brahmin family, both of them were born, and again they were united. The Brahmin was called by the name Kulpati, and the name of the woman was Maheshwari. She was completely controlled by the desire to have a son, and she used to fast after bathing to please the sun god. Once she covered her head with her sari and folding her hands, weeping, she was praying, and right then I came. Looking at me she became very happy. Taking the form of a child, I met her. She took me to her house. She said that the Lord had showered Grace on her and had given her the fruit of her fasting for the sun god.

For many days I remained there, and both the husband and the wife served me.

They were paupers, and very unhappy, so in my mind I thought:

First finish their poverty, and then speak the words of devotion and liberation.

Each time I caused the cradle to jerk they received one gold coin. Daily, as they got their coin, they became very happy. Then I spoke of the True Shabd, and in many ways explained It to them, but Shabd did not dwell in their heart. They didn’t believe in the knowledge of a child! They didn’t recognise me in that body, so I disappeared.

The second Birth of Sudarshan’s Parents as Chandan Sahu and Udha

Both the Brahmin and his wife left the body, and because they had had my Darshan, they again came into human bodies. Again both of them came together and lived in the city whose name was Chandawara. The name of the woman was Udha, and the man’s name was Chandan Sahu. Again I came from the Great Sat Purush and appeared in Chandawara. At that place I took up the form of a child and was resting in a pond. I sat on the oily leaves of the lotus, and stayed there for twenty-four hours. Then Udha came there to bathe, and looking at the beautiful child, she was attracted. In that body of a child, I gave her my Darshan, and she took the child to her house.

When she brought the child into her house, Chandan Sahu said:

"Tell me, woman, where did you get this child and why did you bring him here?"

Udha said,

"I got this child from the water, and looking at his beauty, I liked him."

Chandan said,

"Oh foolish woman! Quickly go back and leave the child there! Our relatives and neighbours will laugh at us, and from their laughter will come sorrow."

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

When Chandan Sahu became upset at her, Udha accepted it and was frightened.

"Oh servant Udha, lift up the child and throw it in the water.''

Kabir said to Dharam Das:

The servant took up the child and thought about throwing it; when she started to throw me, I disappeared. When I vanished from her hands, both of them wept anxiously. Disturbed in their minds and dumb with astonishment, they wandered here and there searching for me.

The third Birth of Sudarshan’s Parents as Nima and Niru

In this way many days passed. They left their bodies and were born again. They got the human body and were born in a Muslim weaver family and again their karma brought them together. They lived in the city of Kashi and their names were Nima and Niru, the weavers. On the day of the full moon in the month of Jyeshth, Nima was walking on the road. She was walking on the road with many other women and came to the place where they got their water daily. In the pond I was sitting in a child’s form on the leaf of the lotus. I was lying there as a child, and playing childish games. Nima looked at that place, and seeing me, she loved me. As the lotus blooms looking at the sun, and as the pauper dashes to get the wealth, she ran and lifted the child up and brought him to Niru.

This time also, the weaver became angry:

"Quickly go and throw that child away!"

But the woman was happy and considered it carefully, and I spoke these words to her:


"Oh Nima, listen to the words of mine I am explaining to you: because of the Love of the past, I came here to give you Darshan. Take me to your home, and if you recognise me and accept me as your Guru, I will give Naam to you and make you firm in It, and then you will not fall in the noose of Yama."

– Hearing my words, she lost her fear of Niru. She took me to her house and thus I reached the city of Kashi. Without any fear, she took me home, as the pauper takes wealth to his house. Looking at the attachment of the woman, the weaver allowed it: "Take him." For many days I lived there, but in no way did they believe in me. For many days I lived in their house, but they, understanding me as a child, didn’t accept the Shabd or allow It to dwell in their hearts.

In their fourth Birth Sudarshan’s Parents go to Sach Khand

Without having faith, the work cannot be done: that is why one should have firm faith. In that body they didn’t recognise me; they thought of me as their son and they didn’t accompany me. Oh brother, I’ll tell you about the next birth they took up: when their time as weavers finished, they came to Mathura and were born there. I went there and gave them Darshan; they believed and accepted my Shabd. Both wife and husband, after getting Naam, did the devotion wholeheartedly. To them I gave a residence in Sach Khand. In this way my disciples went back to their place of origin. They kept their mind at the feet of Sat Purush and they got the body and glory of the Hansa.

Looking at the Hansas, Sat Purush was happy, then He told Sukrit:

"For many days you have remained in Sach Khand, and all that time Kal has troubled the Jivas."

Oh brother, the Jivas suffered a lot – then Sat Purush called Sukrit.

He ordered him:

"Go into the world because Kal, the strong one, is giving pain to the Jivas. Go and tell them the message of Sach Khand. Give Naam to their Souls and liberate them."

Hearing the orders, Sukrit became happy and at once he came, leaving Sach Khand.

Looking at Sukrit, Kal became happy:

"I will trap him."

Then Kal played many tricks, and trapping Sukrit, threw him in the water. When many days passed away without even one Soul defeating Kal, the call of the Souls was heard in Sach Khand. Then Sat Purush sent me.

How Kabir Sahib comes to Earth from Sach Khand
to initiate Dharam Das Ji

Then the Sound of Sat Purush came:

"Oh Gyani, quickly go into the world! For the sake of the Souls I sent my essence – Sukrit manifested into the world. Brother, I gave him my orders and explained to him fully the secret of Shabd. I told him to give the Souls the support of Naam and to bring them Home after making them cross the ocean of life. Hearing the order, he went, but has not come back to the Country of Peace, Sach Khand. Sukrit went into the ocean of the world, and being trapped by Kal, he forgot. Oh Gyani, go and awaken him so that the Path of Liberation may continue. In the home of Sukrit my forty-two essences will be embodied. Oh Gyani, go quickly and cut the snares of Sukrit."

Kabir continued:

Bowing my head to Him I started and, Dharam Das, now I have come to you. You are the embodiment of Niru and Amin is the embodiment of Nima. You are my very dear Soul about whom I worried a lot. With the orders of Sat Purush I came to you, and made you remember the previous things. I gave you Darshan only because of that. Oh Dharam Das! This time you recognised me. 

I will tell you Sat Purush’s words:

"Recognise the Shabd and have faith."

Dharam Das fell at the feet, and from his eyes the tears came. He grew very excited and said,

Oh Lord, You have finished the deception of my Soul.

Even after having all this explained to him he could not calm down: he was like a mother who, after being separated from her child, is reunited.

Putting his head on the ground, he touched both the feet. He was so excited, he couldn’t stand even after being lifted. He is weeping and doesn’t speak, and his attention doesn’t waver a bit from the feet. After looking at the body, again he catches the feet. As he is overwhelmed, he cannot speak. He is weeping and not moving. He is very quiet and doesn’t open his eyes.

Dharam Das said:

(Again he caught the feet and wept bitterly:)

Oh Lord, You are great: You took up the body to liberate me. 

Then having patience and controlling himself: 

Oh Lord, You came to liberate me, now oh Lord, shower such Grace on me that I may not forget You even for a moment. Give me this boon: that day and night I may remain at Your feet, and give me Your protection.

Kabir answered:

Oh Dharam Das! Remain confident, and merge in the Naam having love and faith. By recognising me your illusion has gone away and you will always remain firm in Love. Those who accept the Naam in thought, word and deed, where could they go except to Him? When one does not walk on the Path he suffers and unnecessarily he blames the Master. Master explains the good and bad ways, but because the disciple is unconscious, he doesn’t allow it to dwell in his heart. You are my essence, and you will take many Souls to Sach Khand. Among the four, you are the dearest. Why are you thinking and pondering? There is no difference between you and me. See this within yourself, testing the Shabd. In thought, word and deed, put your attention on me, and no thought of duality should come in your heart. I have made my abode within you and certainly I have made you my own.

Oh Dharam Das, I have made you my own. Remain unconcerned in your heart. I have given you the Permanent Naam. Becoming firm in It, liberate the Souls. The Simran of the Sat Purush, who is Shabd Incarnate and the Giver of Liberation, is the essence. By concentrating the attention at one place, the Soul gets liberation. 

– Oh Dharam Das, you are the helmsman of the Souls of Jambu Island. Those who remember me with you will reside in Sach Khand.

Dharam Das said:

Hail Satguru! Your Word is great! Accepting me, You have given me the understanding. Coming, You have awakened me. Fortunate am I that I had Your Darshan. Hail to You, oh Lord, that You have made me Your own and You have given Your Lotus Feet for my pillow. I understand that day as auspicious when I got Your Darshan and the passport for liberation. Oh Remover of Pain, now shower such Grace on me that Niranjan may never catch me. The means by which the Soul can become free from the trap of Kal, and the means by which the bonds of Yama can be cut, – oh Lord, use those means, and give me the Essential Shabd.

Kabir replied:

Oh Dharam Das, you are the essence of Sukrit. Now take Naam and remove your doubts. Oh Dharam Das, I have made you my own and will give you the passport after performing the chauka. Take the passport after breaking the straw so that the pride of Kal may be ended. Give up the hope of Shaligram, and accepting the True Shabd, become his servant. The ten incarnations and the Maya of the gods – all these are the shadows of Kal. You came into the world to awaken the Souls, and you yourself were trapped in Kal’s snare.

Oh Dharam Das, now you too must awake, and manifest the Shabd of Sat Purush. Taking the passport, awaken the Souls, and free them from the snare of Kal. Only for this work have you come into this world; don’t let any other thought come in your mind.


Chatur Bhuj, Banke Ji, Sahte Ji, and you – all four of you are the helmsmen of the world. Accept this word as true. For the sake of Souls, these four essences are manifested in the world. I have given my knowledge to them, hearing which Kal will run away.

– Oh Dharam Das, among the four, you are the Guru of Jambu Island. By taking refuge in you, the Souls of the forty-two embodiments will get liberation.


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